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Even Stephen Colbert is not Impressed with Rachel Maddow’s “Scoop” on Trump Tax Returns

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MSNBC host Rachel Maddow may have just had her Geraldo Rivera “Al Capone Vault” moment when she brandished about two pieces of paper claiming to have President Donald Trump’s tax records from 2005.  Seeing that everyone knows he makes a lot of money and he has not hid that from the public, one would also conclude he pays a lot of taxes, which is what the tax returns showed.  Still, Maddow failed to deliver a punchline in her report.  So, her counterpart Stephen Colbert did, only it came at the expense of Rachel Maddow.

First, here’s the dreadful, anti-climactic and ridiculous broadcast by Maddow, that was called “exclusive” even though she was scooped by the White House and other outlets.

Now, take a look at Stephen Colbert, and I confess, I laughed out loud at several parts of this.

It wasn’t just that Maddow attempted to hype the non-event that was her show, but then she failed to deliver, as usual.

And?  The fact of the matter is that most thinking Americans don’t want to pay taxes.  We are being forced to pay for all sorts of things that our Constitution did not give authority for Congress to spend money on:  socialized medicine, socialized retirement, healthcare, ridiculous studies, foreign aid, purchasing weapons for our enemies, wasteful unconstitutional spending, nation building and the list goes on and on.  Instead of the media being focused with how much people pay in taxes, should we not be advancing the narrative in the opposite direction?  Namely, should we not be asking why we are not paying less taxes, the elimination of the Internal Revenu Service and the immoral tax code?

Not only did Maddow fail to deliver, she failed to scoop anyone on the “story.”

The White House scooped her by issuing a statement about the more than a decade-old tax return.  The Daily Beast also put out the information.  And the result?  Crickets.  That’s what anyone and everyone heard.

As if that was not enough, Maddow actually got the photocopies of Trump’s tax records from journalist David Cay Johnston, a former tax reporter for the New York Times, who claims they arrived “over the transom” in hi mailbox.  He even told Maddow he believed that Trump may have been the one to send them to him, and he just might be right.

Trump is clever and knows how to bait the media.  He did it all through the election season.  Apparently, Maddow and her ilk have not figured that out just yet and they are ending up with egg all over their faces.

Speaking of ilk, Geraldo was confronted in a comparison of his Al Capone Vault non-event.  Here’s how he laughed it off.


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