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George Soros Comes Out For Groper – Against #MeToo

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In April, I chronicled part of the story of how the Dems suppressed the #MeToo movement in their own party. At the time, I mentioned the most prominent Dem donor who had gone public with threats against Senator Gillibrand over her call for Senator Franken to resign over his groping of women.

But now the sugar daddy of the Dems has spoken. It’s George Soros and he’s all in on Franken and all out against #MeToo and Gillibrand.

I think there are many qualified candidates, and I think also that some will distinguish themselves in the 2018 elections that will give them more chances. I may add that there’s only one whom I would not like to see succeed, and that’s [Senator Kirsten] Gillibrand of New York because she is responsible for pushing . . . the comedian . . . Al Franken, whom I admire, to resign. In order to improve her chances. So she is campaigning, and I hope she doesn’t — there is one less candidate.

The head of the Democrat Party and his warehouses of cash have spoken.

If Soros were a GOPer, this would touch off a thousand stories. Since he’s the moneyman behind the Dems, there won’t be a conversation about the fact that top Dem donors are openly suppressing the #MeToo movement by threatening a female politician who spoke out against a serial groper.

The Soros position is none too surprising. When you’re a monster who describes your role in the Holocaust as the most exciting time in your life, a mere round of groping is nothing. And Soros has had his own interesting relationships with women.

GS student Adriana Ferreyr, 28, has sued her ex-boyfriend billionaire George Soros, alleging that he neglected to give her a $1.9 million dollar apartment that he had promised her. In the lawsuit, Ferreyr claimed that Soros, following his reneged promise, “proceeded to engage in a deliberate and malicious campaign of extreme and outrageous harassment and intimidation against Ferreyr, which has directly resulted in her suffering and continuing to suffer severe emotional distress and damages.” William Zabel, a lawyer for Soros, defended his client saying that the suit was “riddled with false charges.”more Ferreyr, a Brazilian soap opera star, said that in 2010 Soros assaulted her, even throwing a lamp at her which required her to get three stitches for her foot and caused considerable trauma. According to Soros’ lawyer, a police report concluded that “no assault occurred.” Ferreyr that year ended up withdrawing from one of her classes at Columbia

As does some of his circle.

Two Playboy Playmates and a third woman have filed a lawsuit seeking $27 million, alleging a former fund manager for billionaire George Soros raped and beat them in a New York City penthouse described as a dungeon.

The three plaintiffs, who were not identified, claim portfolio manager Howie Rubin beat them to the point they needed extensive medical attention, the New York Post reported, citing a lawsuit filed in federal court.

“I’m going to rape you like I rape my daughter,” Rubin, a former Bear Stearns trader, yelled out during one of the attacks, according to the lawsuit.

Hope, Change, Hell.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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