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Broward Sheriff Apparently Didn’t Pay Attention To Any Radio Communication Around Shooting – Even Days After

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Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel apparently had no idea of what was going on in his county during the shooting that allegedly took place at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida.

Something that many glossed over in the madness that occurred on February 14 was the Sheriff Israel said he didn’t even listen to the radio recordings, which were live at that time.

In the interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper a few days ago, Israel was asked about that (About the 5:50 mark).

TAPPER: Have you listened to the radio recordings?

ISRAEL: I’m not, but the investigators are, of course.

TAPPER: OK. But you haven’t. You have not heard them, though?


But what they’re doing now is, they’re marrying up the audio with the visual. And I was told that one of the — one of Peterson’s utterances on the radio, I think one or two times, he actually says shots fired.

So, you would have to assume at that time every person who heard that transmission is pushing as fast as they can, code three, as we call it, to the school, to the school. Identify the threat. Neutralize the target. Take the killer out.

There comes a point in time later that Peterson makes a transmission that would almost lead one to believe that he’s talking about perimeters.

So, if I know my school resource deputy is talking about perimeter positions, it’s absolutely safe to assume, incorrectly, if that’s what actually happened, it’s absolutely safe to assume that, if a person there is talking about perimeter, that perhaps he sees the killer leaving, and — and you’re going to a perimeter position to catch the killer.

But I don’t know what was in the mind of the other deputies. I don’t know what was in the mind of Peterson. This is why we investigate. All I can tell you is that…

TAPPER: Right.

So, you have an active shooter at a high school and you, as sheriff, are not paying attention to the radio communication of the deputies under your command nor have you heard them for days following the shooting?  Is this negligence or incompetence or complicity?  Which is it?  I mean, what sheriff is not immediately listening in to radio communication during something like that, and if it was not available, would not have listened to it as soon as possible?

Furthermore, why would Sheriff Israel remove Deputy Peterson if he has no idea what Peterson was communicating?  Wouldn’t he give him the benefit of the doubt in the same manner that he was apparently giving to the three other Broward County sheriff’s deputies who had not gone in when officers from Coral Springs arrived?

Why am I making this such a big deal?  For one, Sheriff Israel has had no problem helping to weapons train jihadis in his county, but he wants the people of his county and America disarmed.  Second, he clearly promotes an anti-gun right agenda, which is anti-constitutional.  Three, just recall that in my own county of York in South Carolina in January, 4 officers were shot as they responded to a domestic violence call, and one of those officers eventually died.

However, the sheriff and his office was fully aware of virtually everything that was going on and providing updates via Facebook and press conferences in a very short amount of time to what took place.  Our sheriff knew what was going on because he was doing his job.

Sheriff Israel seems to have no idea who is doing what in his county.  He’s not been truthful with the public about the number of calls made to his office regarding Nikolas Cruz.  He wasn’t honest in this CNN interview as we now know there was a “stand down” order given to both deputies as well as emergency first respondersOne first responder clearly communicated that.

Sheriff Israel’s office will be facing its own investigation into its dereliction of duty regarding Nikolas Cruz, as well as their response at the school.

The tables are being turned on the head coward in Broward, as they should be.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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