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Government Confesses COVID Is A Fraud By Arresting America’s Frontline Doctors

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By now, many may think it is old news that on Monday, January 18th at 11:00 A.M., 21 FBI agents stormed the home of Dr. Simone Gold. What needs to be understood is the message that was sent by the arrest. The message the FBI and media were claiming they sent was that Dr. Gold’s being at the Capitol proves she is some form of terrorist, so do not believe anything she says. There is also the applied message to other doctors that if you dare speak out against the COVID fraud, you will go to jail. Sure, that is obvious, but there is more to it.

FBI Arrests CDC Critic Dr. Simone Gold For Attending Capitol Protest – FBI Singled Her Out

The message I see is that the government is terrified of everyone finally realizing that the government does not have the evidence to back up the claims they have been making about COVID. If they did they would not have needed to arrest Dr. Gold when the video shows they were let into the Capitol by the police. They are desperate to keep people scared and listening to the COVID propaganda that the media is always pushing. If you ask them why the death rate is consistent with any other year, they cannot give a straight answer.  They have to attack the one asking the question. That shows the COVID fraudsters are fraudsters.  If they had the evidence, they would simply produce it and the public could compare it to what Dr. Gold and the Frontline Doctors say.

They cannot do that.

The video of Dr. Simone Gold titled “The truth about CV19 vaccine-Jan. 2021” is too damaging to what Big Pharma and Industry Med is doing.

If they could handle honest debate, they would. Pretending 21 FBI agents attacking Dr. Gold is anything other than a mob tactic, shows how desperate they have become.

There are numerous Democrats and Republicans that have made huge amounts of money from the COVID lockdowns and the vaccine agenda. Once people figure out they did it for the money, and not to protect the public, they know people will be angry. There is no way they want any questioning of their propaganda.

Look at Big Tech.  They act like they have something to hide, and they probably do.

There are many people that say they are so frightened by COVID that it has to be true. That is the real danger of COVID.  The fact that discussion is COVID’s enemy. Think about it. Is your fear a proper response? I have had the flu and pneumonia multiple times in my life. Sometimes, it was very serious and other times it was not. My experiences in no way prove it will do that to you. That is not science. COVID viruses have been around a long time. The flu has been around a long time. If they are going to violate people’s rights and claim it is for their own good, there needs to be an open debate. If they cannot handle debate, it proves we need debate.

We have to keep exposing the fraud. Part of exposing the fraud is taking it to court and forcing the people involved to produce the evidence or admit they have no evidence.

That is the whole point of www.makeamericansfreeagain.com and our database. Fighting dishonesty like this is going to take a lot of people. We need to work together. The COVID fraud has hurt Democrat voters and Republican voters. Fighting amongst ourselves only hurts us and helps them.

If you do not like what is going on, doing nothing will only give you more of it. You cannot expect everyone else to fix it. The politicians do not care about you they only care about getting elected. It will take a lot of people to make them concerned about getting reelected. If you do nothing, you help them. If you do something, you help us. Start forming groups. I am doing this too.  We are a team, but everybody needs to get on the field and play. Sign up at www.makeamericansfreeagain.com to be in our database.

If the COVID Fraudsters are really telling the truth, we are no threat to them. Giving us the evidence would only help them, and give them credibility. Their refusal to back their claims with the data shows they are not telling the truth. If vaccines were really safe they would not have needed Congress to make them protected from lawsuits. Something that is really good does not need all this force.

I have heard people calling into radio shows and making comments on articles asking, “Are you doing anything other than writing articles or talking into microphones?” The government is proving that the people who are talking are doing more than talking. They are taking the risk of being attacked for telling the truth. Dr. Simone Gold ended up being attacked by 21 FBI agents who stormed her home because she dared to talk.

The only question now is, are we going to stand with her or abandon her when she needs us the most? Do not complain if you do not help. If you do not like what is going on, doing nothing will only give you more of it. If you do nothing, you help them. If you do something, you help us.

Go to https://www.americasfrontlinedoctors.com/, sign their petition and tell other people.

Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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