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Child David Hogg Demonstrates Lack of Understanding on How Legislation Works

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In watching the “theater” the lamestream enemedia, particularly CNN, has engaged with child activist turned “poster boy” for gun control David Hogg, it cemented several tenets the founding fathers recognized could be a danger to a free people when formulating the Constitution for the united States of America.  It would take a long essay to discuss all of these dangers;  therefore, it will be limited to one – the separation of powers where the legislature is designed to move slowly, instead of quickly.  How does this apply to the theater CNN has engaged with the child David Hogg?  Let’s examine what happened earlier today as David Hogg returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, where a mass shooting occurred on Valentine’s Day.

CNSnews.com reported:

A furious David Hogg returned to Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, stopping to speak to CNN on his way into the building.

Hogg slammed Republicans as “cowards” and “sharks”; he rejected the idea of more guns in schools, even in the hands of law enforcement officers; and he fumed that no gun control legislation has passed either at the state or federal level in the two weeks since a murderer killed 17 of his classmates.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and other Republicans don’t want to “solve” the gun problem. They just want to arm teachers, Hogg complained:

“They want to work on behalf of the people that own them, which is the NRA, multiple different special interest groups. They want to sell more guns, they want to scare more people, get more guns sold so they can get re-elected. They want to scare the people, and we don’t want to see that happen,” Hogg said.

“The thing that makes me the most mad is even after two weeks — even after two weeks of all of this — not a single bill has been passed at state or federal level; none of our glass is being replaced with bulletproof glass; none of our locks that are being replaced are able to be locked from the inside; no legislative action has been taken; all we have now is more guns and more chances for things to go wrong.”

Hogg wondered what would happen if he were misidentified as a school shooter. He also raised the prospect of a “blue-on-blue situation,” where law enforcement officers assigned to schools mistakenly begin shooting at each other “and just slaughtered everybody inside.”

“The only thing that’s changed is we have more guns and more chances for things to go wrong.”

CNN is exploiting this child’s intense passion and anger to promote an agenda.  But, had David Hogg studied the Constitution, the framer’s intent, and their conviction that a republican form of government as best to serve a self-governing people, he would understand the purpose of government and why it is unrealistic to expect government to move upon anything in two weeks.

The legislative branch of government is designed to move slowly, as it is the body of government responsible for laws that affect the people.  A multitude of viewpoints are to be discussed while adhering to the Constitution.  Because of the time taken to engage in debate, it allows passions to be tempered by reason as “emotions” are allowed to settle over time.  Should one body of the Congress, the House, be ruled by passion, it is the intent of the other body, the Senate, to temper that passion allowing reason to prevail.  Moreover, it is to temper the effects of faction, where the minority doesn’t overwhelm the majority and the majority does not engage in tyranny over the minority.

He has behaved as a child who willingly entered the world of adults.  Because what HE wanted did not occur, he resorted to name-calling, malignments, misrepresentation when stating politician are owned by the NRA and politicians wanted to sell more guns to scare people and be re-elected. Hogg characterized legislators as “cowards” and “sharks” when legislation is not intended to move swiftly in order to avoid infringing on the rights of all Americans.  Moreover, he rejected any solutions brought forth by those attempting to address his concerns.

Young David skews what is within the authority of the federal government, the State government and the local government.  It is not within the purview of the State or federal government to install “bulletproof glass” or “inside door locks” to classrooms into the school.  Those items are under the jurisdiction of the local government.  Inside door locks will not stop an individual with a gun who can shoot out locks and hinges.  Bulletproof glass will not stop an individual with a gun who pulled a fire alarm to cause students to exit classrooms in order to murder indiscriminately.  Neither the federal government nor the State has authority to determine which individuals should possess rights and which individuals should not, when governing law-abiding citizens.  God bestows rights, not government, not the people in government and definitely not the people themselves.

There are no more guns in the united States today than there were yesterday, the day before or at the time of the Parkland high school shooting.  It’s a sensationalistic statement designed for effect – to garner shock, awe and fear, the same feelings he accuses politicians of fomenting because of inaction on what he wants.  It’s the statement of a child, not an individual close to adulthood.

Lastly, young David engaged in the “what if” game that becomes the playground of individuals who seek to discount any type of solution or compromise because it is not what “they” want.

Let’s examine more of young David Hogg’s comments that show a total lack of education when it comes to legislation.

Asked by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota how he’s finding the “strength” to go back inside the building, Hogg replied: “I have to because our politicians are cowards, and they won’t – they won’t gather the strength even to stand up to the NRA.”

In this statement, young David claimed he doesn’t have a choice but to go back to school when politicians did not acquiesce to his “tantrum.”  What he failed to realize is he still had a choice – go back to school or not.  No one forced him;  he had a choice.  It may not be one he likes, but it is still a choice.  He could have held to his guns (pun intended) and opted to receive a GED.  He chose to return to school because the world didn’t stop for him and echo his viewpoint.  It’s a child’s thinking of having no choice when choices exist, but the child doesn’t like the choice.

