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Hundreds of Videos Disappear from YouTube Channel of #Pizzagate Journalist

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David Seaman, a journalist who investigated Pizzagate and had made hundreds of videos, is now without any videos on his YouTube channel.

Seaman, who has 154,156 subscribers, made many videos exposing the Pizzagate scandal, which is about a pedophile ring centered in Washington, DC.

So far, there has been no word as to why the videos have been removed from his channel.  His Vid.me account also displays no videos.

One video does appear in the “videos” section of his channel.  That video was posted by Based Patriot.  The title is “President Trump Holds Anti-Human Trafficking Meeting,” and was published on February 23.


In that video, Trump said that his administration would “focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking.”

Pizzagate does appear to be a real scandal, which many people won’t investigate, for some reason.  The mainstream media has referred to it as a “fake news” conspiracy.  Even Alex Jones wanted to back off of the story.

Jay Syrmopoulos gives the background on what led to pieces of the scandal being put together.

Initially, internet sleuths set out researching the Podesta emails to prove a pedophilia connection between convicted sex offender, Jeffery Epstein, and the Clintons. Bill Clinton is known to have traveled on Epstein’s private jet, nicknamed the “Lolita Express,” without Secret Service protection on numerous occasions – a seemingly suspicious move given Epstein’s proclivity for sex with underage girls.

While there was never any “smoking gun” found regarding Epstein and the Clintons, the “Pizzagate” subreddit began after the strange use of code words was discovered in use in the Podesta emails, which were released by WikiLeaks. There is no mistaking the use of coded messages within the Podesta emails, but their meaning remains speculative.