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Exploiting Transgenders Part 3: The Funders & Profiteers

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The transgender community has been exploited since the 1950s, to glamorize and propel a manufactured industry. In part one, it broke down the historical timeline and social engineering in creating this industry, and part two broke down the medical engineering origins, as well as puberty blockers now being used on children who are being told they have gender dysphoria. It is vital to read both chapters before moving on to the information below in part three.

Just how big has this industry grown, right under your noses? From 2000 to 2014, a study by Johns Hopkins researches shows that gender-affirming surgeries have increased four-fold. By 2016, they were up another 19 percent from the previous year. Since the inception of the first youth gender clinic erected in 2007 by Boston Children’s Hospital, over fifty youth gender clinics have sprouted up. This doesn’t even include all of the facilities available to adults. And who is the second largest provider of gender affirming hormone therapy, in the nation? None other than Planned Parenthood. Beginning to see just how large this manufactured industry has grown? Who was behind the funding, and who are the profiteers?

Who is Behind The Funding?

In 2018, Jennifer Bilek did an excellent report in the Federalist, breaking down who some of the biggest funders were. Interestingly, at the time she reported on it, there were 30 gender youth clinics, and there are now over 50. She did such a phenomenal job of illustrating the Pritzker family as a case study to show just how they move funds around to push the transgender movement through institutions and the education system, while simultaneously investing in the medical infrastructure. There are numerous billionaire families following this same model, ultimately shaping the narrative, normalizing transgenderism, and grooming students to propagate their agenda, making them all funders and profiteers.

Jennifer Pritzker, one of the many Pritzkers involved in this, was the national co-chair of Obama for America 2012 and national finance chair of Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Pritzker helped create the National Institute for Innovation in Manufacturing Biopharmaceuticals (NIIMBL) while serving as Obama’s secretary of commerce, and facilitated a $70 million award to them, which was the first funding of its kind. Obama held the first meeting ever on transgenderism at the White House, and his administration went on to shift policies to serve this industry they were creating.

Bilek’s full report is a necessary must read, as it goes hand-in-hand with my full report on the manufacturing of this industry and shows just how enmeshed multiple individuals, families, big tech, universities, the medical industry, the US government, and LGBT lobbying firms are with propelling this to be one of the biggest industries on the horizon. Some of the exceedingly rich individuals involved in this, aside from the Pritzker family, are George Soros, Martine Rothblatt, Tim Gill, Drummond Pike, Warren and Peter Buffet, Jon Stryker, Mark Bonham, and Ric Weiland. Funding toward transgender issues increased eightfold between 2003-2012.

Taxpayers Are Funding This Whether They Know it or Not

In digging through an extensive list of Obama administration policies, I discovered that the Department of State “continues to grow the Global Equality Fund” which is a public-private partnership to advance the human rights of LGBT persons globally, and since the fund was launched in 2011, it has allocated $30 million to “civil society organizations” (socialism) in 80 countries. Additionally, USAID launched the LGBTI Global Development Partnership and “Being LGBTI in Asia,” and funded a range of LGBTI human rights programs. They even released a document called LGBT Vision for Action in 2014 to make sure “stakeholders” knew they were on board, and appointed a USAID Senior LGBT Coordinator to fully integrate LGBT into all aspects of USAID’s work overseas. Of course, the State Department had to follow suit, so in 2015 they appointed the first-ever Special Envoy for the Human Rights of LGBTI Persons to advance LGBTI rights around the globe. Who’s paying these salaries? Bingo. They even got HUD involved in 2009, and created the first-ever national study of discrimination against the LGBT community. Of course, one of their biggest moves was to get the US Department of Education involved and to provide educators with information, such as the publishing of ‘Examples of Policies and Emerging Practices Guide for Supporting Transgender Students.’

What about health? Who’s funding the transgender community’s lifelong expenses for hormone therapy, as they continue to push them like candy, to forever sterilize those who have been sadly mislead into believing they will feel “whole” again? For starters, HHS funded the Services and Advocacy for LGBT Elders (SAGE) to establish the first national resource center for older LGBT individuals. Transgender surgeries saw a huge increase in 2016 because of the big push in glamorizing it, but also because in 2014, Medicare ended a blanket denial of coverage. This created a huge spike. However, in 2019, a federal judge overturned this.

