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Bundy Defendants Claim “Political Lynching” in Nevada Courts Following Discovery

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The defendants who were arrested for their part in the 2104 Bundy Protest in Bunkerville, Nevada claim that the US central government is purposefully withholding evidence because they are seeking to hide who pushed for their arrests and just how weak the case is against them.

Deb Jordan, writing for Guerrilla Media Network, reported:

“Judge Gloria Navarro, who refused to give any of the prisoners being held in Nevada a fair pre-trial release, is suspected of basing her opinion on a completely bogus narrative conceived by the Government, without even looking at the facts in the case.  The defendants in this case feel she has a political agenda that aligns her decision with the man who helped her attain the bench, Harry Reid.”

“It serves her political masters to have the discovery shrouded in secrecy,” a source told Jordan.  “You would be hard pressed to find anyone close to this case that will tell you it wasn’t just by chance that Navarro was chosen to preside over this trial.”

Keep in mind that Judge Navarro was not only recommended by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV), but she was also nominated as United States District Judge for the District of Nevada by none other than Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah.

In May, Cliven Bundy filed a lawsuit against Judge Navarro, Obama, Harry Reid and his son Rory, as well as others for violations of constitutionally. It appears that there is a severe conflict of interest going on. As Ammon Bundy rightly pointed out, how can the central government be both plaintiff and prosecutor? Doesn’t that smack of injustice and impropriety?

Following that, Judge Navarro refused to recuse herself from the case.

Jordan went on to report that the men have received and viewed a large part of the “discovery” and claims that if the information can be made public, it will “raise many questions about just why they are being held without chance of being released before their trial.”

One of the men said that continuing to keep them locked up was tantamount to a “political lynching” in order to create a perception among the people of American that they are guilty of committing a violent act. However, as I reported earlier regarding the claims of Sheriff David Ward, nothing could be further from the truth.

Jordan reported that they cannot divulge the discovery that is before them currently. However, she did cite their reaction to the discovery information. One of the men said:

The public needs to remember why Bundy Ranch happened in the first place, said one prisoner.  We didn’t all just show up in Bunkerville one day because we were mad about a cattle round-up.  The facts are the same as they were in April of 2014.  The BLM was acting aggressively toward the Bundy family.  They had snipers trained on them, they reacted violently and beat a man for taking photos of them, they set up an illegal free speech area, they were killing cattle and burying them on “so called” public lands; and despite numerous warnings to “back off” by Clarke County Sheriff Douglas Gillespie, Governor Brian Sandoval, and plenty of other State and Federal Officials, Daniel P Love escalated his militarized response and refused to use diplomacy over violence.

If you recall, Daniel P. Love was outed by Pete Santilli in April of this year as being behind the Bundy Ranch siege. Love was also named in the wrongful deaths of several people in a 2009 investigation involving Indian artifacts.

Love’s actions against the Bundy’s and protestors demonstrate that he had no regard for the rights of the people. Even Sheriff David Gillespie warned Love that he had lost control of the situation in Bunkerville and that he would only escalate towards violence if he continued doing what he was doing. Love ignored both Sheriff Gillespie, as well as the Governor of the State of Nevada.

“I think if anybody would look at how they handled the protesting with the use of Tasers and police dogs, anyone who had been in policing would question those tactics,” he said. “And I believe that led to the heightened interest and escalating the situation.”

While Mr. Love and his team of Gestapo like BLM agents are being made out to be the good guys and simply victims of propaganda by the alternative media, the reality is that they were engaged in the violent acts of violating the right of the people there in Bunkerville.

Jordan writes, When the family approached the BLM that day, Ammon Bundy was tazed three times,  a  recovering cancer patient and grandmother, was violently thrown to the ground, and a pregnant girl was threatened by the release of a dog.  That video is far from propaganda, it’s the truth, and it speaks volumes about the mindset of the BLM.  Evidence will clearly show that the Bundy’s were right about the BLM killing cattle and burying them on public lands; and that, coupled with numerous other violent incidents perpetrated by the BLM, is what caused the escalation in Bunkerville in 2014.  To say that the BLM and Dan Love are all just victims is simply not true.”

Take a look for yourself.


Jordan, who was at Bundy Ranch with Pete Santilli covering what was taking place went on to speak about what else took place regarding Love.

“Sheriff Doug Gillespie told Cliven Bundy and the American People on the day of the protest that the BLM was leaving and the cattle would now be freed.  When the Bundy Family, and the American People, accompanied by the media came to get the cattle, they were met with the threat of being shot by Daniel P. Love and his BLM.  Was Daniel P. Love once again defying the orders of the County Sheriff when the people approached that gate?  We think that’s exactly what the ‘discovery’ will show.”

While the BLM’s official statement regarding Love claims that “history will just him kindly” because “nobody got killed that day” as he “negotiated a peaceful resolution,” Jordan says the reality is quite different.

“Daniel P. Love was forced to leave the premises by a Deputy Sheriff at the gate after refusing a direct order to do so several times,” she wrote. “Daniel P. Love said he was not leaving and that Ammon Bundy was not taking those cattle.  He said all of this after Sheriff Douglas Gillespie had already told a cheering crowd that he had ordered the BLM to vacate the premises and the Bundy’s naturally went to get their cattle, or at least what was left of them.  Revised history may very well remember Daniel P. Love kindly, but those who stared down the barrel of his gun that day and know the truth, will certainly not.”

Be sure to write and support those who have stood against central government tyranny.

Mail & Donation Information for Political Prisoners of the Federal Government from Bundy Ranch & Oregon

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