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Las Vegas & The Left’s Dangerous Amorality

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One of the first admonitions that came from cooler heads in the hours following Stephen Paddock’s deadly shooting rampage at a country music festival in Las Vegas Sunday night was a recommendation that those analyzing the incident refrain from politicizing the tragedy. It didn’t take long, however, for liberal politicos (including those in the press) to cast aside this counsel in favor of wholesale politicization of the shootings.

My thinking on the matter is that considering the magnitude and nature of the tragedy, the avoidance of politicizing same would be prudent unless the perpetrator himself was attempting to make some sort of political statement in carrying out the assault, but this has not been reliably established.

As one may have noticed, conspiracy theories concerning Paddock’s rampage abound. There have been as yet unsubstantiated reports that Paddock converted to a radical form of Islam at some point, as well as other reports of multiple shooters and the like. While lack of an apparent motive and information in general as regards Mr. Paddock could speak volumes, it could simply be indicative of measures he took to keep his life – and subsequently, his intention to kill a lot of people – a secret.

Although it would behoove anyone seeking the truth to take heed of the word “unsubstantiated” as regards some of the more controversial reports, it would also be wise to take a couple of other items into consideration: One, it’s been established that clandestine groups both inside and outside of government have been known to cultivate unbalanced individuals and fanatics to carry out such attacks as instruments of their agenda advancement. The second is that the left is operating under extreme duress, as I have indicated in this space many times since Donald Trump’s election; this has already given rise to all manner of desperate action on the part of the left.

On Monday night, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel made several false statements about gun laws, presumably to precipitate efforts on the part of Washington lawmakers to impose increased gun control measures. Hillary Clinton offered up some truly embarrassing statements relating to firearms and firearms laws, and claimed that the availability of firearms was some sort of dark conservative-Republican- National Rifle Association (NRA) conspiracy. She also criticized a “slow and creaky” infrastructure for firearms background checks.

The ever-mouthy, squat Hollywood goblin Lena Dunham said on social media that there was “no way not to politicize” the incident, and that Paddock’s shooting orgy was “about gender and race as well as access to guns.” I won’t even attempt to unravel that bit of logic.

NBC’s Tom Brokaw, instead of reporting the news, admonished citizens to organize against the NRA. Actress and perennial moron Alyssa Milano tweeted a link to “a list of the members of the House and Senate, and their twitter handles, that have taken money from the NRA.” A large and lively bunch of Hollywood ignoramuses weighed in with similar advice vis-à-vis the NRA, and a Drexel University professor blamed the shootings on a supposed narrative of white victimization advanced by – you guessed it – President Trump and his surrogates.

I’m actually somewhat surprised that country music itself hasn’t been cited by the left as a catalyst for this sort of violence, but I suppose there’s still time for that.

Let’s not mince words here: Those on the left who are driving the exploitation of the Las Vegas massacre to advance gun control are not interested in measures that might reduce gun violence, because no manner of precautions are capable of deterring a determined perpetrator with a gun – or a knife, a bomb, or any other weapon one might obtain or devise. They are interested in neutralizing the Second Amendment and disarming the American people. Hillary Clinton and her ilk would probably adore a nationwide ban on firearms and mandatory electronic gunpowder sniffers in every home (wherein a “hot” reading would result in a visit from the local SWAT team), all to ensure our safety, of course.

Potential conspiracies and the progressive fantasy of an unarmed populace aside, my observation this week speaks to the recurring theme that the true believers among liberals (as opposed to the deluded, who simply lack epistemic reference for their beliefs) have become dangerously amoral people. One of the most offensive yet telling reactions to the Las Vegas shootings came from Hayley Geftman-Gold, a CBS senior counsel who said on Facebook that she was “not even sympathetic [to the shooting victims because] country music fans often are Republican gun toters.”

Geftman-Gold was quickly sacked by CBS, but she wasn’t the only person on the left to publicly articulate that correlation. She was, however, the only one audacious enough to suggest that the killed and injured country music fans – being Republican gun-toters and by logical extension, likely Trump supporters – had it coming.

I would submit that this level of callousness and inhumanity has become commonplace among the aforementioned liberal true believers. Liberal politicos and the press have worked tirelessly to dehumanize their political opponents, and while even many conservatives might disbelieve, I think that this is in preparation for some truly draconian social-engineering measures in future. These people are the sort who would turn their neighbors in to police-state authorities, even if they knew that in so doing they would consign said neighbors to enslavement, torture and death in concentration camps.

The response of those on the left to the Las Vegas shootings illustrate once more that they should be regarded as our mortal enemies, as opposed to fellow citizens with a somewhat divergent political viewpoint.

Article posted with permission from Erik Rush.

The Washington Standard

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