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Is WHO Pushing For Health Czar In South Carolina?

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Recently, I invited Alaina Moore from Palmetto State Watch on The Sons of Liberty radio to inform us about the push the governor is making to institute the state’s first health czar.  Of course, the people, via their representatives, sent a big fat “no” to Governor Henry McMaster, and now he’s pushing it again and it seems like it may be to the benefit of one of his donors while a detriment to those he is supposed to serve.  Yet, there is evidence that the World Health Organization is also in the push for South Carolina’s first health czar.

Alaina Moore reports:

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Battle of Public Opinion

If the establishment can’t control the facts, they can control what the public thinks about the facts, or at least try to, by casting a negative light on those who dare to question or criticize them.

There is no denying that the “health reform legislation” sought by South Carolina establishment reeks of the socialized medicine Republicans claimed to abhor just a decade ago when Obamacare was introduced. Read on to find out more.

I’m from the government, and I’m here to make you healthy.

Excerpt from p. 1 of the Act 60 Final Report by Boston Consulting Group

South Carolina, how did we stray so far from limited government? Over the last several months, concerned citizens have been flooding their legislators with emails, phone calls, social media posts, and texts urging them not to pass S915, aka the Health Czar bill. Instead of heeding the will of the citizens who elected them, they instead refer to an op ed by a former paid lobbyist published in a left-leaning statewide newspaper.

Governor Henry McMaster and the establishment behind the curtain are doing their best to expand socialized healthcare in South Carolina, which will ultimately cost taxpayers more money. Why won’t they take no for an answer? In this article, we are going to break down who is likely puppeteering, profiting from, and perpetuating the fiction that S915 will not cost South Carolinians more money and serves only to streamline ill-performing state agencies in the wake of the DHEC split brought by Act 60.

S915 Update

On the last day of session, 20 minutes before the legislature recessed Sine Die, the House establishment attempted to pass S915, the Health Czar bill, which Senator Shane Martin had managed to amend favorably earlier that day (but bad legislation is still bad legislation). Thanks to Rep. Josiah Magnuson, a point of order was raised: a bill that has not been on the calendar for at least 24 hours can only pass with a unanimous vote. Due to Magnuson and the majority of the Freedom Caucus voting no, S915 did not pass. However, Governor Henry McMaster held a press conference the following week to urge the legislature to pass the energy bill and the health czar bill when they come back in June to handle the election of judges. Newsflash: It’s on the calendar for June 5 at 12:00 noon. In this press conference, McMaster frequently mentions the “five million dollars” paid to the “Boston group” that has “spent a lot of time, they’ve got a good reputation” for their study, thanks to taxpayer money. Why is our Governor insisting on implementing an agenda from a group that has direct ties to the WHO, WEF, UN, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and whose mental health policies are a WHO initiative? Didn’t McMaster just pen a letter with other governors earlier this week “opposing proposals that would grant the World Health Organization unprecedented and unconstitutional powers over the United States and its people”?

Check out our deep dive into the Boston Consulting Group for more information.

Throughout the press conference, the Governor mentions how when these agencies were initially created with the intention to be decentralized. Yet now our not-so-conservative legislature is pulling out all the stops to pass S915, which is the definition of centralized healthcare, and has the fingerprints of the WHO agenda all over it. McMaster and the establishment use many trigger words like “decentralize”, “streamline”, and “less government”, however if you read S915 and Boston Consulting Group’s Final Report date April 1, 2024, you will see that these are vehicles to increase taxpayer spending on mental health, Medicaid, and Medication Assisted Treatment for substance use disorder, in addition to adding a new layer of bureaucracy that Act 60 removes effective July 1, 2024 for the newly created Director of Public Health.

Not only that, we believe the centralization of State Medicaid users’ data and the data obtained through the centralization of all of these agencies is potentially a back door for the State to access privately-insured citizens’ health care data, which it could then use for “tapping into a wealth of health and demographic data to evaluate how to serve constituents better.” (p. 7 of BCG Final Report)

The BCG report commends South Carolina schools for hopping on the mental health bandwagon so early in the game. It’s a wonder, as that’s also part of the WHO agenda. The same agenda that now seeks to expand mental health services in our state. If you get the chance to read through the report, which I hope you do, please keep in mind that the bias of the authors is one supporting universal health care as a right, all the while purporting to be…unbiased. You’ll also find some shocking statistics about our currently top-heavy South Carolina Department of Mental Health, which “runs the largest State-owned system in the country”. (p. 27)

GOP Platform Ignored

Once upon a time, Republicans believed in limited government, free markets, competition. See the excerpt below from p. 13 of the current SC GOP Platform:

Yet now, according to the BCG report, “South Carolina has a critical role to play in the quality of delivery at private providers, primarily through licensure but also through distribution of state funding” (p. 48) and “…should consider ways to increase total funding for substance use disorder and disability services…” (p. 51) and seek to tap into Federal funding.

