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Fake News CNN Goes Completely Into Fabrication Mode Again – Blames Trump For Capital Gazette Shooting

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Every fact checking and media bias site out there that continues to hold up CNN as anything but a promoter of fabricated news is just not honest.  Not only do they have a track record of openly making up stories that never occurred, but in the latest round of lies coming out of CNN, they are attempting to blame this week’s Capital Gazette shooting on President Donald Trump when nothing could be further from the truth.

Jarrod W. Ramos, with smoke grenades and a shotgun, opened fire on journalists at the Capital Gazette in Maryland on Thursday, killing five.

He had a long history of being disgruntled against newspaper staff, a history that preceded Donald Trump becoming president, and just before opening fire on the employees of Capital Gazette, he tweeted out a message that made reference to the judge who dismissed his 2012 lawsuit against the Capital Gazette.

Without virtually any knowledge of the shooter’s background at the time or a possible motive, CNN’s legal and national security analyst Asha Rangappa attempted to blame President Trump and his “dangerous rhetoric” for the shooting, saying it was a possible factor.  Take a look.

“Just to relate this back to kind of a bigger conversation that we’ve had this week about civility and rhetoric,,” Rangappa said.  “You know, lone wolf actors are often alienated individuals who are looking to displace their anger and frustration onto some kind of outside entity or enemy, and I think it’s worth pointing out that we’ve had a constant rhetoric coming even from the President that the press is the enemy of the people.”

“That’s been repeated constantly,” she continued.  “And I think it’s worth noting if there is a link here that the publication was being targeted that that kind of rhetoric can be very dangerous in these times.”

Seriously, she said it.  What she doesn’t say is that the network she is paid by had lied to the American people for decades.  I’m not even talking about having a different viewpoint.  I’m talking about fabricating stories out of thin air!  What was the reasoning behind that?  Where some of those stories in order to provide propaganda for war that cost people their lives?  You betcha!

The reality is that the shooting had nothing to do with Trump or his rhetoric, and interestingly she never mentions the rhetoric of Maxine Waters who encouraged a mob bullying Trump cabinet members.

Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

It quickly emerged that Ramos was pursuing a vendetta against the newspaper, having sued them for defamation over a 2011 article in which they reported on his conviction for criminal harassment.

In other words, Ramos’ vendetta stretched back at least seven years, and at least four years before Trump even announced he was running for president. His motive had no connection to Trump whatsoever.


Journalist Michael Tracey summed up the entire farce when he tweeted, “The alleged shooter had a deranged, obsessive grudge with this particular newspaper dating back years. Condolences to everyone desperately disappointed to find that they can’t connect this to their favorite national political narrative. You’ll have to wait till the next shooting.”

The entire anti-American press and anti-Constitutionalists in America are completely coming unhinged because they are not in complete control as they have been for the past eight years, and the reality is that they are the ones who are causing the trouble in our country.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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