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Does The Media Have a Double Standard When It Comes To Roseanne Barr?

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There’s a logical fallacy often deployed by the left and it goes something like this – if you don’t support A, then you must support B.

Sometimes the formula can be true, but more often than not, it’s not. People are unique, and each of us say and do things for many different reasons. We are nuanced and we hardly ever come to our conclusions for the same reasons that other people do.

For instance, we can be against the leftists media hypocrisy that takes down Roseanne Barr but not Samantha Bee, or Stephen Colbert, or Bill Maher (and here), or Jemele Hill, or Keith Olbermann (among others), and still agree that Roseanne Barr’s comments were despicable, racist, and worth firing her for. (You may not agree – but this is my opinion.)

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I think ABC was completely within their rights to fire Roseanne for her comments, just as your boss might fire you for making racist comments. (We have HR departments for a reason folks.)

However, I think it is ALSO TRUE that if Roseanne (who is far-left and supported the Green Candidate in recent elections) were an anti-Trump actress, she would have not been fired by ABC.

All of the leftists I named earlier have each been embroiled in controversy (in conservative media) for saying (or doing) horrifically sexist, racist, or disgusting things on their TV shows and NONE OF THEM have been fired for it. In fact, none of the four were even reprimanded for their comments. Even worse, in the case of Hill and Colbert the only pushback they received came from those of us on the right, who were scandalized by their commentary.

The latest offense came from Samantha Bee who called Ivanka Trump a “feckless c*nt.” By the way – Bee and her staff have been saying disgusting and horrible things about the Trump family for a very long time, so when Bee apologized for her comment it certainly fell flat in conservative circles.

Thankfully, some in the media are realizing that this media double standard exists and that Samantha Bee should be as culpable for her comments as Roseanne Barr is for hers.

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin had this spot-on take:

“The same rules apply no matter which political side you call home. Conservatives have been pointing to a double standard on how liberal stars who say these offensive things are treated, versus their conservative counterparts, and in many cases, rightfully so…

Whether you agree with the president’s policies or not, calling a senior adviser inside the United States government — or anyone for that matter — the ‘C’ word is, like I said at the top, it’s outrageous, it is unacceptable and should be called out.

She could have easily made her point without using those words, a point that, by the way, is totally lost because she used that language. Doing this, she is no better than the very behavior she criticizes. In fact, she becomes part of the problem.”

Over at Fox Business News, libertarian pundit Kennedy made a very similar argument.

But as conservative pundit S.E. Cupp said on HLN, recognizing a double standard doesn’t mean that we need to defend Roseanne despicable comments.

There is a hypocritical media double standard, but that doesn’t mean I’m defending Roseanne Barr.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Onan Coca.

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