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Irony: Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren Pushes Indian Casino Bill At The Expense Of American Taxpayers

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Well, US Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren has apparently thought she should try and help out those she claims to have descended from even though there isn’t a shred of evidence that she is Native American.  In so doing, she is selling out those middle-class workers that she claims to support by advancing a bill that would rob them of $1 billion of their money.

President Donald Trump, who has often made jokes to demonstrate what a deceiver and liar Warren is, is going to have a field day with this one.

The Washington Times reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s bill to clear the way for a $1 billion tribal gaming resort is meeting with resistance not only from locals who don’t want a casino, but also from a struggling Massachusetts city that does.

Brockton Mayor William Carpenter said the Warren legislation on behalf of the Masphee [sic] Wampanoag tribe would destroy his community’s plans for a casino, a project designed to bring badly needed jobs and economic development to the blue-collar burg.

“Year after year we’re running multi-million-dollar deficits in our budget. We’ve laid off school teachers for three years in a row,” said Mr. Carpenter. “We desperately need the revenue.”

He spent six hours Tuesday on Capitol Hill urging lawmakers to defeat the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe Reservation Reaffirmation Act, which would override a federal judge’s decision last year blocking the tribe’s plans for a luxury casino and resort in East Taunton.

Ms. Warren’s advocacy on behalf of the Mashpee casino came despite her previous opposition to legalized gambling in Massachusetts, and after her vow earlier this year to champion Native American issues in response to President Trump’s dubbing her “Pocahontas,” a reference to her unproven claim of Cherokee ancestry.

Isn’t it interesting that Warren is, with her mouth, all about the working class, but when it comes to actions, she is their greatest enemy.  Well, she and other Democrats and non-Republican Republicans are the people’s enemies.

What’s even more amazing is that she is using this in an attempt to get the heat off of her, but seriously, she didn’t think this out at all.  The idea that a woman who has even been called out by real Indian would attempt to divert attention towards her by getting behind an Indian casino bill is laughable.  She has literally jumped out of the frying pan into the fire.

So, who is helping in this little project for Mashpee Casino?  Daniel Greenfield tells us that they have hired former Congressman Bill Delahunt to lobby for them.  And who is Delahunt?

U.S. Rep. William Delahunt blew nearly $560,000 in campaign cash last year – much of it on lavish meals and a family-friendly payroll that includes his ex-wife, son-in-law and daughter – stoking speculation the Quincy Democrat is emptying his war chest and won’t seek re-election.

Nickolai Bobrov, who is married to Delahunt’s daughter Kara, has raked in $47,732 since landing on the payroll as the congressman’s campaign manager in July, including a $10,000 payment that month marked retroactive for “consulting services April-July,” according to campaign finance records.

Bobrov also is listed as treasurer of Delahunt’s Campaign for Change political action committee, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

All of these dogs lie down together and they all bring fleas into “public service,” which they are engaged in for self-service.

As Greenfield went on to point out, “the entire bid is dubious with foreign money backing ‘Indian’ casinos.”  He referenced to an article at WampaLeaks, which is a blog that is “An inquiry and open dialog into the underbelly of Massachusetts Indian Gaming and its politics.”

In a report from 2011, WampaLeaks wrote:

How did Cedric Cromwell a lifelong resident of Dorchester and Attleboro become Mashpee Wampanoag Chairman from otherwise obscurity to the tribe and Wampanoag people’s community in Mashpee?  Just last Saturday he was reported raising a celebratory toast at the Willowbend Country Club along side of Senate President Therese Murrayand former Congressman turned lobbyists Bill Delahunton their victorious legislative scheme to create a tax-free, non-competitive haven for Indian-only gaming in Southeastern Massachusetts.  It begs the question, was Cedrick planted there on behalf of deep pocketed, behind the scenes foreign gambling syndicates to do their bidding funneling billions of dollars in tax-free slot machine income out of Massachusetts into overseas bank accounts?

His “membership” in and history with the tribe is vague at best.  He appears to have come on the scene with his name on formal rolls only around 2006.  This coincides with significant investments in the tribe by overseas backers, the likes of which Time Magazine reported were “helping” tribes establish membership with their own genealogists as part of efforts to secure tribal status for the sole purposes of creating tax-exempt Indian gaming operations.

Tribal elders certainly hold no fond sentiments or recollections of either Cedric or his maternal family ties to the tribe.  Cromwell derives at least 50 percent of his genealogy from his father’s Nova Scotia, Canadian birthplace so his claims to Wampanoag ancestry come via his mother, Connie “Lone Eaglest” Tobey.   Via this line his Wampanoag “blood” ties are 1/40th at best.  In fact, several elders have claimed Connie’s family were descendants of former African slaves who took on the Mashpee Tobey family name in relative recent history with questionable Native American genealogical evidence at best.   However, Lone Eaglest and her relatives took control of the tribal genealogy and membership records during the election which brought her son Cedric to power and have locked them away from view of questioning tribe members ever since.

Don’t you find it ironic how these people want to use the Indians to line their own pockets?  Elizabeth Warren is no different. She will use whomever she has to in order to advance up the DC ladder and enrich herself.

I’m not just saying that.  Warren is part of the 1% she blasts with her mouth and she plans on maintaining that status at the expense of taxpayers.

Though CNN is a fake news outlet, they do have a clear bias towards her but out her as a part of the top one percent as they write, “Senator Elizabeth Warren fights for middle- and working-class Americans. But she’s part of the Top 1%.

Warren, the Harvard bankruptcy law professor elected to the Senate in 2012, is worth between $3.7 million and $10 million.

That’s not including the three-story Victorian home in Cambridge, Mass., that she owns with her husband and fellow Harvard law professor, Bruce Mann. It’s now assessed at $1.9 million, according to city property records.

While she’s not in the uppermost wealth echelon of Congress, she’s not doing too badly either. Roll Call recently ranked her the 76th wealthiest out of 541 senators and representatives, based on her minimum net worth in 2013.

Her average net worth of $8.75 million, including her home, secures her a spot the Top 1% bracket in terms of wealth.

No, Warren doesn’t fight for anyone but herself.  She’s as fake as CNN when it comes to being a fighter for the ignorant people who elected her.

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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