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Former Google Engineer Files Discrimination Lawsuit: Being A White, Male Conservative At Google Is Like “Being Gay In The 1950s”

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In another example of hypocrisy from individuals who promote “tolerance and diversity,” Google is now being sued over what former Google engineer James Damore is calling discrimination against white, male conservatives.

Damore was fired back in August after he posted an internal memo which argued that women were biologically less capable of engineering and not as equally represented in the technology field as a result.

However, Damore isn’t the only one.

Tech Crunch reports:

Damore is joined in the 161-page suit by another former Google engineer named David Gudeman, who spent three years with Google working on a query engine. According to Gudeman’s LinkedIn profile, he left the company in December 2016 and has been self-employed since.

The lawsuit, filed by Dhillon Law Group, says it aims to represent all employees of Google who’ve been discriminated against due to their “perceived conservative political views by Google,” due to “their male gender by Google” and “due to their Caucasian race by Google.”

More specifically, it accuses Google of singling out, mistreating and systematically punishing and terminating employees who “expressed views deviating from the majority view at Google on political subjects raised in the workplace and relevant to Google’s employment policies and its business, such as ‘diversity’ hiring policies, ‘bias sensitivity’ or ‘social justice’…”

Damore isn’t holding back any punches here. According to his filing, Google employs “illegal hiring quotas to fill its desired percentages of women and favored minority candidates, and openly shames managers of business units who fail to meet their  quotas—in the process, openly denigrating male and Caucasian employees as less favored than others.”

The suit also claims that the “numerical presence of women celebrated at Google” was based “solely due to their gender” while the “presence of Caucasians and males was mocked with ‘boos’ during companywide weekly meetings.”

Somewhat redundantly, it adds that Damore, Gudeman and “other class members” were “ostracized, belittled, and punished for their heterodox political views, and for the added sin of their birth circumstances of being Caucasians and/or males.”

The lawsuit is seeking monetary, non-monetary and punitive remedies.

Google claims that Damore was fired for violating its code of conduct (does that sound familiar to anyone that has dealt with Google on their terms of service?) and advancing “harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace,” but Damore claims that if you are a white, male conservative at Google, it is akin to “being gay in the 1950s.”

Last year, Damore said, “If you’re a progressive, sometimes you don’t even see a progressive echo chamber, because you just think, ‘oh, that’s how it should be.’” 

In an interview with Dave Rubin, Damore explains how the entire debacle unfolded:

“I sent it to this one email group called ‘Skeptics.’

And I thought skeptics would be rational, they’d be able to point out holes in my argument. I want to be wrong — because if I am right, than there is something bad happening.

Please tell me how I’m wrong.

And that was not what their response was.

They said: ‘This is crap.’ ‘What are you doing?’ and it eventually just exploded from there.

H.R. and some of the higher level execs started sending out emails saying they knew about this document, but don’t worry it is horrible and harmful, don’t look at it, this is not what Google stands for.

Obviously, if you tell someone this is harmful, they’re going to look at it.

Also there were a ton of memes in the company talking about how horrible this was, and blasting me as a person…

There was even someone who emailed me directly and said I was a horrible person, a misogynist, I’m going to hunt you down until you’re fired or I’m fired… Which means that maybe he knows that H.R. isn’t going to do anything… They said to work from home… And they eventually just called me, Monday night, and said James, you’re being fired for perpetuating gender stereotypes… They were probably afraid I would have some kind of outburst…

I had pointed out multiple ways that there was harassment in the workplace [and even legal violations in Google’s hiring practices]…

As far as I know, and according to [Google] policy, you can’t use someone’s protected status (their age, race, or gender) when you’re determining hiring or other employment critical situations, but we do.

We treat different candidates differently, and when someone is going up for a promotion, they may be treated differently.”

Damore also said that while he was for special rights for homosexuals, some people at Google were fired because they would not attend pride parades.

Damore’s lawsuit isn’t the only one Google is fending off.

They are also facing a gender-pay lawsuit from a former employee, Heidi Lamar, who taught pre-school at Google and claimed that she and other women were paid less than their male counterparts.

That’s not all.  With the havoc that Google has been doing to conservative sites as it attempts to “sanitize” the news and squash free speech, it could come under the scrutiny of anti-trust laws of the DC government.

James Damore vs. Google: Class Action Lawsuit by TechCrunch on Scribd

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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