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DOJ to Sheriff Joe Arpaio: You’re Required to Speak Spanish to Jail Inmates

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In a completely Orwellian-style settlement, the Obama Department of (In) Justice announced a deal between the department and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, which would require him to speak Spanish to the inmates incarcerated in his jail. But that’s not all.

The Washington Times reports:

The Justice Department announced a deal Friday requiring Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to provide services in Spanish to his jail inmates, settling part of a two-year-old discrimination complaint the Obama administration filed against the man known as “America’s Sheriff.”

Federal authorities will also become permanent overseers for all worksite raids, with the power to demand information about any raids that deputies perform. The Justice Department says it will scrutinize them to make sure they’re following the Constitution.

Still to come is a ruling by a court on charges that sheriff’s deputies discriminated in targeting Hispanics for traffic enforcement.

So, now not only is the sheriff being required to speak Spanish to his inmates, many of which are here illegally, but the feds are attempting to bully him further by overseeing the department. The problem here is that they claim they are doing it in order to follow the Constitution while at the same time engaging in things like the illegal activities of Operation Fast and Furious, illegally surveilling reporters, having a former Attorney General who still remains in contempt of Congress and a current Attorney General who has openly violated the Constitution and been praised for it.

AZ Central adds:

The settlement approved Wednesday morning comes with Justice Department oversight and will include additional training and policy changes but does no include monetary damages.

“The Sheriff’s Office put us in a situation we should never have been in,” Supervisor Steve Gallardo said, explaining the board’s decision to approve a settlement.

The case had been slated to go to trial next month.

The settlement is perhaps most remarkable for how little it requires of the Sheriff’s Office, largely because of the reforms the agency has already undertaken in the past few years to comply with other court rulings.

Deputy Assistant Attorney General Mark Kappelhoff said, “The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office changed many of their practices after the commencement of our litigation, and these agreements ensure that progress continues and the Constitutional rights of the people of Maricopa County will be protected for the long term.”

It’s good that the Sheriff’s Department was already sorting out their practices on their own. That is commendable. However, everyone knows that the bulk of what was taking place there concerned illegal aliens and immigration laws, which the federal government, under Barack Hussein Obama, has failed to enforce.

Make no mistake, this will not end with forcing the Sheriff’s Department to provide Spanish for those they deal with. With federal oversight, this is just another advancement of the growing tyranny by the federal government to shut men like Arpaio down.

Sheriff Arpaio has openly said that our country is under attack and that Barack Obama is the aggressor. This is why the Obama administration has had it out for him.

Arpaio has tried for years to expose the fraud who occupies the White House and sadly has not received the support from the US Congress. Instead, except for a handful of people in Congress, we’ve basically been told that they “don’t give a sh*t.”

Tim Brown

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