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Fake Opposition & An Advancing Agenda

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Ever since Donald Trump was running for president, there has been a mass movement dubbed “the resistance.” The perception is that the left vehemently hates him and is doing everything they can to unseat him from the presidency. This includes staging a fake Russian collusion story. The talking heads on the radio, Levin and Limbaugh, cannot stop talking about how much the left hates him. In fact, it is all they talk about. There is only one problem: None of it makes any sense because so much of what Trump does advances the leftist agenda or supports their narrative.

My friend Tim Brown recently published this story where Trump says he has no problem with a homosexual man, who is “married” to another homosexual man, running for president. The Trump administration is also seeking to de-criminalize homosexuality across the world, which is something the left would seemingly support. Yet, they continue to hate him with a passion, portraying him as a hateful homophobe. You would think they would at least give him some credit for trying.

The Trump administration, while promising to do something about illegal immigration is currently flying illegals all over the country. The state of Florida is expected to take in one thousand a month. Yet, the left still portrays him as a bigoted anti-immigrant individual.

The left is all out in the open with their calls for gun bans and the elimination of the second amendment. Most Trump supporters still believe the man is on their side despite his support for red flag laws and the bump stock ban. His administrative banning of a piece of worthless plastic gave the left all they need to ban semi-auto rifles by fiat. Yet, the unabated hatred towards him and his supposed conservative agenda carry on.

Brett Kavanaugh has sided with the liberals several times since his confirmation hearings. One against Apple and the monopolization of their own apps and the other in refusing to hear a case concerning Planned Parenthood funding. This is a big deal because he was portrayed as being someone that was so conservative Roe v Wade was going to be threatened on the federal level. Many of us knew the truth of Kavanaugh and in this article, I tried to explain that he wasn’t who he was being portrayed to be.

President Trump has also made numerous spending deals with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, which continued to fund planned parenthood and keep Obamacare intact. Whether these deals were good or not is irrelevant. It shows his willingness to work with Democrats. Yet, the hatred towards him coming from these individuals continues. This makes no sense as Trump contributed money to both Pelosi and Schumer before running for president.

There are more things that Trump has done which advances the leftist/statist goal. The new NAFTA, for example, increases global governance of trade in our region, pushing us closer to the globalist vision of a North American Union. Betsy Devos, as another example, has signed onto the U.N. sustainable agenda education program. This will standardize education across the U.S., so all students are indoctrinated with globalist, climate change propaganda.

Why does the left insist on this portrayal of vile hatred towards the man when so much of what he does supports their agenda? The more they hate him, the more his supporters love him. The answer is simple, if you’re willing to accept it. It is all a distraction to keep us locked in our own ideological boxes while an agenda against our interests continues unfazed.

Article posted with permission from David Risselada

The Washington Standard

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