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Interview With 24-Year Veteran Border Patrol Agent In Charge Reveals Treasonous Conspiracy Between Biden & Agent Of Israel Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) (Video)

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It’s pretty incredible how news like this doesn’t make it into the Mockingbird media, isn’t it?  Yet, it’s precisely why freedom of the press and free speech cannot be allowed to be silenced!  In a recent article by one of our contributors, Pastor Chuck Baldwin, I ran across his mention of an interview with a 24-year veteran Border Patrol Agent in Charge with Clayton Morris from Redacted.  During that interview, it was revealed that Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), an agent of Israel, is conspiring with the Biden administration to wage war in the united States.

Baldwin commented:

On February 8, I wrote a column entitled U.S. Government Gives Millions To Jewish Group To Escort Illegals Into America.

Well, it turns out, not only was I right, but the half was not even told.

In a podcast interview with 24-year Border Patrol Agent in Charge J.J. Carrell on May 18, Clayton Morris revealed that the treasonous conspiracy between Biden and Israel’s agent, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), is even deeper and more sinister than we could have possibly imagined.

Here are snippets of this shocking interview—an interview that everyone should watch:

CM: The more we learn about it, the more troubling it is. The United States government working hand-in-hand with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to bring millions of illegal immigrants into the United States. If you don’t think this is all planned, then you need to get your head examined. Nothing happens by coincidence. This is all part of a massive operation.

J.J. Carrell is a 24-year veteran of the Customs and Border Protection, and what he’s just uncovered as part of his new documentary called Treason is just astonishing. J.J. has been kind enough to send me dispatches of the documentary as they are filming this. And it’s just jaw-dropping. Speaking with sources at these NGOs who don’t want their face on camera; they don’t want their voices on camera either. What they’re telling J.J. is just shocking. Listen.

Source: It was Jewish Family Services [HIAS], and then you had Jewish Family Services who also had these underlying NGOs under them, whether it be Lutheran Family Services, Catholic Family Services, you know, and then all these different family services. But they all have the same parent company [HIAS]. [Emphasis added]

J.J.: So, you would pay Jewish Family Services, and then they would pay…

Source: All of the subcontractors, but they all have the same payee for the most part.

CM: And J.J. joins us now fresh off of that latest trip. J.J., welcome back to the show.

J.J.: Thank you for having me, Clayton. I’m really excited about talking about this, the greatest crime that is going to be uncovered in the next several years is the partnership between NGOs and the federal government and the tune of tens of billions of dollars, if not hundreds of billions of dollars, after this four-year term of Biden’s is over.

I had a very good idea of what was going on, what was transpiring, but when you talk to people that are inside those meetings. So, the individual that I talked to was a DHS employee. He was the guy that cut the checks to the NGOs. And he’s telling me, he’s laying it out for me about what this looks like. He cut checks to Jewish Family Services, Catholic charities and a couple others.

And I said, “Tell me about, just give me an example.” And he goes, “Okay. Jewish Family Services. Let me explain how this works. The Jewish Family Services….” I said, “Cut. Tell me tell me the amount, okay, before you get started.” He said, “Six hundred million dollars.” And I said, “Okay, was that two- or three-years contract?” He goes, “No, that was like two-, three- to six-months max.” Max!

Then he said what was really stunning to me is this is where the money laundering scheme comes in. So he goes, “You have Jewish Family Services at the top.” He says they have 50, say, let’s just say 50 to 100 subcontractors underneath them. “After I give them,” he’s telling me, “After I cut that check for $600 million, then those smaller subcontractors that are responsible for food, clothing, housing, whatever that $600 million does not cover or did not cover enough, those subcontractors call us and say, ‘We need 10 million here. We need 5 million here.’” [Emphasis added]

And I say, “Well, do you vet it?” He goes, “No. We’re in emergency mode, so we cut the checks immediately to them.” And he says, “But here’s where, this is where it gets crazy, J.J.” He said, “When I cut the checks to the subcontractors, I’m cutting the check to the same payee. I’m sending the same funds to Jewish Family Services, the same account. So, you have Jewish Family Services getting $600 million, but you have 50 to 100 subcontractors that I’m paying, but I’m paying to the same bank account as Jewish Family Services. It’s all a lie. It’s just all a lie.”

