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Federal Courts: A Broken Instrument Of Law – Ruling By Politics Rather Than The Constitution

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The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) is in the worst shape today of its entire history since it was established in 1789, over 200 years ago.

The SCOTUS, along with all federal courts, was first conceived pursuant to Article III of the US Constitution as the third branch of government aside from the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch.

Originally, the Judicial Branch of government was meant to uphold the laws of the US Constitution when the politics and power of the other two branches of government may make laws, implement laws or enforce laws that are unconstitutional.

Thus, the Judicial Branch is supposed to be a branch of government that makes sure that the other two branches stay within the limits of the US constitution.

In other words, the Judicial Branch is supposed to rule according to the laws of the Constitution of the US, not as a political biased entity.

Today’s Judicial Branch is totally politically biased and judges are even chosen, approved, or rejected solely based on their political beliefs, not their background as a good judge that upholds the law.

We only need to go back to the Senate hearings with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to see that today’s Legislative Branch wants to choose Supreme Court judges based totally on their political beliefs and not their excellence on the bench.

This is why we cannot get a legitimate ruling that is politically unbiased from our SCOTUS today.

It is also the reason behind differing rulings from Judicial Branch judges depending on their political geographic location.

Since Donald Trump became president, we have witnessed countless examples of this Judicial Branch political bias in rulings from the judges based on their demographic location.

The Ninth Circuit of Court will always rule against the president of the united States based on politics, not constitutional law. Since the Ninth Circuit comprises the states of California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington, they rule according to the politics of their region. The same goes for other federal Circuit courts in the US.

The Fifth Circuit, which comprises the states of Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, will always rule in favor of the president’s actions, for the most part. Here too, we have some politically inspired bias associated with some rulings.

A recent prime example of political bias by a federal judge was the ruling by District Judge Gilliam Haywood of the Northern District of California. In this case, Haywood temporarily blocked construction of the border wall in El Paso, Texas and Yuma, Arizona, citing the use of a National Emergency as a workaround after Congress failed to deliver funds for the construction of the wall. It has been discovered that this Obama-appointed judge also donated some $20,000 to the Obama campaign.

The point is that we cannot allow the federal courts nor the highest court in the land to make judgments based on politics and not the Constitution of the US, nor can we tolerate a Legislative Branch of government that chooses judges based on the political beliefs of those of the majority of the Senate.

The fact that the federal courts rule in accordance with the political beliefs of their geographic districts is entirely unacceptable and has to be changed.

The federal courts are also ruling in accordance to international laws, not the Constitution of the US.

This is seen with the recent invasion of our country from Mexico and Central America where supposedly the US is obligated to take in illegal aliens who are masquerading as asylum seekers as well as give them public assistance ranging from food stamps, housing, and welfare.

Under the US Constitution, we have no obligation whatsoever to take in and care of these invaders.

Yet, we are doing so because according to the international community, we must do so. Here again, the federal courts are ruling in accordance to foreign laws, not the US Constitution, which is illegal.

The time is long overdue to revamp the Judicial Branch and the Legislative Branch which has chosen biased judges based on politics, not their records of upholding the laws set forth by the US constitution.

The federal courts are a broken instrument of law, ruling according to politics rather than the law and the Senate, who is responsible for placing politically biased judges on the SCOTUS bench, is also guilty of gross mismanagement in choosing SCOTUS judges.

The SCOTUS must rule according to the laws of the land and the Senate must choose judges based on excellence of performance.

If not, we no longer live in a Republic of laws, but the chaos of corruption.

Article by Tony Elliott

The Washington Standard

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