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Investigation: Henry Kissinger Responsible For 3 Million Civilian Deaths

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“If you control the food, you control a nation. If you control the energy, you control a region. If you control the money, you control the world.”Henry Kissenger

Henry Kissinger has been a devil since day one.  He comes from a long line of criminally minded individuals who call themselves Jews but are not. Rather, they are of the synagogue of Satan.

However, in a recent investigative piece put out by The Intercept, Kissenger is alleged to be responsible for 3 million civilian deaths.  My guess is that it is really more than that, but let’s take a look at the report.

AN INTERCEPT INVESTIGATION, years in the making, reveals previously unpublished, unreported, and underappreciated evidence of hundreds of civilian casualties that were kept secret during the conflict in Cambodia and remain almost entirely unknown to the American people. This week on Intercepted, host Murtaza Hussain talks to Nick Turse, an investigative journalist and contributing writer for The Intercept, about his work to uncover the mass violence Kissinger ordered and oversaw in Cambodia while the U.S. carpet-bombed the country between 1969 and 1973. Turse’s investigation, “Kissinger’s Killing Fields,” is based on previously unpublished interviews with more than 75 Cambodian witnesses and survivors of U.S. military attacks in 13 Cambodian villages so remote they couldn’t be found on maps. Their accounts reveal new details of the long-term trauma borne by survivors of the American war.

“It was very hands on. Kissinger was picking where bombs would be dropped in Cambodia,” Turse says. “The authentic documents associated with these strikes were burned and phony target coordinates and other forged data were supplied to the Pentagon and eventually Congress.” Experts say Kissinger bears significant responsibility for attacks in Cambodia that killed as many as 150,000 civilians — six times more noncombatants than the United States has killed in airstrikes since 9/11.

Mac Slavo adds:

Kissinger, who was the foreign policy eminence grise who has advised half a dozen U.S. presidents, has caused the deaths of over 3 million people, according to an Intercept report published Tuesday to mark the realpolitik strategist’s 100th birthday, according to a report by RT. In all likelihood, he is probably responsible for far more deaths than that. The ruling class doesn’t care at all about the slave class and it has become overly apparent.

While critics of the Nixon-era secretary of state and national security adviser often accurately describe him as a war criminal for his pivotal role in numerous U.S.-backed genocides and coups, the report argues Kissinger’s body count has been widely underestimated, particularly regarding the secretive, highly illegal expansion of the Vietnam War into Cambodia in the 1970s.

Between the genocides he sponsored in East Timor and Bangladesh, continent-wide terrorism, coups, and death squads in Latin America (known as Operation Condor), the fomenting of civil wars in Southern Africa, and the carpet-bombing of Cambodia and Laos under the guise of chasing the Vietnamese, Kissinger is believed to be responsible for over 3 million civilian deaths – more if one counts the casualties that have resulted from advice he gave the private sector. -RT

Kissinger, the warmonger and genocidal manic has “only” acknowledged that his actions caused the deaths of 50,000 Cambodians. And he’s not even saying it’s his fault; he blames the Vietnamese, who were the supposed targets of the U.S. bombing campaign (the coordinates of which were logged incorrectly so as to be recorded as legal strikes within Vietnam).

Take a listen to the report.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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