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Former News Anchor Dan Rather Likens Lifetime Ban from CBS to Soviet Union

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Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather worked for the network for 44 years. However, CBS banished the 84-year-old Rather to the point where he is not even allowed in the CBS headquarters on 6th Avenue in New York City. In a recent interview, he said likened the ban from CBS to the Soviet Union.

Gregg “Opie” Hughes responded to Rather’s banishment with, “That’s unbelievable. We grew up with you every night. You were CBS.”

“I appreciate that,” Rather responded. “I long ago made my peace with what happened at CBS.”

Hughes said the idea that Dan Rather cannot even walk into the lobby of the “Black Rock” (CBS headquarters) without being stopped is “ridiculous.”

“On my better days, I can laugh at it too,” Rather told Hughes. “That’s one thing to say you’re not welcome here. It’s another thing to say we’re going to expunge you from our history. It’s a little like what the Soviets used to do. They airbrush you out of the picture.”

“I think for a news operation, that’s pretty serious,” Rather added. “To say we’re not going to be honest with you about our history. I gently suggest that’s very serious.”

Rather was fired after his political hit piece against former President George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard record, in which he claimed Bush was a deserter.

The interview also opened up discussion of the new film “Truth,” which is based on former CBS News producer Mary Mapes’ “Truth and Duty” and journalism today, which in most cases is nothing but paid propaganda, at least in the mainstream media outlets.

Rather also spoke about being one of the first people to view the Abraham Zapruder film as he covered the John F. Kennedy assassination.

While I really don’t feel for Rather for being fired over the Bush piece, after all, he rightfully deserved it, there is something a bit strange about CBS banning him the manner that they did. It seems a bit overkill.

Tim Brown

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