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Gloria Allred Leaves Florida Woman Hanging Out To Dry While Greedy, Money Hungry Attorneys & Enabling, Corrupt Judges Pursue Her For Over $1 Million (Video)

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On Wednesday, a Florida woman recounted her story of rape, injustice both in the court system, among attorneys she hired and another attorney, Scott Mager of Mager Paruas, who bought the rights to sue her, along with the corrupt Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.  That interview also included me to comment on the story and the documents The Washington Standard has uncovered, which the Southwest Florida media has yet to report on even though they’ve been sent those documents nearly a month ago.  Of course, I’m talking about that ongoing story of Deanna Williams.

Williams was a victim of rape in 2009.  Her story can be understood best in this first piece I did on the subject.

Appearing on Steel Truth with Ann Vandersteel, Williams not only communicated the theft of $200,000 of her money by an attorney she hired, G. Ware Cornell, but also what appears to be collusion with attorney Scott Mager of Mager Paruas, who bought the right to sue her for profit.  That’s right, the author of “You are the Best” bought the right to sue Ms. Williams to turn a huge profit and he weaponized the court against her to do it.

Here’s a little sample of how Scott Mager helps to promote himself while taking advantage of a rape victim.

The interesting thing about the Cornell theft is that when Williams wanted to fire him and hire another attorney, he told her she couldn’t do that because he had promised Mager $200,000 he stole from her.  Now, how does your attorney do that if there is not some sort of collusion?  In fact, it seems so blatant that Cornell not only stole Ms. Williams money but he filed his appearance in the inactive rape case, something that would be incredibly hard to do.  By doing that, the court rendered a judgment against Ms. Williams.

Keep in mind that the judge in the case, Judge Jay B. Rosman, ignored a higher court’s ruling that not only was there no evidence that plaintiffs had a case against Ms. Williams but there was no evidence to warrant seizing her assets.

Rosman would be busted in a prostitution sting just weeks after he allowed Scott Mager of Mager Paruas into the case through a backroom meeting.  Mager had rendered no services to Ms. Williams yet, he was able to get the corrupt, criminal Rosman to comply and take possession of $100,000 of Ms. Williams stolen money.  In other words, though it is shrouded in legalese, Scott Mager is in possession of stolen funds, which would make it grand theft.  Many of his own peers can’t believe he is putting his reputation on the line for this, but such is with prideful people.

That was followed up by another situation involving Williams next attorney she hired, Michael Chionopoulos, who claims that he made an error which gave another $200,000 of Williams money to Mager.  He admitted what he did in an affidavit, but never sought to recover Ms. Williams’ money.

In the end, a judgment of over $1 million was rendered, suspiciously I might add, against Ms. Williams to Mager and Mager weaponized the court to arrest Ms. Williams in hopes of using her to sue another prominent attorney who failed to pay the original attorneys in her rape case, Gloria Allred.

Mager sees Williams as a cash cow if she will just join forces with him and sue Allred.

To prove that, take a look at this letter Mager sent to one of her attorneys.

Additionally, Mager wrote an email to Michael Chionopoulous beating his chest about “what he was owed” when he never provided one service to Ms. Williams.  He sued her for profit.

All of the struggles this woman has endured since 2013 are all because Allred never paid her attorneys as she promised to do.

No wonder Jesus condemned these kinds of people in the manner He did (Matthew 23).

I was also interviewed for my work on the story, as well as the investigation into the fraud and felonious activities of Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno, whom Williams went to for help with the grand theft by Cornell.  Marceno would then abuse his authority to pursue her for sex, impregnate her and demand she murder their unborn child.  He is charged with arresting her.

Ms. Williams desperately needs an attorney to represent her to fight off the wolves who are seeking to devour her.  She has a Go Fund Me page set up for donations to secure an attorney, but those fees are high.  She’s already spent six figures in attorneys fees and the only ones to profit from her suffering are the attorneys.  Won’t you help?

Click here to support Ms. Williams’ efforts to bring justice in this matter.

Here’s the interview.

Tim Brown

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