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Christine Ford’s Yearbook: Dangerous Hallucinatory Operation of a Motor Vehicle by Christine Blasey Caused Potentially Fatal Crash in High School

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The blog site hosting a plethora of Dr. Christine Ford’s yearbook has apparently been pulled.  However, I was contacted in order to keep the information alive for those who are interested in documenting the truth, especially concerning a motor vehicle accident Blasey was involved in during high school. Cult of the 1st Amendment, the blogspot that hosted the content, has been totally removed.

So, in order that the free flow of information continue, here is the piece titled “DANGEROUS HALLUCINATORY OPERATION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE BY CHRISTINE BLASEY CAUSED A POTENTIALLY FATAL CRASH IN HIGH SCHOOL” posted on September 25, 2018.

It’s directly relevant to the specific charges levied against Brett Kavanaugh by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, that, during her intense partying in high school – when the alleged assault took place – she was experiencing hallucinations from substance abuse. She was driving in a highly impaired inebriated state, and she crashed her vehicle into a building. It’s documented in her senior high school yearbook below.
Juvenile records are sealed, so Senate investigators must find out if she reported this to the police. It’s directly relevant to her psychological state of mind in high school. As a clinical psychologist, she must be aware of the dangerous effects psychoactive drugs and/or excessive alcohol abuse have on the minds of high school children.
There’s a very important statement made by Cristina King in her now infamously deleted Facebook post that hasn’t received enough attention:
“We were teenagers and did really stupid, abusive, dangerous things.”
We will discuss the “abusive” things that the Holton girls did in a pending report. Now we focus on one of the “dangerous” things the Holton girls bragged about in their yearbooks.
Christine Blasey Ford’s senior yearbook indicates that she operated a motor vehicle under the influence of a psychoactive substance and crashed into a building. This is specifically documented in Scribe 84.
Driving while hallucinating appears to have been a tradition bragged about by the Holton girls. From Scribe 82:
“Two things sure to dampen the party spirit are parking and curfews. Leaves, snow, and trees that wander into the road make parking, and driving even more of a challenge than finding a party.”
Trees are only wandering into the road if you are tripping on LSD or some other powerful psychedelic, or, in the alternative, you’re so drunk that alcohol is causing hallucinations. That’s very drunk. That’s felony drunk.
That passage is from Scribe 82, Blasey’s sophomore year at Holton-Arms. It was in the Summer after that year that she thinks the alleged assault might have taken place.
Now let’s skip to Christine Blasey’s senior year with a clip from Scribe 84:
“First off, many of us didn’t drive. Secondly, there were those of us who did drive but couldn’t drive. Christine ran into her garage the first time she tried. (She tried to convince us the garage was moving at the time.)”
There it is. Christine drove her car into the garage because she was either tripping hard on a hallucinogenic drug, or, in the alternative, she was so drunk that the garage appeared to be moving.

Would Christine even know if she hit somebody with her vehicle in such a state of inebriation?

The caption continues, making clear that smashing your car while drunk was all the rage at Holton, and dangerous driving never stopped them from partying:
“When behind the wheel, Andrea ran into anything within a twenty mile radius: Mack trucks, other cars, even bushes. Dee Dee ditto. Michele’s car was in such a dilapidated state that she couldn’t get in except from the passenger side…
“However, despite marred driving records, some of us still managed to escape the confines of home. We hit the popular night spots in Georgetown, such as the Third Edition, Whispers, The Company, Fish Market, and Pirate’s Hideaway. And there were always parties to celebrate any occasion. Although these parties are no doubt unforgettable, they are only a memory lapse for most, since lose of consciousness is often an integral part of the party scene.”
Getting black-out drunk and/or so high on drugs that you are hallucinating was like a team sport at Holton-Arms school when Christine Blasey was there. There was a competition during Beach Week to see who could party the hardest:
“Then comes the infamous BEACH WEEK, where the supreme challenge is how much partying you can fit into 7 days. Who is going to win this year?
The same girl hallucinating that buildings are moving – Christine Blasey – claims that, around the same time she was in her hallucinating phase, Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her at a party where only four other people were present, yet every one of them says they have no recollection of this party happening at all. They weren’t there. That includes a girl from Christine’s Holton class of ’84 she has been life-long friends with.
So, either all four of them are wrong, or Christine is wrong. She’s either lying, or, in the alternative, her memory involves a hallucination. Perhaps she was assaulted, but she has mis-remembered the people involved. But I don’t believe that. I believe she made the whole thing up with accomplices. One of them is Cristina King.
Cristina originally said she didn’t know Christine personally. She lied. Their graduating classes at Holton-Arms had only 73 and 71 girls in each. Cristina and Christine spent six years each at the school, five of them together. They were on the same team. They were friends. So WHY did Cristina try to tell the world she didn’t know Christine?
And she was forced to correct that lie and admit to NPR reporter Nina Totenberg that she knew Christine well, and that Chrissy was a black-out drunk. Now we know that Christine Blasey Ford was also a black-out drunk driver.
But why Cristina lied about knowing Christine is the true cypher to this tragic chapter in American history.
More on that (and “dry comfort”) in the days ahead.

Tim Brown

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