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Hillary Clinton’s Running Mate: Whites must take on White Guilt Because Of Alleged Racism and Oppression of Blacks

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Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s vice presidential pick has opened his mouth and put both feet in. In addressing an audience of Black Baptists in New Orleans, Tim Kaine told the crowd that Caucasians must become the “minority” to make up for alleged racism and oppression of Blacks.

“I’ve never been treated badly in life because of my skin color or my gender,” Kaine said. “I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority — Caucasians. We have to put ourselves in a place where we are the minority.”

Though Kaine doesn’t mention the term “white guilt,” he is clearly referencing it in what he is saying..

Paul Joseph Watson accurately reports:

The “burden” that Kaine mentions obviously means taking on “white guilt,” despite the fact that – even at the height of slavery – only 1.4% of whites in America owned slaves. White people were also victims of far more brutal and longer lasting oppression under the Barbary slave trade.

Kaine’s desire to see whites become a minority in America is set to be realized in around 30 years because white people are the only group with a higher death rate than birth rate.

Hispanics are growing in number at a pace of around 2.1 percent a year, with blacks growing at 1.3 percent, while whites are only growing at 0.5 percent.

95% of the U.S. population increase is accounted for by minority births and immigration. Five jurisdictions – Hawaii (77 percent), the District of Columbia (64.2 percent), California (61.5 percent), New Mexico (61.1 percent) and Texas (56.5 percent) already have non-white majority populations.

What many people fail to do is read their history. The vast majority of Blacks in America who were slaves were kidnapped by their own people, meaning that Blacks kidnapped other Blacks for profit. Yet, I hear not outcrying from those in the Black community who are lazy and calling for a handout with reparations towards other Blacks. Do you? Nope. And Kaine is simply playing a role. He is a pawn. Do you see him handing out any money or giving away property to those he is speaking to? No, you do not.

I say to Mr. Kaine, if you feel so guilty about something no one in this generation ever engaged in and no Black person in this generation ever experienced, then let’s start with you sir. You set the tone and example with more than mere rhetoric, but he won’t do it. Why? It’s because it will cost him something for nothing, and the hypocrisy is glaring.

Listen to Watson’s comments on White Male Privilege.

Tim Brown

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