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Kids Rip Representatives Over Mask Mandates – Call Out Hypocrisy, Stupidity & Unfairness (Videos)

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A pretty well spoken young girl stood before the Collier County District School Board in Florida and reprimanded them for their tyranny by enforcing mask mandates and she shames them good and reaps some applause in the midst. She wasn’t the only one speaking out though, as a 10-year-old boy also dealt with his county school board.

The little girl identified herself as Sarah Cook.

Take a look.

This little girl has more sense than the combined tyrants demanding people follow their ungodly, tyrannical edicts.

She called the wearing of masks “nonsense,” which it is and we’ve had Dr. Lee Merritt present exactly why that is. But here is this little girl saying it for everyone to hear.

“God created us so we can be free people, and we’re not being free here,” she says.

“George Washington made America so we can be free citizens…and the statue of liberty is for liberty and freedom, and we’re not free; so maybe you just don’t believe in George Washington, or God, or like the boss of you or someone is controlling you,” she said. “Stand up and take the masks off these children! Don’t be afraid!”

There was also 10-year-old boy who also blasted the Martin County School Board over the unfairness and hypocrisy of the mask mandate in the school district.

Yep, you’re gonna wanna see this one too!

This is encouraging. Not everyone growing up in this generation is blindly following nor learning to blindly follow, but to resist tyranny, which is obedience to God. Well done, kids!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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