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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: What’s The Point Of Enforcing Immigration Law?

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I must say that the fact that a person who is Speaker of the House of Representatives is shrugging off enforcement of the law and asking “what is the point?” would be funny if not so serious. Not only does it demonstrate that Nancy Pelosi and those like her don’t even want the very laws that Congress passed to be enforced, but she then comes behind it to make a statement that Congress has legislation to address some of the things she doesn’t like about enforcing current laws. I’m not kidding you!

Take a listen.

Keep in mind that President Trump was only going along with a judge’s orders in the matter.

“In terms of interior enforce[ment], what is the purpose? What is the point?” Pelosi said June 25.

On June 22, Pelosi provided a statement that the President’s promised enforcement of judges’ deportation orders is a “brutal action which will tear families apart and inject terror into our communities.”

Well, yes, sometimes when the law is broken that occurs, and it occurs to Americans too, Nancy.

In fact, I wish some members of Congress would be indicted for their crimes so that they might experience it firsthand.

Andrew Arthur, a former immigration judge who now works with the Center for Immigration Studies, said that Pelosi is undermining the rule of law.

“It undermines the rule of law in the U.S., it encourages people to enter the country illegally because they will be able to remain permanently without removal,” Arthur said.

“Quite frankly, can you imagine any other context, such as parking tickets or speeding tickets would you see a politician say ‘What’s the point of enforcing the law?” he added. “It is almost incomprehensible … What other laws should they ignore? Should we stop giving parking tickets in handicapped zones? Or blocking hydrants? Should we not enforce wage-and-hour law, or health-and-safety rules?”

“There are plenty of laws that people don’t like seeing enforced,” continued Arthur. Pelosi “is in a position to change the law if she does not like the law, but it is irresponsible to say ‘Don’t enforce a law I don’t like.’”

There are approximately 1 million illegal aliens who have exhausted all their legal means of appeal and have had immigration judges order that they be deported.

The Trump administration had only targeted about 100 of those illegals in cities across the country.

Rosemary Jenks, policy director at NumbersUSA, said Pelosi’s denunciation is irresponsible.

Jenks points out that Pelosi is siding with those who have broken the law and is aiding to endanger communities in America.

“She is basically saying that people who kill, rape, or assault Americans, who are here illegally, should not be deported,” Jenks said. “She is representative of the elites, the arrogant media, academics, all the open border people. She is their voice, apparently. The first time one of them gets assaulted or attacked by an illegal alien, they will change their tune.”

Jenks added, “She is basically saying she does not believe in the rule of law [regardless of political agendas], and therefore she does not believe in America or our constitution. These [deportation] laws were set by Congress, according to the process laid out in the constitution, they are enforced by the process laid out in the constitution, and she is saying ‘It is not worth it, it is not a big deal.’”

That’s exactly what she is saying, but she wants you to just go along with another “law” that she has in the works, which will no doubt be amnesty for these people.

Neil Munro commented, “The huge list of foreign murderers who entered the United States in the last 20 years include many illegal migrants, many migrants who have been ordered home, and several of the 19 Islamic murderers who committed the 9/11 atrocities which killed 3,000 Americans. At least one of the Islamic murderers was detected — but not deported — prior to the mass murder attacks.”

Breitbart also reported on how the media and other Democrat politicians are not just giving Pelosi a pass, but even siding with her.

At her New York press event, held in the largely Asian district of Democrat Rep. Grace Meng, Pelosi slammed Trump’s decision to enforce judges’ final deportation decisions as “outside the circle of civilized human behavior,” and insisted that “a violation of [legal immigrant] status is not a reason for deportation, that’s just not so.”

Pelosi’s open repudiation of federal law has been ignored by the establishment media, which has spent the last 30 months denouncing Trump’s supposed disregard of U.S. election laws.

The widely distributed Associated Press coverage ignored the “What’s the point?” comment in the most-posted article about Pelosi’s comments. As reported by the Washington Post:

WASHINGTON — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called President Donald Trump’s threatened coast-to-coast deportations of migrants “outside the circle of civilized human behavior” and the Senate’s top Democrat labeled the warning “the very definition of callousness” on Monday in remarks that underscored the gap between the two sides over immigration.

The Washington Post ignored the Pelosi quote, instead posting a video with Pelosi’s comments buried under a headline saying, “Pelosi on Trump’s immigration raids: ‘It’s outside the circle of civilized human behavior’.”

Politico ignored Pelosi’s “What is the point?” question in its description of her speech, headlined “Pelosi: Trump’s delayed ICE raids run counter to ‘civilized human behavior’”

The Hill also ignored the quote, in an article headlined “Pelosi to Trump: ‘You’re scaring the children of America’.”

Pelosi’s anti-enforcement, open-borders comments were echoed by other Democrats. Sen. Dick Durbin, for example, said that after Trump delayed the enforcement of the judges’ deportation orders that “I think people finally convinced him what a disaster this would be. … How about kids coming home to an empty house? Cruelty. Open cruelty involving families across this country instead of prioritizing those who may be a danger to us.”

The AP reported that “Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., described Trump’s “chilling, nasty, obnoxious threats” and said the president “seems far more comfortable terrorizing immigrant families” than addressing immigration problems.”

Again, is this not a lawless woman? And what exactly is her “political opposition” doing to bring her to justice? Nothing, absolutely nothing… which, in my opinion, makes them just as much accomplices to her lawlessness. And this is what those caught up in the political debate just cannot see.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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