Hogg named Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), Gov. Rick Scott (R) and President Donald Trump as people who are influenced by the “shock collar” of the NRA: “At this point, our politicians are like really stupid sharks that think they have power but honestly don’t,” Hogg said.

Camerota noted that the Florida legislature does appear to be moving forward with raising the purchase age to 21 for guns, along with other school safety measures, but Hogg dismissed the proposals as “just a GOP compromise.”

What do you want to see? Camerota asked him.

Hogg replied: “Raising the federal age of gun ownership and possession to the age of 21; banning all bump stocks; making sure that we have universal background checks; making sure that people that have committed acts of domestic violence are no longer able to get a gun, which in Florida, it’s harder, it’s just not impossible, fully, yet; and making sure that people with a criminal history and a history of mental illness are not able to obtain these weapons of mass destruction.”

Hogg said the Florida legislature should have been working on these things even before the school shooting in Parkland.

“I think that the fact that I had to threaten the entire State of Florida’s economy to get some action is a testament to how disgusting the state of politics has become.”

So, young David Hogg describes semi-automatic firearms as “weapons of mass destruction.”  That’s a little over the top demonstrating a child’s exaggeration.  Weapons of mass destruction are normally reserved to describe nuclear weapons that devastate everything upon detonation.  While a bump stock has not been indicated as being used in the Parkland shooting, young David called for the ban of these accessories, not realizing that belts and rubber bands can be used in the same manner.

He called for raising the age to purchase a firearm to 21, which the Florida State legislature is moving toward, but rejected it as a “GOP compromise” because it was not federal.  For this child to suggest that the federal government should move to limit the rights of certain individuals based on age without considering the impact on related legislation made based on age is ignorant.  If the federal government legislated that an individual cannot purchase a firearm until age 21, the federal government would then need to reconsider the age of enlistment into the military.  One cannot expect an 18-year-old to be determined “legally” able to enlist into the military as an adult when not considered an adult to purchase a firearm in their own defense.  Moreover, if the federal government legislated that an individual cannot purchase a firearm until the age of 21, it would then need to consider whether those individuals under the age of 21 possess the intellect and maturity to vote.  While young David may consider these issues separate, they are, in fact, intertwined.

Background checks are already in place and have not been effective.  Criminals still obtain guns without going through background checks and mentally ill individuals still obtain guns with or without background checks.  Moreover, in order to prevent mentally ill individuals obtaining guns, private, protected health care records would need to be shared with government entities.  That would be a recipe for disaster.  And, should an individual convicted of embezzlement, which would mean a criminal history, be denied from purchasing a firearm?  Moreover, when speaking about those who “have committed acts of domestic violence,” does that include those who have engaged in mental and emotional abuse as well as physical abuse or does it mean those convicted of such?

Young David Hogg holds an almost grandiose sense of self when stating, “I think that the fact that I had to threaten the entire State of Florida’s economy to get some action is a testament to how disgusting the state of politics has become.”  If an entire State’s economy is in jeopardy because of the threat of a child, then that State government is too weak to withstand any adversity whatsoever.  A government too weak or too strong is a threat to liberty and freedom.

This theater of CNN and David Hogg has become a good example of why legislation concerning the governance of the people should move slowly, deliberately and with reason, not passion.  While young David’s suggestions sound good to him and his youth peers and makes for great sensationalism to be exploited by CNN, these suggestions are not carefully contemplated using reason, taking into consideration the rights of the people, understanding the function of government nor the jurisdictions of each level of government, and discerning the effects for the future.  His “suggestions” to resolving a problem has been borne from emotional distress, grief, frustration, and anger at the situation – a raving lunatic entering his high school and senselessly murdering students indiscriminately.

While young David appeared calm, collected and articulate for his media stints, he has not allowed time for all the emotions inside to surface, be worked through, and healed.  Because his sense of security has been eroded, he engaged in a campaign to circumvent how legislation should work – slowly, deliberately, reasonably – to get legislation based on knee-jerk reactions and faction oriented opinions.  Moreover, young David has yet to realize that any legislation infringing upon the majority of society, who are law-abiding, does nothing to thwart criminals since criminals are not law-abiding.  More importantly, when the function of government is truly understood – protect the God-given individual unalienable rights of the people, young David can understand why the government of the united States was established to operate as the framers envisioned.  He will only understand this with time, allowing his experience of a traumatic event producing strong emotions to gain healing and gaining maturity;  education on the form of government of the united States and the entirety of issues facing the people;  and, learning to temper his emotions with reason.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Suzanne Hamner.

Tim Brown

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