The US government has been dishing out grants to NGOs and universities for a very long time. This was all carefully designed, with specific people put into specific positions throughout history, for the purpose of facilitating these funds. It is like a giant cesspool of networks that feed one another to carry out their agendas. The money keeps cycling through all of the networks to push the social engineering, medical engineering, and construct a narrative to manufacture an industry, all in the name of socialism, one world governance, maintaining power, and lining their pockets with billions. Yes, taxpayers have been feeding the beast since the beginning of time. They devised a very turnkey environment for themselves, with laws in place to protect them, and where the laws couldn’t, people were in place to “take care of it.”

One of the biggest organizations the government funds is Planned Parenthood. Coincidentally, Planned Parenthood is now the second largest provider of “gender-affirming hormone therapy.” From 2016 to 2017, they received $543.7 million in funds from all levels of government. From 2013 to 2015 they received $1.5 billion in federal program funds. $1.2 billion was from Medicaid, and $289 million came from six separate departments within our government.

Bottom line, anyone or any organization that stands to make money from this manufactured industry, has put money into it, and has played a role in the social engineering of it.

Who Are The Profiteers?

Sadly, this industry has been turned into a money-making machine. Who isn’t profiting would be faster to answer. They have glamorized a mental illness, created a trend, pushed a narrative that “gender” is something you choose, and socially engineered it into every institution and across every tv screen. They have been training doctors across the globe in vaginoplasty, phalloplasty, facial feminization surgery, and urethral procedures. Clinics are popping up everywhere, every university is on board, and hospitals and medical institutions are frothing at the mouth to get in on the action. So, who’s profiting?

• Scientists and researchers
• Drug manufacturers
• Biogenetics
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Pharmacies
• Psychiatrists and psychologists
• Endocrinologists
• Surgeons
• Hospitals and clinics
• Planned Parenthood
• Universities
• NGOs
• Shareholders and investors
• Billionaires invested in all of the above
• All of the corrupt receiving kickbacks

Aside from surgery, one of the big cash cows is hormone therapy, because once they begin, they will spend a lifetime visiting doctors, having blood drawn, and pumping themselves with hormones. Repeat business is the name of their game. There has been a big shift over the past decade to target children with confusing them and causing them to question their own gender, by suggesting they can “choose” their gender and if they want to “transition” they can begin with chemically sterilizing hormones. This is how Planned Parenthood draws them in, under the guise of “reproductive rights,” with no therapy required.

The medical engineering origins behind puberty blockers was covered at length in part two, but it’s important to note a few key pieces of information when it comes to the manufacturers of these puberty blockers, which were licensed for Central Precocious Puberty, and are now being used to transition children’s gender. Why so much focus on this specifically? Because, not only is it incredibly dangerous to children and can forever sterilize them, I can clearly see that this is the beginning stages of a huge market they have manufactured, and it needs to be stopped in its tracks!

Supprelin Puberty Blocker: A Profiteer

It’s important to note that Supprelin was the first puberty blocker to be patented and FDA licensed, back in 1991. One of the research teams that discovered the GnRH gene analogs, was the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. It was founded in 1960 by Jonas Salk. Yes, the same Jonas Salk who developed the polio vaccine which was later found to be contaminated with the simian virus 40 (SV40). The CDC found that approximately 100 million children and adults in the US alone, were inoculated with the contaminated vaccine. According to a 2006 report by the Journal of Clinical Oncology, “reports of the detection of SV40 DNA in a variety of cancers have raised serious concerns as to whether the inadvertent inoculation with SV40 has led to the development of cancer in humans.”

Interestingly, Scrip ran a press release about Johnson & Johnson’s new Supprelin that has been recommended for approval in precocious puberty by the FDA’s Endocrinologic and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee at its March 26, 1990 meeting, which wasn’t technically licensed by the FDA until December, 1991. In this release, they described how that same committee had narrowly rejected Takeda-Abbott Pharmaceutical’s (TAP) Lupron and Lupron Depot. They stated that the data provided by TAP on 62 children injected with Lupron and 20 with Lupron Depot was insufficient to demonstrate either formulation’s clinical efficacy in precocious puberty. Just three years later, the FDA did in fact license Lupron Depot-Ped.

Something else caught my attention in this press release. They stated that precocious puberty has a frequency in one in 5,000 to 10,000 children in the US. Remember, this was in 1990. Yet, according to the article published in the Washington Post on the “precocious puberty outbreak” in Puerto Rico in 1984, just six years prior to this press release, they claimed that “in the United States and other countries this condition is rare.” How did it evolve to one in 5,000 in just six years’ time?

Takeda-Abbott Pharmaceutical’s (TAP) / AbbVie Inc.: A Profiteer

Again, much about AbbVie was covered in the medical engineering in part two, however, there are a few additional aspects I would like to include so that everyone is aware of the origination of this patent, prior to it being under AbbVie. Not to mention, there are some very interesting connections.

