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Concealed Carry Gun Owner Shoots Bank Robber – Flamethrower-Banning Mayor Says, “It’s His Second Amendment Rights… but we don’t want Vigilante Justice”

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A bank robber in Michigan was shot three times by a gun owner with a concealed carry permit, but the reaction of the mayor seems to be trying to walk a politically correct line.

On Monday, Ruben Kendrick, 63, came face to face with bank robber Henry Mann, 43, who had just allegedly stolen $11,000 from Citizens Bank and used a gun.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Mann threatened Kendrick, but all he got in return was three gunshots.

DFP recounts what took place as details of the robbery emerged on Monday:

When Mann walked in, he did not make clear that he was robbing the bank immediately – in fact, he asked a teller how he could set up a “direct deposit,” according to a criminal complaint filed by the FBI in federal court.

But Mann was later found to be wearing tape on his fingertips, in an apparent attempt to conceal his fingerprints, the criminal complaint said. He also has a violent criminal history, having been convicted of second-degree murder and assault/bodily harm less than murder in 1989.

The teller asked him to have a seat. But instead of waiting, Mann took out a semi-automatic handgun and pointed it at her, according to the complaint.

Kendrick was standing near the counter when Mann then trained the gun on him. He told Kendrick to step behind the counter with three other bank employees.

But Kendrick said that he couldn’t. Mann then grabbed him by the back of the neck and pushed him to one side of the counter, the complaint said.

Mann then demanded that he be given “all the (expletive) money,” with no hidden dye packs, according to the complaint.

Employees handed him the cash, but Kendrick looked over his shoulder and put a round in the chamber of his concealed Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9 mm, which could hold eight rounds, according to Fouts and Warren Police. He had a license to carry a concealed weapon, Fouts said.

Then Kendrick opened fire. He emptied the rounds, hitting the robber three times – once in each arm, and once in a leg. Another shot smashed the glass of a bank’s window.

Eyewitnesses were amazed at Kendrick’s ability to deal with the bad guy.

“It’s not every day you see a bad guy get shot and get taken down,” said witness Gary Guyette.

Another passer-by video recorded Mann’s very bad day.

Warren Mayor Jim Fouts said, “The 63-year-old responded in kind by defending himself. It’s his Second Amendment right.”

“I don’t like whenever I hear there’s guns used in any kind of situation,” Fouts added. “But this had a relatively good outcome.”

“We don’t want vigilante justice,” he concluded.

Well, who is talking about vigilantes or justice hear Mr. Fouts? The guy saved people’s lives. That isn’t justice or vigilantism. It’s called love, plain and simple. It’s called treating one another as you would want to be treated. It’s called defending others. If you ask me, Mr. Kendrick is a hero and Fouts should have left his comments at “he has the right to defend himself and others under the protections of the Second Amendment.”

One wonders how Fouts can even bring those other things into the equation, given the fact that last month he pushed to ban flamethrowers (real firearms) for every citizen, except… you guessed it, law enforcement and other “official” users.

The wounded and whimpering Mann was handcuffed, attended to by paramedics, arrested and hospitalized after he staggered out of the bank and fell, never returning fire.

Interestingly enough, Guns.com adds, “Mann reportedly had an extensive criminal history including a conviction on second-degree murder and assault/bodily harm less than murder in 1989. It is unclear how he obtained the handgun used in this week’s robbery.”

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