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Is The LGBT “Equal” Rights Movement Going to Start Another Civil War?

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Over one hundred and fifty years ago, there was a movement in certain states that pitted one group of Americans against another. That movement was the Abolitionist Movement. It had its good and bad aspects.

This group saw the horror and injustice of the Chattel slavery institution in America. They wanted to abolish this practice from our land. Many agreed with this, but wanted to dismantle slavery in a slow process. But many abolitionists wanted it to end immediately.

These two factions, along with those who fought both, divided our nation. Though there was much more pushing North and South apart in the first half of the nineteenth century, there is no doubt that this was, at least, a key political wedge of the time.

Now, we are faced with a somewhat similar situation–one used by the political expedient to gain power and remove it from those they wish to silence in this country. This is the “equal” movement of the LGBT.

Many states, unwilling to give these perverse people the legal club with which to beat the church into submission, are now facing the economic and political bullying that has driven this movement from the very beginning.

And Mississippi now joins Georgia and North Carolina as the latest victim.

Christian News reports:

The Democratic governors of Vermont, Minnesota, Connecticut, New York and Washington have banned all non-essential government travel to Mississippi over a new religious freedom law that protects pastors, faith-based organizations and business owners who object to being complicit in another’s same-sex ceremony.

What we have to ask is: is this a replay of the events that led to that bloody conflict fought between Americans from 1861-1865? Is the Unitarian playbook now being used by the Homosexual agenda to finish the destruction they started in the Church?

Or is it just coincidence that the same things are being said about the church? Are these people just pouting, or are they preparing to devour our rights?

It sure looks as if the same people are again the target of their vile threatening. We must pray for deliverance from such a situation and from such a beast.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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