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Is the largest pharmaceutical company in Asia and has been around since 1781. They are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and have over 50 subsidiaries. Takeda had a patent on the Leuprolide acetate compound in 1975, which is the synthetic analogue of GnRH used in the puberty blockers. In 1977, they hooked up with their first US company, which was Abbott Pharmaceuticals (Abbott Laboratories), which was founded in 1888. The patent was then transferred to Abbott in 1977. Abbott obtained FDA licensing in 1993 on Lupron Depot-Ped for central precocious puberty.

In 2001, Abbott Laboratories and Takeda Chemicals paid an $875 million settlement to the Department of Justice for aggressively marketing Lupron by giving doctors illegal kickbacks in exchange for prescribing Lupron to patients, and assisted the doctors with billing Medicare or Medicaid hundreds of dollars for each dose.

On 2012 FDA documents, it indicates that Lupron Depot and Lupron Depot-Ped (for children) are manufactured for Abbott Laboratories by Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. In 2013, AbbVie Inc. was birthed from Abbott as an independent company, which is the current name listed for Lupron products. AbbVie is now the world’s sixth largest independent biotech company, with a revenue of $32.75 billion In 2018. They sell Lupron products throughout the US and Canada, while Takeda markets them in Asia, and both sell to Europe. In 2016, Lupron alone generated revenue of $821 million.

According to the Saint Louis Zoo and several other websites, Lupron is also being used in captive animals, primarily males, to suppress testosterone and sperm production.

There are several other puberty blockers on the market with more profiteers, but my focus was on the two forerunners for purposes of showing how this industry emerged.

An Interesting Web of Connections

In 2013, the AbbVie Foundation, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd., Microsoft, and several others, as Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) memberspartnered to bring a virtual mentoring STEM system to 15 high schools in Illinois. AbbVie went on to donate $40 million to fund the rebuilding of North Chicago’s middle school, Neal Math & Science Academy, in 2019, which was part of a $350 million charitable contribution to nonprofit partners. $15 million went to the University of Chicago’s Education Lab.

In 2014, AbbVie, along with Abbott, Merck, and others, partnered with CGI to deliver emergency equipment to West Africa to fight Ebola.

2014 was a busy year for AbbVie. They also teamed up with Google in a $1.5 billion dollar research partnership. Google Inc.’s secretive biotech company, Calico LLC partnered with AbbVie Inc. to develop anti-aging drugs. By 2018, they were focusing on over two dozen projects with a special interest in neuroscience and targeting cellular stress systems, but have kept very hush hush about it. Each have contributed another $500 million to continue this partnership. Calico went from a staff of 10 to a team of 150-plus, headquartered in San Francisco. Arthur Levinson, the former Chairman of Genetech, is the current Chairman of Apple Inc. and CEO of Google’s Calico LLC.

In 2015, Abbott Laboratories donated between $50,000 – $100,000 to the Clinton Foundation.

In 2016, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation granted Takeda Pharmaceutical Company over $40 million “to increase total global capacity to meet potential demand for Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine (IPV) in 2019/2020, and ensure adequate vaccine supply at an affordable cost.”

In 2016, AbbVie contributed $44,538 to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

In 2017, as a CGI partner, AbbVie stepped up again, along with 43 other companies, to deliver medicine and medical supplies to Puerto Rico. The following year AbbVie donated $50 million each to Direct Relief and Habitat for Humanity International. Direct Relief is who had the “Direct Relief-chartered MD-11 cargo jet” that flew the supplies to Puerto Rico in 2017. Coincidence?

Interesting side note: On Adam Schiff’s 2016 financial disclosure report, it indicates that he has shares in AbbVie Inc. Sure, a lot of people do. But he also holds shares in Franklin Templeton and BlackRock, and Franklin Templeton Investments was just implicated in the laundering of $7.4 billion in external government loan bonds between 2013 and 2014, allegedly from family members of Ukrainian ex-President Yanukovych. Franklin Templeton Investments has significant ties to the democratic party, including former President Obama, as does the managing director of BlackRock who holds the largest share in Franklin Templeton Investments. All of this is related to the $16.5 million that the former Vice President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden received from Burisma.

Just How Many Clinics Are There for “Gender-Expansive Children and Adolescents” Who Are Profiting From This?

