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Is It Just A Coincidence That A Magnitude “4.8” Earthquake Hit Our Largest Metropolitan Area Just Days Before “4/8”?

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Oh, is this a question that I am not supposed to be asking?  Following the earthquake that shook up the Big Apple on Friday, a lot of people were suggesting that it seemed really weird that a magnitude “4.8” earthquake would hit our largest metropolitan area just days before the Great American Eclipse of 2024 passes over the United States on “4/8”.  It isn’t as if New York regularly experiences these sorts of quakes.  In fact, it is being reported that this was the largest earthquake in New York City since 1884.  So the truth is that this was a very rare occurrence.  And we are just supposed to believe that this extremely rare earthquake that just happened to be precisely magnitude 4.8 has absolutely nothing to do with the Great American Eclipse on April 8th?


Over the weekend, so many people wrote me about this.

So I decided to write an article about it.

It turns out that the war between Israel and Hamas was being discussed at the UN at the exact moment that the earthquake hit…

At the United Nations in Midtown Manhattan, a Security Council address on the Israel-Gaza conflict was interrupted as cameras began shuddering.

That is certainly very interesting.

And we have also learned that the earthquake struck very close to a location in New Jersey known as “Lebanon”

A rare earthquake rocked the New York City area Friday morning, swaying buildings and sending terrified residents into the streets — the strongest temblor to strike near the Big Apple in 140 years.

City officials quickly warned people of the danger of potential aftershocks — which began in the early afternoon in New Jersey, a report said.

The preliminary 4.8-magnitude earthquake struck near Lebanon, NJ, around 10:23 a.m. and was potentially felt by more than 42 million people, according to the US Geological Survey.

When the war in the Middle East goes to the next level, southern Lebanon will be one of the key battlefields.

It is also being reported that the epicenter of the earthquake was a place called “Whitehouse Station”

The epicenter of the earthquake was in Whitehouse Station, Hunterdon County, at 10:23 a.m.

That is certainly weird.

And as I pointed out to my core supporters on Friday, Donald Trump actually owns a golf course that is approximately 7 miles away from the epicenter of the earthquake…

Donald Trump’s New Jersey golf course was rocked by a 2.0 magnitude aftershock from the 4.8 earthquake that shook the Northeast on Friday morning, with residents warning tremors could last a week.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reported a quake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.8, centered near Lebanon, New Jersey, about 50 miles west of New York City at 10.23am and was felt by more than 42 million people.

The Trump National Golf Club Bedminster is less than seven miles from the epicenter of the quake and was rocked by an aftershock hours later – it is unclear if the club sustained any damage.

Interestingly, this quake occurred exactly 7 months before the presidential election happens on November 5th.

So the epicenter of the earthquake was in “Whitehouse Station”, and a man from New York that owns a golf course that is 7 miles away from the epicenter will be one of the candidates for president on election day exactly 7 months after the earthquake.

And all of this happened the day after the Statue of Liberty was struck by lightning.

Yes, there is a possibility this is just one really long string of incredibly bizarre coincidences.

And a lot of people are trying to make that argument.

But I am not buying it.

I think that God has been trying to get our attention.

But most of the population is not listening.

On Monday, the eclipse that many of us have been waiting to see for more than 7 years will finally be here.

Of course it isn’t just people like us that have been anticipating this eclipse.  NASA will be firing three rockets toward the eclipse on April 8th, for some reason CERN selected that specific day to fire up the Large Hadron Collider, and a state of emergency has been declared in many areas that will be along the path of totality.

And as Trey Smith has pointed out, the U.S. Space Command logo actually bears a striking resemblance to the giant “X” over America that will be completed by the Great American Eclipse of 2024 on April 8th…

As I discussed earlier today, having a giant “X” painted in the skies over America that intersects directly in the middle of the New Madrid fault zone is probably not a good sign.

Right now, speculation about this eclipse has reached a fever pitch on social media, and some people are even suggesting that what is happening in the heavens is making them feel ill

One person said: “Been feeling physically sick for a few days now and I feel like it’s because of the Mercury retrograde and the upcoming solar eclipse. Does anyone else feel off/sick these days?” while another said: “Any of u also experiencing headache bc of the solar eclipse??”

One user said they had been feeling “wiped out”, writing: “A lot of people talking about the Total Solar Eclipse and Full moon… but us anyone else actually FEELING it?… This just has me wiped out feeling weird “. Another claimed it had thrown her menstrual cycle off and their period was now “synced” with the eclipse.

Other social media users revealed they’ve been battling insomnia too, one user said: “Anyone else suffering from weird insomnia, no appetite and other weird s**t that can’t be explained? Someone told me the eclipse might have something to do with it but I don’t get how.”

Personally, I think that what a lot of those people are experiencing is just being caused by anxiety.

As for what may or may not happen on April 8th, I am not expecting any sort of a major disaster or emergency to happen on that specific day.

But I could be wrong.

We shall see.

It is entirely possible that something could happen.

But the main point of April 8th is going to be what is going on in the heavens.

I believe that this eclipse is a sign, a warning and a threshold.

It is what is going to happen during the days, weeks and months after April 8th that people should be concerned about.

Of course most of the population does not believe that April 8th is any sort of a warning at all.

Most of them think that the eclipse does not have any sort of special significance, and once it has passed most of them will just keep doing what they always do.

Article posted with permission from Michael Snyder


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