Why are Republican elected officials defying every tenet of their party platform on healthcare?

Who is Profiting?

Bill Stern seems to be gain a lot from the passage of S915. But who is he? Bill Stern is a lifelong resident of Columbia, SC and is the chairman of Stern Development, a commercial real estate development company. Stern serves as a member of the AIPAC National Council which is a pro-Israel PAC that funds several key political leaders, including US Congressman Joe Wilson. Stern has been involved with the encouraging FL Governor Ron DeSantis to run for president in 2024. He has also served on several Holocaust boards and received a Distinguished Service Award by the Columbia Jewish Federation. He is also the chair of McMaster’s dark money non-profit, The McMaster Leadership Fund. Bill Stern has given generous amounts of money to several key establishment members and leaders across South Carolina and seems to have multiple close relationships with elected leaders across the state. Let’s take a look:

Stern owns numerous LLCs that all donate multiple times to the same candidates. In 2018, Stern used at least ten separate LLCs located at the same location (BB&T building off of Two Notch Road) to donate to Henry McMaster during McMaster’s run for SC Governor. These donations totaled $73,500. Two of these LLCs were recorded by the SC Secretary of State to have dissolved in 2007 and 2013. Yet, they are listed as having donated to Henry McMaster in 2017 and 2018. For a more thorough rundown, listen to Evan Mulch of the John Birch Society:

What is Stern Getting In Return?

There are countless perks we could review that Stern seems to receive from SC government and its elected officials. However, for the purposes of this article, we are going to highlight the most obvious. Remember how we mentioned that Stern is a commercial developer? In 2022, Stern landed contracts for both the SC Department of Education and Department of Natural Resources. Well, the SC legislature has decided to go into contract with Bill Stern again, this time to move health related agencies named in the Health Czar bill from the currently government-owned buildings to buildings leased from Stern. The contract is being finalized through the 2024-2025 budget and would pay Stern around $500 million in a 30-year lease. In this lease, South Carolina agrees to pay all the maintenance fees and related costs. Did I mention that South Carolina approved this move before Stern even finalized his purchase of the building SC is going to rent? That’s right, South Carolina is going to rent everything and own nothing. The WEF dream.

S915 is the justification to this lease under the guise of “consolidation.” Not that the argument was ever true…

McMaster Will Not Remove DHEC Dr. Simmer

One of the many arguments that legislators use to force S915 is that the governor cannot remove COVID-dictators like Dr. Simmer, the head of DHEC who was still wearing a mask 3 years after COVID. Let me make this clear: effective July 1st, 2024, Act 60, passed last year, splits DHEC into two agencies. Read for yourself below what it says in Section 1 about the governor’s ability to appoint a new director.

The governor could have replaced Dr. Simmer. He could have pressured the entire DHEC board to do that had he really wanted to, or he could have replaced them with a board that would have done the job. But based on recent social media posts, we don’t think Dr. Simmer’s job is anywhere near in jeopardy.

Source: SC DHEC Facebook post from March 7, 2024. Dr. Simmer in bottom left picture, 2nd from left.

And now, by creating the Executive Director of Health Policy, another layer of bureaucracy through ANOTHER office is added back in between the Governor and the Director of Public Health. If the SC legislature truly wanted to be fiscally responsible, they would look hard at how to cut waste in these agencies before legislating an entirely new office into existence that will continue in perpetuity and has an unlimited budget.

Elected Officials Kicking the Healthcare Can…Further down the Road

If they truly wanted to help the citizens of South Carolina, they would repeal the Certificate of Need effective immediately (not wait for the sunset in 2027) and remove barriers and red tape for private medical providers in South Carolina, creating a friendly environment for more providers to enter the market. They would do the dirty work of culling through Title 44 and current DHEC regulations with the purpose of getting rid of anti-competitive laws/regulations. They would open up slots in the medical schools (surprisingly, this WAS also a recommendation by BCG, which we agree with).

However, S915 doesn’t remove any jobs, it ADDS an executive office with several new positions, with the intent of adding more services ($$).

It seems SC elected officials love kicking problems down the road. If they truly wanted to streamline these agencies, they would do it through statute without creating bureaucratic bloat. We asked it before and will ask it again, why the rush to pass this legislation? Why not slow down and get it right? Why not listen to the conservative voices that put you in office? Instead of putting on tin foil hats in the pit and making a mockery of those who truly espouse conservative values and trashing any ounce of decorum left in the State House.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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