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How The Second Biggest Selling Book Of All Time Is Being Manipulated Politically (Video)

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The second best selling book of all time was written by a man by the name of John Bunyan. He wrote the book while in prison. He was a preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Today, wicked people are using this book, in a similar manner as to how they twist the Bible, and that is to promote an agenda that is in direct contradiction to the Bible and Pilgrim’s Progress. In this first of a two part series, the Common Core Diva Lynne Taylor joins me to show you how they are using this great Christian work to push forward the Marxist, global agenda.

Articles, links and videos mentioned in this episode, along with additional information provided by Lynne.

Teens Stand Up: “I Will Not Wear The Mask… I Will Not Take The Vaccine… I Will Resist Evil… I Will Submit To God… I Will Defy Tyrants!” (Video)

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Preshow music by LEAH

Dangerous Journey: The Story of Pilgrim’s Progress

The Holy War

When addressing your school boards or county/city commissioners about the egregious overreaches in local education, be sure to have a well written, consistent statement (keep in mind time limits) based off these questions from the “Political Pilgrim’s Progress” ( Brown, Everett S. “The Political Pilgrim’s Progress.” Phylon (1940-1956) 13, no. 2 (1952): 85-96. doi:10.2307/271540.):

1) How have the modern moral changes in society been inserted ‘too soon’ in education? How has this trend created more problems than solutions? What solutions can we offer as alternatives?



2) Is your county experiencing such an ‘economic or social crisis’ where these have forced changes in the local education in all ages and all education related activities? (Think libraries, museums, after-school, or, community events) Are the citizens of your county in such a ‘panic’ that they must keep up with the latests trends or somehow they’ll miss out or the students will suffer, that ALL allegiance to what’s ‘tried and true’ in education is abandoned to kowtow to the latest propaganda?



3) Are we, as voters, using that power to promote Constitutionally minded indiscriminate representatives or those who compromise the Constitution? Are we truly aware of who or what groups run our schools (all levels of education and all education choices)

Various “Pilgrim’s Progress” resources (note that many have aligned to CCSS/UN values)

(Show #1) The Sword and The Stone interview on Social Justice and Pilgrim’s Progress

Pilgrim’s Progress as a Great Minds CCSS English Language Arts

Teachers Pay Teachers
Gandhi’s ideas as “Pilgrim’s Progress” and how they relate to the UN’s SDGs


(The Christian classic as manipulated by the UN dependent STEAM (Science, Tech/Eng/Arts/Math)Gandhi’s ideas as “Pilgrim’s Progress” and how they relate to the UN’s SDGs


(The Christian classic as manipulated by the UN dependent STEAM (Science, Tech/Eng/Arts/Math)
(Show #2) The Political Pilgrim’s Progress(sample with images):

The Political Pilgrim’s Progress (archived on-line book):

This article discussed the importance of Bunyan’s influence in America:

General Reformation’s Pilgrim’s Progress Encouragements Against Suicide

Pilgrim’s Progress Scripture References:

For Teacher Victoria’s background (LumaLearn link on handout):

Here’s her Udemy bio: https://www.udemy.com/user/victoria-pederson-2/

Teacher Victoria is also an online professor with Grand Canyon University (a private Christian college in AZ: https://www.gcu.edu/) Udemy, VIPKid and Luma Learn (on-line school for homeschooling families).

Udemy’s ESG page shows their 100% alignment to the SDGs: https://about.udemy.com/esg-at-udemy/
(*Note: Forbes “Change the World” program ties to not only the UN, but Forbes was a key participant in the recent GSV Summit on Education)

LumaLearn is based in PA (found it on the privacy statement along with the data sharing they use Google for) and is a ‘homeschool marketplace;. If you look at the classes for Science or Math, you’ll find STEAM (Science, Technology,Engineering, the Arts, and Math). Look at the statement of faith and it’s all about God. You cannot ride the fence between God and the UN!

Website link: https://lumalearn.com/

For the archives:

1) The Bible/Lent devotions for upholding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: https://thewashingtonstandard.com/lent-goes-full-un-sustainable-development-goals-video/

2) OH State Univ’s Lent/SDG support: https://u.osu.edu/religionandenvironment/2019/03/25/lent-and-the-sustainable-development-goals/

3) Grand Canyon University’s STEM programming: https://www.gcu.edu/college-of-science-engineering-and-technology.php

4) VIPKid’s Common Core alignment: https://blog.vipkid.com/vipkid-honor-roll-research-institute/

5) My archives on STEM/STEAM/STREAM: https://www.commoncorediva.com/?s=STEM+STEAM+STREAM&submit=Search

Recipes & Lessons Lynne mentioned during the show.

Easter Resurrection Rolls Story and Recipe (with Printable!)

Easter Story Cookies Recipe with Bible Verses

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