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Braindead Women Used As Surrogates Through “Whole Body Gestational Donation” Concept Floated By Medical Journal

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Talk about perversion.  No, this is not a good thing at all, and many would need to listen to nurse and nutritionist Kate Shemirani on Saturdays’ The Sons of Liberty Radio on the subject of being labeled “braindead” and how it is used in the most horrifying way to extract organs while the person is actually still alive, and with no anesthesia.  However, the Journal of Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics is now putting forth the concept of using the “braindead” women’s bodies as surrogates for parents wanting children.

Can you think of anything more dystopian and unnatural, and frankly weird?

Yet, this is what Anna Smajdor, a Professor of Practical Philosophy at the University of Oslo, Norway, is proposing.

“I suggest if we are happy to accept organ donation in general, the issues raised by whole-body gestational donation are differences of degree rather than substantive new concerns,” Smajdor writes in her abstract.

“As with many surrogacy arrangements, commissioning parents may prefer to create an embryo for implantation using their own gametes or those of donors. Thus, impregnation could be a surgical affair, preceded and followed by appropriate hormonal therapy to ensure maximal chance of success.”

According to Smajdor, “Whole body gestational donation offers an alternative means of gestation for prospective parents who wish to have children but cannot, or prefer not to, gestate. It seems plausible that some people would be prepared to consider donating their whole bodies for gestational purposes just as some people donate parts of their bodies for organ donation. We already know that pregnancies can be successfully carried to term in brain-dead women. There is no obvious medical reason why initiating such pregnancies would not be possible.”

She goes on to state that the purpose of the paper is to “explore the ethics of whole-body gestational donation” and that she considers “a number of potential counter-arguments, including the fact that such donations are not life-saving and that they may reify the female reproductive body.”

But it gets stranger as Smajdor adds, “I identify some intriguing possibilities, including the use of male bodies–perhaps thereby circumventing some potential feminist objections.”

And there you have your transhumanism.

She then goes on to reference Israeli medical professor Rosalie Ber on the use of “braindead” female bodies as incubators.

“[Ber] proposed that female patients in a persistent vegetative state who had given prior written consent, could function as surrogates: embryos would be placed in the woman’s uterus and gestated to term,” Smajdor says.

While some of this technology has been used for good, it seems to me that the proposal is not to save life at all.

For instance, according to The Daily Mail,  “former international athlete Catarina Sequeira, from Portugal, gave birth to her son Salvador in 2019, three months after she had been declared brain dead after suffering an acute asthma attack. Salvador’s father said at the time that he was in good health.”

This is an instance where they are not using the woman’s body for some profit making scheme, but rather attempting to fulfill the positive aspect of “Thou shalt not kill,” which is making an attempt to preserve life, which in this case was the woman’s baby boy.

The problem with this concept is that men are depraved, and as a result, this movement towards using “braindead” women as incubators goes way beyond trying to save life.  It is an evil and wicked use of the body, and the end goal is to make money.  Make no mistake about it.

Furthermore, what will keep doctors and others from making random declarations of “braindead,” just like they do with organ donors, and then using the bodies, instead of trying to make them well, for a big profit?

What Smajdor is promoting is a really bad idea.  If you’re saving a life, that’s one thing.  However, if you are using a body for the purpose of a money making scheme, which is all this is about, then it is totally unethical and immoral and should be condemned.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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