This is an interactive map of over 50 clinical care programs for transgender and gender-expansive youth, which only includes comprehensive multidisciplinary programs. There are numerous smaller practices across the country as well, and pretty much most major hospitals and universities offer services as well. Mind you, this is specific to youth, and by “youth,” they treat as young as three-years-old, and in some cases state they treat “transgender patients of ALL ages.” What do they mean by “comprehensive?” That would include puberty blockers, hormone therapies, surgeons, mental health services, and endocrinologists.

According to a 2017 US survey of nearly 28,000 transgender adults released by the National Center for Transgender Equality, they claim that 11 percent of transgender women have had their testicles removed, and 12 percent underwent vaginoplasty. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons also released a report based on 3,256 surgeries in which they claimed 92 percent of the procedures were breast or chest operations, 7 percent were facial, and only 0.9 percent were on the genitals. That said, in 2016 there was a 19% increase in surgeries overall from the previous year. It is a growing industry, and hormones are one of the biggest money-makers because they can get young children on them, and make it a lifetime of medicine, doctor appointments, and blood tests.

Planned Parenthood is The Second Largest Provider of Gender Affirming Hormone Care in The Nation – A Big Profiteer

2nd largest provider in the nation

Just three years ago, Planned Parenthood was only offering hormone therapy in 27 of its clinics, and now they are the 2nd largest provider in the nation. What does that say? Well, a few things. For one, this industry is growing fast and they are in phase 3, which is the sales marketing push as they manufacture a reality. Second, Planned Parenthood is running this under the guise of “reproductive rights” while sterilizing thousands of people, which is their MO. Third, if Planned Parenthood has taken this on nationwide, that only means one thing – they will eventually expand to include surgical transitions in their clinics because it will expand their bottom line $$. And, while they are moving toward expansion, you can bet they are getting kickbacks from referrals.

Whereas most of their clinics state that they treat patients who are 18 years and older, many of their clinic websites state that they also prescribe puberty blockers to children, with permission from a parent or guardian. Here’s what they say about puberty blockers: “Your gender identity is real, and there are medical treatments you can use to help your body better reflect who you are.”

So what does an appointment entail in order to get hormone therapy prescriptions? Initially, they review a patient’s medical history, measure their weight and blood pressure, discuss their transition goals, draw their blood to watch for potential side effects of hormones (ongoing), and explain how to inject themselves with the hormones. At that very first appointment, the patient will receive their prescription that they can take to a pharmacy. Therefore, there is no mental health professional involved. In fact, the first thing they state is, “You don’t need to participate in therapy or provide information from a mental health provider to receive hormone therapy.” In other words, they are declaring that this is a “reproductive rights” choice, rather than a mental health issue that should be discussed with a professional to treat past traumas, prior to making a huge decision such as this. In fact they go out of their way to glamorize it with photos of transgenders smiling. Here is an example first appointment on their Great Northwest and Hawaiian Islands web page, where they have 27 health centers.

In their Massachusetts location, they partnered with a media firm to run a special multimedia visual campaign titled, “My Care. My Way,” and produced a 1-1/2 minute video whereby the Director states, “to the transgender community. We see you, we hear you, and we care about you, and we care for you.”

In Florida, they are partnered with Equality Florida, which was founded in 2014. They have produced a 50-page book filled with doctors and facilities to serve the transgender community, in addition to pushing it into the education system and through workshops and media.

In New York, there is a special fund setup for those struggling to pay for transgender care at Planned Parenthood. They created a website called Queertips, and detail that the fund covers the cost of care, health center visits, and lab work done at Planned Parenthood. It does not cover the cost of hormones.

Yes indeed, Planned Parenthood is raking in the cash on this, and there is a very good chance they will expand these services to include surgeries and other treatments in the future.

Hospitals Are Not Only Profiting, They Are Driving This Industry

Founded in 2007, Gender Management Service (GeMS) at Boston Children’s Hospital was the first major program in the U.S. to treat transgender adolescents. Their website states:

“Since that time, we have expanded our program to welcome patients from ages 3 to 25.”

Yes, you read that correctly, and Boston Children’s Hospital pushes this agenda hard.

transgender agenda

In 2015, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) awarded $5.7 million for a five-year, multicenter study that will be the first in the U.S. to evaluate the long-term outcomes of medical treatment for transgender youth. According to their website:

This study will provide essential, evidence-based information on the physiological and psychosocial impact, as well as safety, of hormone blockers and cross-sex hormone use in this population.

The study will include youth from two age groups: younger children in early puberty, who will receive hormone blockers, called GnRH agonists, used to suspend the process of puberty – preventing the development of undesired secondary sex characteristics; and older adolescents, who will begin use of masculinizing or feminizing cross-sex hormones that allow them to go through the ‘right’ puberty – consistent with their gender of identification.

