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Take a look at some of the comments of these Somali immigrants as they demonstrate their ungratefulness and defiance against those who would call them to assimilate into American culture in a similar manner that they would present if we were to travel to Somalia.

An Indiana police officer is in critical condition after one of her fellow cops attempted to kill a dog and shot her instead.

Stanley’s message seeks to massage the sinner into a slumber and complacency in his sin with a feel good, sentimentality that Jesus loves them despite them being unrepentant of sin. 

Currently, the film is in production and is expected to be released soon.  It was inspired by late Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer, who was murdered along with her husband for attempting to expose the criminality and complicity of our own government in child trafficking.

Up until just recently, most of the shaking has been elsewhere on the globe, and so it has been easy for most Americans to ignore.  But now North America is rattling, and that isn’t going to be so easy to brush aside. 

This pro-Sharia Islamic supremacist is deciding what is acceptable discourse and what isn’t.

Based on Victor Restis’ sordid history (which involves a lot more than indicated here), one would think this case may have been more easily dismissed without the need for the government to invoke the State Secrets Privilege. What secrets were they so afraid of being revealed?

In less than two years, two black men have been found dead of overdoses in prominent Democratic donor Ed Buck’s home, along with drugs, and no one has been charged.

Five members of a notorious international criminal organization, known as the Rendon-Reyes Trafficking Organization, were sentenced to prison terms of 15 to 25 years by United States District Court Judge Edward R. Korman.