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Genesis 3D Movie Will Bring the Creation to the Big Screen

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Following the release of Dr. Kent Hovind on July 8, I had the pleasure of speaking with his son, Eric Hovind, about the release of a brand new film set to be completed in July 2016. The Genesis 3D movie will detail the Creation account from the Book of Genesis like nothing seen previously.

Creation Today is the producer of the film and their hope is to impact those who do not know the Creator, Jesus Christ, along with tying in why Creation is so important to the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Genesis 3D Movie is a feature-length documentary film based on the first book of the Bible, featuring stunning 3D visual effects accompanied with expert scientific research!

“It’s a 3D documentary where we actually… the 3D CG [computer generated] portion is actually showing the Creation of the world,” he told The Washington Standard. “So, for the first time, you’re actually getting to experience what it might have been like for God to create the heavens and the earth. Instead of just reading, you’re gonna watch that.”

Those watching the film will need 3D glasses to enjoy the stereoscopic 3D animation.

Hovind said that there would be interviews interspersed throughout the film with leading Creation scientists presenting information on how we know God created the world. The presentation will also reflect a young earth view and assumes the “days” of Genesis are literal 24 hour days (evening and morning).

The documentary will also seek to refute many points of evolution to demonstrate that evolution is an absolute impossibility.

Hovind says the film will be biblically precise, teach the significance of our origins, enrich our understanding of the Creator and will answer the two most important questions in life: Where did we come from? And why are we here?

When asked what he expects to accomplish in the production of the film, Hovind said, “The whole point is to take people from Creator to Savior.”

“So, the film has Ray Comfort giving the salvation message at the end,” he added. “A lot of people don’t understand Creation and so they don’t understand salvation. They don’t understand man’s sin and so they don’t understand man’s need for a Savior, Jesus Christ. So, this is really a journey from Creation to Savior.”

Comfort recently had his own video trailer for his new film Audacity, which deals with the issue of sodomy, removed from YouTube. It was immediately reinstated following the voice of Christians being raised against the ban. He is known for his biblical gospel of holding up the Law of God to show sinners the need for a Savior and then presenting them with the Good News of how Jesus Christ saves such men.

Hovind says that he is still working on marketing the film, but will begin with targeted theaters for a limited time when it is ready to be released. Following the theater release, the film will be offered to Churches and then onto DVD.

The film still needs support and Creation Today is asking Christians to pray and support them and share the information about the release of the Genesis 3D Movie. If you are interested in supporting the project, you can click here to donate to the effort.

Take a look at the trailer below.

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