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Did Young People Need to Kill Themselves to Get the Government to Listen?

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I saw a news report that a school opened back up because they had a high number of students that killed themselves. The school realized that even though no students had died of COVID, students had killed themselves because they could not stand the COVID shutdown. The school caused death instead of prevented death.

Wow, they could not see that coming? Their students had to kill themselves to get the school to listen? Why was the fact that 1 in 4 adolescents have seriously thought about killing themselves not enough? Why did they make the kids actually kill themselves before they did something? The unfortunate thing is the government has not done the right thing, and we will likely continue to have more people killing themselves unless we do something.

I have written other articles warning of the potential for the government’s response to COVID being worse than actually getting COVID. In two of them, I mentioned the possibility of people killing themselves.  You can read those here and here.  If you click on the name, Steve Richards, my previous articles come up and you can read what I have said in the past about what is going on now.

This is not a case of I told you so.  It is trying to get people to think things through and to make better decisions. The problem is that many people think they can take the easy way out. The people who kill themselves think they are improving things. The problem is what is their proof that being dead will be better than being alive? What information about what happens after death did they research? Science has no actual proof of what happens to our soul after death. They make claims but they have no proof.

Those of us that are Christians believe we either go to Heaven or Hell. I admit this is based on faith, but at least I admit that it is based on faith and the Bible. Science rarely admits they are wrong and when they do, they usually have fought it all the way. I have seen nowhere in the Bible where God approves of people to kill themselves. If the last thing you do on earth is murder yourself, what will God say once you are dead? I understand that the people who kill themselves are suffering severe, emotional pain. However, that emotional pain is not proof that God will be okay with someone killing themselves. We do not have power over God.

This has been the problem with COVID, most people are controlled by their emotions. You either control your fear or your fear controls you. That has been the problem since COVID started. The government and the media have been trying to keep people in a constant state of fear. Being in fear can be harmful to people and it has been very harmful over the last year.

This has been a problem on both sides of the issue. Some people are afraid of COVID and others are afraid of what the government is doing about COVID. Both things are bad. We cannot just blame the government and excuse ourselves. We have allowed this to happen. Many people hate wearing masks but still wear them. These people seem to think that they need to order the people giving them orders to stop giving the orders instead of just not obeying the orders.

The problem is not who controls you, it is that you are being controlled. You do not solve slavery by having a good master, you solve slavery by having no masters. That has been the problem with America for a long time. People need to make their own decisions and stop looking to others to solve their problems. You cannot expect a few people to solve the problems of 330 million people, regardless of what that problem is. Self-government is not picking who makes your decisions, but making your own decisions.

People keep asking me what they can do. I tell them to start forming groups and sign up at www.makeamericansfreeagain.com to be in our database. Some people seem disappointed by this answer. It seems that they want to be told how to make someone else solve their problem. The idea that they need to solve their problem is difficult for them. That does not change the fact that they need to start doing something.

The last year has been a perfect example of what happens if we expect others to solve our problems. The government told us to obey them and they would fix things. We are approaching one year since we tried that, and we have huge numbers of businesses that have closed, and many people that are in serious financial trouble. We also have 1 in 4 adolescents seriously thinking about killing themselves. We also have the horrible situation where some schools did not open their school back up until enough kids killed themselves so that the school finally listened. If that does not convince you of failure, you got problems.

I know I have said this in previous articles but it needs to be repeated. People need to do it. Start forming groups. I am doing this too.  We are a team, but everybody needs to get on the field and play. Sign up at www.makeamericansfreeagain.com to be in our database. Years and years of a small group of people controlling the country will not be solved by a different small group of people getting the same power. The solution is millions of people taking the responsibility of doing something. You need to know other people. If you do not like how things are, doing nothing will give you more of what you do not like. Doing nothing helps the people hurting you. Doing something helps you. The sooner you start, the sooner things can get better. We have already started but we need you.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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