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Why the Left Has Ignored Christian Persecution and Genocide

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Several months ago, I did a series of articles concerning the failure of the Obama administration to recognize the Christian genocide occurring in Syria and other places. ISIS was executing many who did not agree with their religious view, including other Muslims, but there was an especially rigorous attempt to rid the area of Christians.

Finally, the Secretary of State John Kerry announced the recognition of the Christian Genocide, several months behind the listing of other groups. It seemed strange as to why it would take so long. It would almost appear to be a reluctance to help Christians. And we are beginning to see why that is.

The Washington Times reports:

Advocates who work to protect persecuted groups say there is a “blind spot” in the West concerning the plight faced by Christians around the world — a shortsightedness evident in the overwhelmingly negative reaction to President Trump’s executive order granting preferred refugee status to persecuted religious minorities.

So, where has this “blind spot” come from? What in the West makes it so hard for us to recognize the suffering and death of a whole group of people? According to some, it has to do with the way Christians are viewed in the West and especially in America.

The Times continues:

Mr. Doran (Andrew Doran, vice president of In Defense of Christians) pointed to the Obama administration’s lethargic response to the Islamic State’s Christian genocide, saying people who see Christians as domestic enemies have trouble shifting gears when atrocities are committed against the faith group on the global stage.

“Christians in the West have been somehow identified as the oppressor class, and that view seems to be extended to Christians in the Middle East,” he said. “But the fact is that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

What many poles have discovered is the problem of belief. The Left believes that the Christian is the suppressors of rights; therefore, this makes them less than sympathetic. That Christians are being killed in other places is because, in a Leftist mind, they are being overthrown by the oppressed. This mindset holds true even though in the Islamic world the very opposite is true.

Beliefs have consequences. What we hold to be true about a group of people will carry to all who have that label or belief. This will temper or destroy our empathy for them when we see them suffer.

This is why Christ told us that we are to love our enemy. Love does not see an enemy rightly suffering, but a fellow image-bearer treated unjustly. Love will force us to act.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com

The Washington Standard

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