Keywords to note: “first study in the U.S.” to evaluate the long-term outcomes. Again, Boston Children’s Hospital, along with countless other hospitals and clinics using puberty blockers, when it has not been approved by the FDA for this use, and more importantly, no long-term studies have been done on this. Why isn’t the FDA stepping in on this? Typical procedure is to get approval to run studies by the FDA before they approve licensing for medications to be used for specific needs. Thousands of children are being dosed with these drugs. Where is the media? Furthermore, this study is being funded by NIH, which is a corrupt organization that publishes biased documentation to further big pharma, while not having the people’s best interest. I guess we all have to wait one more year to find out what their “study” shows. I wonder how many more children will be sterilized, suicidal, or perhaps dead, by the time that study comes out?

Photos from Boston Children’s Hospital.

first youth gender clinic 2007

Endocrinologist Norman Spack had been seeing transgender patients in private practice for nearly a decade when he joined the Department of Endocrinology at Boston Children’s. His patients suffered intolerably from the mismatch between their gender and genitalia. Many were certain they were in the wrong body as young as age three. By adolescence, their bodies felt like a betrayal.

Yes, one would imagine so, being as most transgender individuals have suffered child abuse of some form, with a large amount having been sexually abused. To state that a three-year-old is “certain they were in the wrong body,” is lunacy at best. A three-year-old knows what it is told and taught and is incapable of coming to such a conclusion without an adult manipulating their circumstances and thoughts. Notice they state “forty percent attempt suicide.” According to the Williams Institute and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s survey from 2014, “respondents who said they had received transition-related health care or wanted to have it someday were more likely to report having attempted suicide than those who said they did not want it.” This makes their statement in the book rather manipulative, as they give the impression that the cure is transitioning, which is clearly not the case. They are brazen enough to state that “they enter adulthood feeling no longer like a mismatched puzzle, but whole,” which couldn’t be further from the truth.

On the flip side, the American College of Pediatricians reported that “as many as 98% of gender confused boys and 88% of gender confused girls eventually accept their biological sex after naturally passing through puberty,” and added, “conditioning children into believing that a lifetime of chemical and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex is normal and healthful is child abuse.”

So to recap, less than 1% of the population identifies as transgender. The suicide rate for transgender individuals is nineteen times that of the general population. More than 40% attempt suicide. Lupron puberty blockers have horrific side effects, with over 25,000 adverse reports, including 1500 deaths, often lead to sterilization, and has not been FDA approved to be used for transgender transitioning in children. Yet, The American Pediatric Association endorsed their methods of using puberty blockers, which is now codified in international guidelines and adopted by 60 institutions nationwide. Big money.

They Have Moved to Phase 3

Despite all of this, clinics continue to pop up like the hottest new trend, surgeons and physicians are being schooled in transgenderism, political figures and the entire education system are pushing it as though switching gender is glamorous and fun, and they are all making a killing financially.

Transgender individuals are hurting. Some are dying. Children are being brainwashed and their sexuality exploited as young as three-years-old. This is blatant child abuse, and parents, physicians, drug companies, and the FDA should all be held accountable. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood is tapping into the industry by targeting teenagers to come get their prescriptions because no participation in therapy is needed, it’s simply a “reproductive right.”

It is being glorified in the school system and causing a gender identity crisis in this country, while tabloids call it a “social phenomenon.” No, it is a social construct spawned and perpetrated by those trying to destabilize the United States of America, sterilize thousands in the process, and score gold from the industry they began devising decades ago. Meanwhile, they are lumping a mental disorder in with sexual preferences by throwing the “T” into LGBTQ, when in fact 23% of transgenders identify as heterosexual. And, don’t even get me started on the “pronouns,” being one of their greatest manipulation tactics of all for young minds.

They achieved the social engineering long ago. They achieved the medical engineering long ago, and are currently training doctors and surgeons at rapid pace. Everyone and every institution has been in place for a while. They are now in phase 3 of manufacturing the reality to drive in sales. This is the marketing phase, and there are a whole lot of clowns going above and beyond to market this industry. The final chapter, part 4 will cover the clowns and the marketing. If people do not speak up, loudly and clearly on this issue, the future will be a dim place of indoctrinationbrainwashing, and confusion for children. Shine a light on this – NOW.

Article posted with permission from Corey Lynn, originally published at CoreysDigs.com

Corey Lynn

Corey Lynn is an investigative journalist who digs for truth in a world where nothing is as it seems, and then connecting the dots and presenting her findings to you. You can follow her work at CoreysDigs.com.
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