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Autopsies Of The “Vaxxed” Dead Shows The War On Their Anatomy From The “Safe & Effective” Experimental Shots (Video)

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 On Monday morning’s The Sons of Liberty radio show, I recounted what has gone on over the past week in the world concerning thousands of doctors and scientists who are calling for a halt to the experimental shots for the alleged COVID-19. We also witnessed a conference in which doctors showed what they have discovered in the vials of the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca COVID shots, and it’s not pretty. Now the second part of that conference deals with the cause of death after COVID-19 shots, and what they found in the bodies of those who died is nothing short of a war on their anatomy.

Take a look at the conference for yourself.

Dr. Jane Ruby joined us recently and spoke about some of the finds from this conference.

Dr. Jane Ruby: How Much More Information Do We Need Before We Stop This Genocide? (Video)

She is convinced there is genocide going on and believes there are no amount of deaths that will put a stop to this COVID Nazism. So, the people will have to stop it.

Dr. Jane Ruby: There Is No Threshold Of Death Or Injury That Will Stop These Shots (Video)

However, as we spoke about today, Dr. Ruby was to enlighten us on this second part of the conference with her particular expertise, and so she did. Listen to what these doctors discovered when they performed autopsies on those who died after taking the experimental COVID shot.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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