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Herpes, Hillary Clinton & The Media’s Treatment Of Trump

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FOX News decided that it needed to air an apology to Hillary Clinton after a guest compared her to herpes.

An apology to herpes might have been in better taste.

FOX’s actions might have been understandable if this were 1968 or 1988 when some codes of media decorum still existed. But we live in a media environment in which the biggest name brands in the mainstream media accuse President Trump of treason and insult him in every possible way.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner had a speaker who compared the president’s daughter to a tampon.

While FOX News chose to apologize for a guest’s remark, the media cheerily calls Trump a traitor, a liar and a rapist.

There have never been any apologies for that type of rhetoric. And there never will be.

If Maureen Down at the New York Times or one of the unhinged social justice ranters at the Washington Post had compared Trump to herpes, there would have been cheers in the media. A line like that from Colbert would have won its own media scraping posts.

So what exactly is the point of cringingly apologizing for a guest comparing Hillary Clinton’s persistent presence to herpes, an analogy many Democrats would agree with, instead of, say, for the continuing presence of Shepard Smith?

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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