And I said, “Okay, well you cut a $600 million check. Are you now tracking that to check?” And he goes, “Listen. You have to understand, J.J., nobody’s following the money. No one cares.” He says, “You have to understand the federal government created a chaotic situation on the border. You have millions of people coming to the border. The Border Patrol / DHS / CBP / FEMA. No one has the resources / manpower to move millions of people from the border into America. That’s where the NGOs come in. The NGOs are the movement of people and goods into America. That is the evil partnership between the government and the NGOs.”

So, when people are talking about the military-age adult males that are pouring into our country, understand that they’re anywhere from 50% to 70% of the total illegal population coming into America. We’ve been sold this lie that it’s family units and babies and kids. Yes, there is that. But the single adult military-age men are in the millions, tens of millions in America. You’re looking at … you mentioned this perfectly. It’s happening in Europe.

Nothing happens in the world by happenstance. There’s no willy-nilly “well, this is just how it’s happened. It just happens that there’s tens of millions of illegal military-age adult men pouring into, from the Southern Hemisphere, pouring into the Northern, excuse me, the Western nations of the world.” It’s not by happenstance.

And when you…it’s hard. I know it’s hard to hear somebody say the federal government is doing this. And it’s hard to say; it’s hard to comprehend what the manifestation of this will be. But it will be devastation and destruction. And I always ask this question, Clayton: If you do not agree with my conclusion, if you do not agree with my analysis, then tell me why the federal government under Joe Biden has brought in 30 million illegal aliens into our country. And no one can answer that.

Again, listen to the entire interview.

So, my detractors who said I was exaggerating the role that HIAS has in the escorting of millions of illegals into America, as other religious NGOs were also involved, were wrong. It’s true that there are many NGOs involved, but ALL of the NGOs are subordinate to HIAS. And HIAS distributes ALL of the U.S. taxpayer monies to those other NGOs. So, what we have here is a clandestine, treasonous conspiracy between the Biden White House and an Israeli NGO to transport tens of millions of criminal illegal aliens—most of them single, unattached military-age males—into the United States at taxpayer expense.

Then, just a few days ago, Morris did a follow-up interview with Carrell on the real situation regarding the criminal illegal aliens in the inner city of Chicago, Illinois. J.J. says in no uncertain terms that open WAR will soon break out in Chicago as the citizens of that inner city (mostly blacks) are being deliberately and systematically driven from their homes and livelihoods by the federal government in collusion with Chicago’s mayor and city officials in order to give billions of dollars to criminal aliens who are mostly from Venezuela, setting them up in first-class accommodations, providing the best food, clothing and transportation (and heat in the winter)—including allowing the illegals to purchase and drive nice automobiles without having a driver’s license, car registration, license plate or any legal documentation for the vehicle or the right to drive it.

The citizens of inner-city Chicago have had enough! All it will take is the killing of a young black man or the raping of a young black girl by an illegal alien, and war against the alien invaders will explode in Chicago. And police officers know it; and they have said when it happens, there will be nothing they can do to stop it. And when it starts in Chicago, it will spread throughout the inner cities of America’s largest municipalities nationwide.

Watch the interview!

And except for Christian Zionist evangelicals (who love war), most people in the United States are fed up with America being complicit in Israel’s genocidal ethnic cleansing of Gaza and the West Bank. But when has it ever mattered to the corrupt politicians in Washington, D.C., what the U.S. citizenry wants?

Washington is “digging in” in its maniacal support for Israel. Donald Trump said this week that if he’s elected he’ll deport any and all pro-Palestinian college students from the United States. (So much for change.) And the Biden administration and U.S. Congress—especially the Zionist-controlled Republican Congress—are pathological in their defense of Israel.

Well, you heard the man, watch the interview!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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