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Based on what? Sharia law? I believe if Justine was wearing a hijab, she’d be alive.

The complaint raises concerns over “fraud or willful misrepresentation of refugee status,” “immigration marriage fraud,” “terror support,” “denaturalization or immigration fraud.”

The following is a brief update on the ongoing reports concerning Deanna Williams in Florida.  Once again, the Florida Bar has dropped the ball in her pursuit of justice.  In the latest evidence of a lack of justice in the Sunshine State, a Florida Bar investigator completely dropped helping Ms.

Imam Mahmoud Shalash is in jail. The imam of the Islamic Center, along with John Sadiqullah, and Abdul Hadi, were charged in a harmful and not especially peaceful murder plot.

So we have Hillary taking money from a criminal sex cult and Obama taking money from foreign entities. Do you think these guys just came up with $21.6 million because they totally believed in Barack Obama? Do you think Hillary accepted money from that sex cult without knowing where it was coming from?

According to the forensics experts hired by the family of the victims, the officers who suffered bullet wounds during the raid on the innocent couple’s home were shot by their fellow cops. This is a direct challenge to the official narrative which states the officers were forced to kill the couple after the couple opened fire on them.

60 million children are already dead, and we keep adding to that number every single day. This cannot continue, and we should applaud Alabama for trying to do the right thing.

A jury has ordered agribusiness behemoth Monsanto to pay more than $2 billion to a couple who claim the company’s Roundup weed killer caused their cancers.

To separate citizens from their money, police now going undercover as construction workers to collect insanely high fines in road work zones.