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Business Owner Clay Clark: “Bill Gates Is A Pedophile, He Hangs With Pedophiles – Why Would You Listen To A Pedophile About What To Do With Your Kids?” – We Must Shut Down The Shutdown!

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I”m actually surprised that Newsmax let this air because frankly, Newsmax seems to have gone the way of controlled opposition in the past few years.  However, it was captured on video.  Business owner Clay Clark was responding to President Donald Trump’s claim that he wants public indoctrination centers reopened so children can go to school and that there will be ramifications if they don’t.  Clark began by agreeing that schools should be opened, then said that America should stop listening to Dr. Anthony Fauci.  That’s when he ended up tearing into Bill Gates.

Clay Clark is the Host of theThriveTime Radio Show and Founder of Thrive15.com a highly respected Business School as seen on Forbes, Bloomberg, YahooFinance, etc. He is also U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, a Contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, and is an investor and co-owner of several multi-million dollar companies around the world.

Clark is a highly respected Oklahoma based Business Coaching Group that has built 13 multi-million dollar companies that generate over 2 Billion dollars in revenue. He’s also a fastidious researcher who has investigated the origins of who has pushed the incorrect and dangerous narrative of 2.2 Million people dying.

“They are once again screwing with the numbers to, once again, cause mass hysteria. The hard data simply does not call for this incredible overreach by the government” says Clark.

However, in this brief interview, in which the host looks like she is completely oblivious to what he is saying, Clark tears into Gates via his Fauci comment.

As soon as he referenced Fauci, he pointed out that Fauci has been funded by Bill and Melinda Gates.

He then added, “Jeffrey Epstein is not a good man and Bill Gates spent a lot of time with Mr. Jeffrey Epstein. So, I don’t think we should be listening to a pedophile for how to treat our kids, period.”

“And we shouldn’t be listening to people who spend time with pedophiles as it relates to our kids,” he continued.  “If Bill Gates wanted to watch my kids as a babysitter, I wouldn’t let him do it.  I’m certainly not going to use a vaccine he recommends, and Bill Gates has asked Dr. Fauci to serve on his board of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  So, stop listening to Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci.  They’re both corrupt individuals and Bill Gates hangs out with pedophiles consistently.”

Why would you listen to a pedophile about what to do with your kids?” Clark asked.

Indeed, why would anyone listen to any of the corrupt bunch in Washington, DC?  About anything?

More recently, Clark was also invited back to Newsmax and wants to see the country reopened and out from under the thumb of tyranny so much that he declared, “I’d rather have my own kids get Covid-19 than shut down the economy again. We can not let this happen. Our country just can’t take it. We must shutdown the shutdown!”

I certainly agree with Mr. Clark, but that begs the question, who has been putting Dr. Fauci front and center during all this COVID nonsense? President Donald Trump. Why is there no responsibility on his part for letting Fauci be the man to set policy?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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