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Couple Who Survived Las Vegas Shooting Dies in Fiery Automobile Crash

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In what is shaping up to be a line of people who survived the Las Vegas shooting, who are now dead, is a couple from Riverside, California who lived part-time in Henderson, Nevada.

Dennis Carver shielded his wife Lorraine Carver from bullets as he laid on top of her during the largest mass shooting in US history.

“We are safe. Prayers for us all,” Lorraine wrote in two separate Facebook posts after the shooting.

“Thank you to everyone that has reached out to me, my parents were both at the Route 91 music festival tonight and were standing directly where shots were being fired. A poor man right next to my dad was shot in the leg, that’s how close they were. They just got home safe to our house in Henderson, thank God. I am praying for those who were hurt by these awful people, and for a city that I love, it will never be the same,” Brooke Carver, the couple’s daughter, posted on Facebook the day after the shooting.

Just two days later, they would return to their home in California where Dennis owned a plumbing company.

The story is that the two felt more love for each other after the attack than at any other time.

However, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that after escaping the attack, the couple met their fate within just two weeks.

The Review-Journal reports:

“After the shooting, they heard from all of the people they cared about most. They were so happy,” said Brooke [the couple’s oldest daughter], 20. “The last two weeks of their lives were really just spent living in the moment.”

But on the night of Oct. 16, the couple’s younger daughter, 16-year-old Madison Carver, heard a loud bang outside her window. When she ran down the street and rounded the corner, a familiar vehicle engulfed in flames came into view. Dennis, 52, and Lorraine, 53, had died together less than half a mile from their home.

According to the Riverside County Fire Department, their vehicle crashed into a metal gate outside their community at 10:50 p.m. on the 20000 block of Avenida De Arboles. It took firefighters nearly an hour to completely put out the fire, the department said in a statement.

“Their car careened off the road and struck a cinder block column, ripping off the rear axle and rupturing the gas tank, according to Officer William Strom of the California Highway Patrol, which is overseeing the investigation. The car then spun and went head on into another cinder block column, after which it rolled and burst into flames, Strom said,” according to ABC News. It is unclear what caused the accident.

Mrs. Carver posted to Facebook just days after the attack her thankfulness to her husband for his bravery.

“I have the most amazing husband. Not only did he shield my body during the shooting in Las Vegas and guide me to safety but then he sends me flowers today. I am blessed ,” she wrote.

I have the most amazing husband. Not only did he shield my body during the shooting in Las Vegas and guide me to safety but then he sends me flowers today. I am blessed ❤️

Posted by Lora Pyles Carver on Thursday, October 5, 2017

Interestingly enough, in the photo above, the daughter claims that not one of the petals had fallen a month later.

“It’s almost as if they’re frozen in time,” Brooke’s sister added. “We’re so lucky we have those flowers to remind us of them.”

On Monday night, me and my sister's lives changed forever. Our beautiful, amazing, and strong parents were in a tragic…

Posted by Brooke Nicole Carver on Friday, October 20, 2017

Apparently, Mr. Carver had lost his phone during the shooting.  A week after the crash that took the lives of the Carvers, something unexpected showed up on the family’s doorstep: Mr. Carver’s cell phone.

It contained pictures and messages, and the sisters were glad to have it returned.

“When we turned it on, all his photos and messages were still there,” Brooke said. “This is how we know they’re looking down and watching over us.”

While there is no backdrop to what the Carvers experienced as far as any claims of multiple shooters or anything else, at least not that I could find, there are several people who were in attendance at the Route 91 venue for the concert on October 1 this year who have already died.

Kymberley Scuhomel died suddenly from multiple seizures following her post to Facebook of her account of multiple shooters.  She was the co-founder of the High Desert Phoenix Foundation, which helps people who have suffered a tragedy with financial help and services.

Chad Nishimura, a long time employee of Mandalay Bay and valet, who parked Stephen Paddock’s car when he checked in, has mysteriously disappeared as well.  If it were not for an interview he gave to Hawaiian mainstream news network KITV4 that was dug up via archive.org, no one would even know the guy existed.

That report, which was deleted by KITV, read:

A Kamehameha graduate working as a valet at the Mandalay Bay Resort said he parked the shooter’s car on Saturday. The gunman, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock, checked his car into the hotel on Saturday morning.
Valet Chad Nishimura, who is from Mililani, said he spoke briefly with Paddock.

“Just in shock, really. It’s scary to know that I was close to someone that was that dangerous. I would’ve never thought. He seemed like a normal guy. When he came in, nothing too weird about him. He didn’t have any crazy bags with him that I can remember. We are a convention hotel so we have a bunch of people that have boxes and multiple carts worth of stuff. There’s nothing weird that I can remember,” Nishimura said.

Nishimura and hundreds of employees at Mandalay Bay are cooperating with FBI agents as investigations continue.

Like anyone else would ask, this guy asked KITV4, “Why did you delete the story about the shooters[sic] valet??????”

Of course, there is still the mysterious disappearance of security guard, who isn’t a security guard according to the state of Nevada, Jesus Campos, who turned up in an interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show after he had disappeared.

There’s no doubt in my mind we are not getting the truth in the official story from Sheriff Lombardo nor the FBI regarding the shooting.

The American people really can’t trust anything either of them tells us and the timeline has changed more times than I can count, yet, people continue to call those of us who simply question what we are told “conspiracy theorists.”

I simply respond with “Whatever helps you sleep at night.”

Those who have died and those who have disappeared my indeed, have a reasonable and rational reason.  Things do happen, but when they happen in a bunch like this, sort of like in the aftermath of the JFK assassination, it should make any thinking person question the circumstances.

Tim Brown

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