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Health Ranger: Obama Or Hillary Will Be Arrested – Most Likely Hillary – Civil Unrest To Follow

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I like Mike Adams, aka the Health Ranger.  I like his optimism and he is just a down to earth, brilliant guy.  In his latest video, he seems to be set on the fact that either Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah or Hillary Clinton will be arrested in the near future.

Most likely, Adams believes that arrest will be of Hillary Clinton and it will result in civil unrest from those criminally-minded individuals on her side of the political spectrum.

In fact, Adams claimed to have a source that says that contractors inside the continental US are being prepped for a “much larger operation.”

“So, something big is coming and they’re expecting mass social unrest,” Adams said. “That’s the term that I was told.”

“Everybody involved in the contracting lines… is supposed to be ready to provide lots and lots of operatives for something that’s going down in the domestic United States,” he added.

Now, Adams put all of this in the context of a false flag of some sort. Take a listen to his comments in the video below.


Of course, the arrest of Hillary Clinton or Barry Soetoro or both would cause the opposition to be up in arms… literally! It would be a serious “bombshell,” as Adams put it.

One or both of those people [Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama] is going to be arrested and indicted for multiple felony crimes. And it’s most likely going to be Hillary Clinton. Obama has more immunity as a former president; he’s got more distance between him and the crimes that were committed. Things may reflect poorly on Obama, and Obama was certainly in charge when the felony crimes and the illegal surveillance was being conducted on the Trump campaign officials and transition officials. But Hillary Clinton…her hand has been caught in the cookie jar.

There is no doubt that there were criminal activities going on in the Obama administration that can be traced directly to Hillary Clinton and her State Department, as well as to the Obama White House.

Adams warns people not to get upset if it takes some time, saying that things run rather slowly in DC.  This is something we know all too well, and we realize that it takes time to build a case, gather a grand jury and make indictments.

However, this has all been going on for some time.  The evidence of criminal conduct on the part of both Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Barack Obama and others who were a part of that administration has been overwhelming for years.  We are now seeing a lot of confirmation of their crimes by way of actual documentation.

However, let’s theorize that Clinton does get indicted, what happens?

According to Adams, “This is where the riots and uprisings come into play. At that point, the left goes nuts! Because you’ve got to remember these brainwashed left-wing feminists, mostly, they love Hillary Clinton.”

“They think she’s an angel,” he added.  “Oh, my god, they think she is the most honest, upstanding, ethical person. They have no idea she’s a murderer – that they ordered executions of people like Vince Foster-when I say they, I mean Bill and Hillary Clinton. These sycophants have no idea what Hillary Clinton really is in terms of a mafia boss, and committing felony crimes and lying and covering thing up and having people killed at Benghazi.”

“If Hillary Clinton gets indicted, the same lying left that tried to steal the election, that tried to push a fake Russia hoax collusion narrative on America…that same left will call for mass uprisings and even violence nationwide,” Adams concludes.

And who will be the willing useful idiots of Clinton in all of this?  You guessed it, the mainstream media!  They will be the ones calling for the civil unrest, the “injustice of it all” and labeling it as a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Here’s the thing, if Hillary Clinton was actually arrested, I think I might fall out of my chair.  I think many of my readers would also fall out of their chairs, after they cheered the arrest, of course.

Back in January, Sean at SGT Report was interviewed in November about a large number of indictments in DC.

He theorized that President Trump was working quietly to deal with a lot of Deep State operatives and said that Americans might just be pleasantly surprised at the results in the future.

I admire Sean’s optimism, I do.  However, I confess that until I see some handcuffs and actual charges being levied against these criminals, I’m not going to hold my breath, but justice is long overdue for a lot of people in Washington, DC.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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