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Las Vegas Shooting: Did FBI Protect This Man, Who Knew Things Before They Were Released To Public, From Interrogations?

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Brian Hodge.  His name is not unfamiliar and we have had several reports with him in it.  He was a guest beside the rooms that Stephen Paddock rented at the Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on the night of October 1, 2017, when a barrage of bullets were unleashed on an unsuspecting concert crowd in the Route 91 venue.

Now, it appears that FBI insiders are saying that top FBI brass protected him from being interrogated, even though it is now known that he was providing the media with information only known to those investigating the crime at the time.

Hodge, an Australian who was staying in room 32134, right next door to Stephen Paddock in room 32135, said there were “multiple people dead and multiple shooters.”

“My floor is a crime scene,” Hodge claimed at the time.  “They killed a security guard on my floor.

Of course, no security guard was killed, and the one claiming to have confronted Paddock and been shot, was neither registered with the state of Las Vegas nor listed on an employee manifest with the hotel.  He, apparently, had a timeline that changed at least three times and he left the country shortly after the attack.  However, at the time, Hodge was the only one who disclosed this information.

But that’s not all.  True Pundit adds these little details disclosed by Hodge that apparently no one outside the investigation knew about.

  • The same man who described to news media — minutes after the attack — in detail the tools in Paddock’s suite used for the attack days before such physical evidence was released to the public.
  • The same man who went to great lengths — using techniques few would know or employ absent training — to mask his phone and social media accounts to shield his location before and during the attack.
  • The same man FBI agents were never allowed to interview and told to forget about, despite pleadings from intelligence veterans that this individual was an imperative person of interest in the shooting investigation.

“There is the story the FBI and Las Vegas officials along with MGM brass have carefully curated — the story they need you to believe about that deadly night.,” writes True Pundit.  “Then there is the truth pasted together by FBI agents and Intelligence veterans with evidence the FBI brass seemingly wants to keep far away from the public record.”

“Neither story looks very similar. In fact, the official narrative has not held up to the test of time even though that time frame has been just six months,” True Pundit adds.  “This is the story that they don’t want folks to know.”

The FBI was very aware of Hodge and has surveilled him, even allowing him to leave the city, go to Australia and return, on several occasions.  Though a stand down order was given concerning Hodge, the insiders claim they ignored it.

“He did a series of radio and media interviews in Australia that were compelling,” the FBI insider said. “He unknowingly divulged information during those interviews that only law enforcement knew about at the time.”

“We were still processing the crime scene and Hodge was discussing evidence no one else could have known about,” the FBI insider added. “He was giving interviews to Australian media literally while this scene was unfolding. I’m talking minutes after Paddock’s body was found in the suite, Hodge was live on air on his phone.”

Here’s a portion of one of those interviews.

Then, Hodge began scrubbing.

True Pundit writes:

With the difference in time zones between Las Vegas and Australia, Hodge was being piped into homes during prime time, approximately 9 pm to 11 pm which was literally at the same time the Las Vegas mayhem was unfolding. Strangely, FBI agents noticed, Hodge never spoke to any media in the United States.

How did the Australian media locate Hodge so quickly? FBI insiders said he was posting on social media and then calling the media for interviews. The challenge for investigators is that soon after the shooting, Hodge began to scrub his Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts — not only of Vegas-related posts, but of many more.

“He began deleting his online DNA so to speak,” one intelligence veteran said, “Even though we were told not to we were able to recover many things that were deleted.”

But not before key facts were deciphered by agents. Hodge previously lived and worked in the casino industry on the Gold Coast of Australia. Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend, Mary Lou Danley, likewise previously lived and worked in the casino industry on the Gold Coast of Australia, sources said.

FBI veterans allegedly noted red flags in many of the statements that Hodge provided to the Australian media that had not been divulged to the public at the time.

“These are red flags you pick up when listening to Hodge’s interviews,” one FBI insider said. “His testimony changes too from interview to interview, you can see him adding new details, things that he never talked about initially. He’s telling a story and adding new wrinkles. That’s an important sign as well.”

  • Hodge details how victims were mowed down by gunfire below Mandalay Bay as reported by his “team.” FBI sources said Hodge was likely staying alone at Mandalay Bay. Therefore, what “team?” Intelligence agents tracked Hodge after the shooting and never pinpointed any travel companions, officials said.
  • Hodge said Paddock used a special hammer to break the Mandalay Bay’s “double-pained” glass prior to the attack. That is true. But how did Hodge know about the hammer days before it was divulged to the public? How did Hodge know what kind of glass was employed by Mandalay Bay? And how did Hodge know the glass was punched out with a hammer instead of gun fire? Remember, Hodge was divulging these details live in Australia via phone literally minutes after the attack.
  • The shooting scene was over 400 yards away from Mandalay Bay. It was night and the venue was likewise dark except for the stage area. How could Hodge’s alleged “team” — who were supposedly fleeing the hotel in panic — see bodies dropping from 400 yards away in the dark through a mirrored exterior window?
  • Hodge said he had the room next to Paddock. But that room 32-134 was breached by Las Vegas Metro SWAT after Paddock was found dead on the other side of a door adjoining the two rooms. One large window was broken in Hodge’s supposed room too which police believe gunfire originated from.
  • How did Hodge know when Paddock checked into the hotel suite? How did he know Paddock? Records show Hodge checked into Mandalay Bay the day before the shooting. How would he know Paddock checked in days earlier?

Another interesting thing that was stated was that he hid in the bushes.  How was Hodges able to determine the gun fire was coming from the room beside him, if that is true?

An FBI agent said they cleared Mandalay Bay Hotel in under two hours and added, “There was nobody hiding in any bushes.”

Now, it’s possible that Hodges and others were escorted by police long before the FBI was on the scene and that what the FBI agent is referencing is that no one was in the bushes at the time law enforcement searched the bushes, but it still leaves one to question how Hodges knew all the things he did about Paddock, the security guard being shot, the room, the tools and the shooting in the hallway without having intimate knowledge of what was actually taking place, as in being a co-conspirator.

However, according to Hodge, he was hiding in the bushes for three or four hours.

However, an FBI source said,  “We ran his cell phone during and after the shooting. He wasn’t anywhere near Mandalay Bay after the shooting.”

“At that point in the investigation there was no public report that a security guard had been shot,” one FBI source said. “We wanted to know how Hodge knew this information at such an early stage. And why he thought the guard was killed. There was an early report that one police officer had been shot but Hodge specifically mentioned a security guard.  That’s certainly worth following up.”

So, why was Hodges not detained and interrogated by the FBI?  Where was he if he was not near the Mandalay Bay Hotel at the time of the shooting?

According to the FBI, he went to extraordinary measures to conceal his location.

In all of this, we are learning just how little we can trust the FBI to give us the truth and conduct a thorough investigation when things like this occur.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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