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Jesus, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen? You Bet!

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Romans 13:4 – It is the Law of Christ that we warriors must kill our enemies, but only by following Lawful Orders.  This is found in the UCMJ, Article 89, which is written in accordance with the U.S. Constitution and the Bible.

We passed these flyers based on Romans 13:4  out to the young Marines going to Iraq and Afghanistan back in 2004, the Marines loved this and gathered around to hear what I had to say.  It helped as I am a former infantry enlisted and officer of Marines.  Truly, the young men loved listening to this!

I submit this as I believe we the people of America who love our Christian heritage are going to have to defend ourselves from Hillary Clinton’s followers as the USN and USMC did against the grandpas of ISIS in the Barbary wars.

This is exactly what Lt. Stephen Decatur and Lt. Pressley O’Bannon, USMC, did as they fought and killed the grandpas of ISIS, on “The Shores of Tripoli” that we proudly sing about in the Marine Corp hymn. Pirates were attacking our vessels so President Thomas Jefferson commanded the USMC and USN to attack them to protect our innocent citizens.

This is the proper use of the Rules of Engagement and is perfectly in accordance with the Law of Christ. We can prove it, not only based on the Bible, but from the Constitution as well.

All warriors serving in the U.S. Military have raised their right hand and swore allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.  Originally, it was based on Christian, Anglo-American Common law.[1] This is proved in the Constitution: Article 1, Section 8, and Clause 10, that says the U.S. Military is controlled under a legal notion called The Law of Nations. “The Congress shall have the power… to define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas, and offenses against the Law of Nations.”

The heroics by the USN under Lt. Decatur and the USMC under Lt. Pressley O’Bannon on “the shores of Tripoli” are based on the Law of Nations. Pirates are to be handled in accordance with its Law.  On that basis, the USMC and the USN went to Tripoli, located and destroyed the pirates with close combat and fire superiority.

The relationship of the Constitution to the Law of Nations, or what is sometimes called Natural Law, the Moral Law, or the Law Written on the Heart, were all based on the Law of Christ revealed in the Bible.  This was common knowledge.

Department of Defense Documents[1] from circa 1957 note that the U.S. Constitution is based on what the Bible calls “the Law Written on the Heart.” That law is codified as The 10 Commandments.  This defines what constitutes a Lawful Order.   This concept of a Lawful order is the Law of Christ.

Jesus never criticizes any warrior who engages and destroys any enemy as long as we warriors apply His rules of engagement; in fact, Christ commends warriors based on the law of Love. Confused?

All righteous Warriors of America know that we are restricted by the rules of engagement based on the Bible.  The Law of Nations was the Rule of Engagement up to the end of Viet Nam.

We believe it is important to you Warriors to understand how the Law of Nations, based on the Law of Jesus Christ, was the way your fathers and grandfathers and before them the warriors of America engaged the enemy with proper Rules of Engagement.

We’re here to explain this Law of Nations based on the Law of Jesus Christ – and we invite you to Christ Church where we respect warriors who want to fulfill their oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

We seek to revive the spirit of the Constitution and invite you to learn that killing enemies is nothing to be ashamed of nor to feel false guilt over – as long as proper, Rules of Engagement under Article 1, Section 8, and clause 10 of the Constitution are followed: These are lawful orders that must be obeyed.

Romans 13:4 under the 10 Commandments, see Cecil B. DeMille explain it below.

[1] “Moral law, often called natural law, does not change…it is written on the hearts of all men, everywhere, Human law… must conform to it, or they are wrong and invalid… The codified form of the natural moral law is the Ten Commandments.” Moral Leadership, The Protection of Moral Standards and Character Education Program, United States Navy and Marine Corps, NAVPERS NO.15890, p. 7

[i] This ended in the US Military after Viet Nam, I was instructed under NAVPERS 15890 that the 10 Commandments is the basis of our Constitution, See quote below.

Steve Klein

Steve's enemies describe him best: STEVE KLEIN - SPITEFUL CRUSADER WHO MOCKED RASŪLULLĀH -- From ISIS’ U.S. Magazine, Dabiq 7, see page 59. – I am pleased ISIS noted my efforts: ISIS TELLS IT BEST - they published my photo to have me killed. As an 18/19 year old Marine Corporal in Viet Nam, I led a team of US Marines and 2 platoons of Vietnamese Militia – first hand, front lines, I survived the North Vietnamese Army which literally surrounded my little group of warriors. I became a USMC officer. Years later, General “Maddog” Mattis heard of me and as he wanted to have a similar program as I led in Viet Nam, in Iraq, his staff hired me after I briefed his First Marine Expeditionary Force Senior Officers going to Falluja II. Colonels Tom Latsko and Ken Hopper will confirm this. After the World Trade Center was blown up – I used my skills to find a number of Terrorist Cells in America – including a San Diego man, who coordinated the 19 Muslims who flew into the WTC. I have a number of recorded TV Videos at www.whatdidmodo.com I have been married once for 49 years – I have 2 successful adult children, one was suicide bombed and shot up in Iraq, became an Army officer and then led a CIA team in Afghanistan, retiring as a Captain. My daughter and her husband teach the children of ambassadors overseas. I have 5 grandchildren. (My DD214s and other proof of what I did and do is available.)
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