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Did You Know That Canadian Police Are Working With ATF To Surveil Americans At Gun Shows? (Video)

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First, we were hearing about Chinese police stations being set up in the united States of America.  Now, stories that are largely not reported in the Mockingbird media, but a few local outlets have reported, are causing even more concern with an unconstitutional agency working with a foreign power to surveil Americans at a perfectly lawful gun show in Montana.

Many people didn’t hear the  reports from October regarding a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer who was parked outside a gun show in Montana.  Presumably, since Prime Minister & tyrant Justin Castro Trudeau decided he would just swipe away people’s rights with the wind, they don’t want Canadians crossing the US border and obtaining them.

I first heard the story from the Guns & Gadgets Channel on YouTube.

Take a look.

Some local outlets and affiliates did some brief reports on what took place.

For instance, Montana’s ABC/FOX affiliate reported:

We reached out to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in regard to the undercover Canadian police officer found at the gun show in Great Falls in September.

ATF’s public information officer Crystal K. McCoy told us they are not going to comment on the issue with us and they will not have a conversation about it.

In September, local county employees and people saw someone with  Canadian license plates watching people at a gun show in Great Falls.

The person in question was an undercover police officer assigned to a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Task Force for gun smuggling and was working with ATF.

Not only is this a huge problem for an unconstitutional agency to be working with a foreign government to deal with things on our soil, but they didn’t even inform the sheriff!

Independent Record reported:

Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter on Saturday broke up an investigation carried out in apparent coordination between federal and Canadian authorities at a Great Falls gun show, saying those agencies had not contacted his office beforehand.

Although state law does not require federal investigators to obtain approval from local law enforcement to conduct operations, the agents left the fairgrounds “reluctantly” and without issue. Slaughter has positioned himself as a “constitutional sheriff,” which theorizes sheriffs are the ultimate authority in their county — above local, state and federal officials — raising questions in this incident about possible friction between layers of law enforcement. 

A deputy contacted the man, who identified himself as Richard Kurina, a Canadian police officer with the Lethbridge Police Department working with a Royal Canadian Mounted Police task force. According to the sheriff’s office report, Kurina said the task force was designed to catch Canadians smuggling illegal firearms into Canada and that he was with another officer, Agent Craig Howe with the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

According to the report, Slaughter questioned Howe on why his office wasn’t contacted about the investigation; Howe said he had made contact with city police. The fairgrounds however are under the county’s jurisdiction. Howe added the person they were investigating was an American who did not have a federal firearms license to sell guns, according to the report. Slaughter noted this was a different reason than that provided by the Canadian police officer.

After a discussion under the fairgrounds’ grandstands, Slaughter “informed them they had to leave, to which they did.”

“I told Craig that because he did not tell me about the operation, they were no longer allowed to continue conducting it,” Slaughter wrote in his section of the report. “Craig then stated he does not have to tell me, insinuating that because he is a federal agent he is not required to do so.”

In a phone interview Thursday, Slaughter acknowledged that federal agents in fact do not have to make contact with local law enforcement.

“They’re supposed to, it’s a courtesy thing,” Slaughter said. “They need to tell us what’s going on, because we’re responsible for that jurisdiction.”

The offices of the ATF, the RCMP and Lethbridge Police Department did not immediately return requests for comment Thursday. 

Slaughter said he had several concerns after learning of the investigation underway at the fairgrounds, primarily a public safety concern that if the federal or Canadian authorities were to use force in any way, they might be mistaken as a citizen assaulting another citizen. Citizens, local law enforcement or the agents involved could have been injured “if something went awry,” he said.

The sheriff also said he has constitutional questions about the legality of the investigation. 

“I don’t know what their investigation was, it’s important that you print that,” Slaughter said, noting again the two investigations he was told about; looking for Canadians smuggling guns to the north, and investigating an American who was not licensed to sell firearms.

Sheriff Slaughter claims that if he had been aware, he could have allowed the investigation to continue to which I ask, if you are a constitutional sheriff, why in the world would you have allowed the investigation to continue, especially with a foreign agency?  That doesn’t sound very constitutional to me, what about you?

And just so we don’t forget, the ATF is the lawless agency that walked a couple of thousand guns across the border into Mexico and put in the hands of Mexican drug cartels, who then used them to murder hundreds of people, both in Mexico and the States.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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