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Good Cop Films & Reports Bad Cop Abusing Innocent Man – Good Cop Gets Fired

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Deland, FL — Former DeLand Police Officer Allison Bainbridge is the epitome of a good cop. Bainbridge was so focused on stopping a crime that she — unlike most police officers in America — crossed the thin blue line and reported one of her own. After this brave act of filming a fellow cop abusing an innocent citizen and then reporting it, Bainbridge was snubbed out and fired.

The incident all started last month when Bainbridge and Cpl. Ken Ramkissoon were responding to a trespassing call at a 7-Eleven. When the officers arrived, the man who prompted the trespassing call was no longer around.

However, there was an innocent man — uninvolved in the original incident — sitting on a bench near the 7-Eleven. After not finding the man reported for trespassing, the officers were about to leave. However, all of the sudden, Ramkissoon began walking toward the innocent man on the bench.

At this point, Bainbridge turned on her body camera as is policy when engaging citizens. However, Ramkissoon conveniently left his off. And, when you watch the video below, you’ll know why.

Although the first 30 seconds of the footage is silent because of the camera’s function, the audio picks up at just the right time to capture this public servant threaten and abuse an innocent citizen.

“Do you want me to beat your f**king ass?” yells Ramkissoon as he threatens and intimidates a man for doing nothing other than sitting down on a bench. Did I tell you to leave? Don’t raise your voice at me, because I’ll drop your ass.”

The abuse was so bad that it prompted Bainbridge to report it that very night.

“I’ve been in law enforcement for eight years, and I’ve never been in an incident like this before.  It shocked my conscience to see it,” Bainbridge said.

After witnessing the abuse, Bainbridge immediately went to her supervisor, a sergeant, and filed a complaint. One week later—in what appears to be a completely retaliatory move— Ramkissoon also went to his supervisor and filed a complaint about Bainbridge, noting his “concerns about the manner in which Officer Bainbridge is performing her duties.”

Bainbridge was then given a letter of counselling on July 11 related to an incident in which she forgot to turn on her body camera during a call. It happened in May and was of no consequence until she reported her fellow cop.

“They didn’t say anything about my performance until I filed this complaint,” Bainbridge said, who was then fired days later.

It is important to reiterate that Bainbridge was fired for an incident in which she allegedly forgot to turn on her body camera — the exact same thing she recorded happening with Ramkissoon, except that he threatened and intimidated an innocent man as well.

Now, Bainbridge is fired and Ramkissoon is still on patrol epitomizing everything wrong with police in America.

This cycle of the “blue line” of protection can only persist for so long before there is no one left with enough courage to call out the corruption.

As Shannon Spalding, a whistleblower from the Chicago Police Department points out, this blue code of silence and punishment is already an unfortunate reality for most.

“It’s no secret that if you go against the code of silence, and you report corruption, it will ruin your career,” Spalding said.

Unfortunately, this type of response to good cops, who try to call out corruption in their department is the rule, not the exception.

Previously, the Free Thought Project brought you the story of Laura Schook, who tried to call out corruption in her department. Naturally, they tried to run her through the mud and fire her.

Also, we broke the story of a cop in Buffalo, NY who was beaten and fired after she stopped a fellow cop from nearly killing a handcuffed man.

In Kentucky, a sheriff’s deputy was fired for “insubordination” after pointing out that the sheriff had planted drugs in another deputy’s car. Even though the sheriff was indicted, the deputy was still fired.

TFTP also exposed the Baltimore police department’s attempt to intimidate a whistleblower officer. Detective Joe Crystal became a target of intimidation for his entire department after testifying against other officers in a misconduct case.  Following his testimony, he received threats from other officers, and even found dead rats on him and his wife’s cars.

The thin blue line, it seems, is akin to the mafia; cross it and you will be snubbed out by the rest of the gang.

Article posted with permission from The Free Thought Project. Article by Matt Agorist.

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