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Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, his pockets stuffed with terrorist cash, tweeted on Saturday that MEK is a viable alternative to the rule of the mullahs in Iran.  Tom Ridge, Louis Freeh and Bob Torricelli agree that NCRI (National Council of Resistance in Iran) is a very capable alternative to the

Donald Trump recently suggested that Omar and her ilk go spend some time in their birth countries if they truly hate it here so badly. Of course the media countered by calling him a racist. But the video you are about to watch with Gary Franchi of Next News Network, might

Through June CBP had seized a reported 39,995 pounds of cocaine from smugglers trying to get it across our Southern Border. Protecting our Southern Border is about way more than keeping out “harmless” illegal aliens from poor countries. Are you aware that Hezbollah smuggles, not just terrorists but also, cocaine across our

An armed Antifa terrorist was shot and killed by police early Saturday morning when he attacked a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility in Tacoma, Washington, with homemade bombs and a rifle. “The man killed in Saturday’s terror attack on an ICE contract detention facility in Tacoma, Washington has

The middle of the country has been relentlessly hammered by endless rain and unprecedented flooding for months, and now it is about to be absolutely pummeled by Tropical Storm Barry.  Needless to say, this is going to cause even more headaches for Midwestern farmers.  At this point, millions of acres

In what could be the final nail in the Russiagate hoax’s coffin, a federal judge has destroyed a key claim made by Robert Mueller. A federal judge ruled that Mueller’s indictment of a “troll farm” is not actual proof of it. Mueller’s charges against Concord Management & Consulting, the Russian

Tragically, in America, mass shootings — in which murdering psychopaths go on rampages in public spaces — have claimed the lives of 339 people since 2015. While this number is certainly shocking and far too high, during this same time frame, police in America have claimed the lives of 4,355 citizens. While

Eugenics emerged with a bang in the early 1900s with a primary focus of controlling the population. What began as fairs and baby contests for the best pedigree and maintaining ancestral records to distinguish traits, evolved into a cesspool of genetic manipulations and infertility by the hands of scientists, “philanthropists”

Has there ever been an American victory in the International sports arena that has been less celebrated than the recent Women’s World Cup victory? Megan Rapinoe made sure that millions of Americans simply tuned out by bringing politics into sports. So many of us who would have been cheering wildly simply

This should be filed under “censored news” because I can find almost nothing about it in the mainstream media. I was reading an article by Stephen Brown at FrontPageMag this evening and found this buried in an article about slavery in Mauritania: And while leftists/liberals and their media establishment smear President Trump