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Man Arrested At Rally At The Moment He Reads About Mark Of The Beast From Book Of Revelation (Video)

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First and foremost, I actually believe Revelation was fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem and have spoken about that many times on The Sons of Liberty. I have pointed out what I believe the mark of the beast was at that time, as well. However, I have always said that the application of the interpretation can be seen all down through history and I think we are seeing our own beast’s mark in a variety of ways of submission to the laws of tyrants rather than submission to God and His commands (cf. Rev. 13:16-18 with Deut. 6:8). In other words, the mark of the beast is specifically about whether one is thinking and acting (the forehead and the hand) according to the tyrannical edicts of men or the commands of the Creator. With that said, our friend in Australia, Fanos Panayides, was recently arrested again. However, the timing of the arrest was peculiar.

Fanos was allowed to protest with others and speak out… that is, until he began to read from Revelation 13 concerning the mark of the beast.

The reading followed his promise to his father when he was 10 years old not to take a microchip into his body.

It was at the time that he began to utter the words of Scripture that the agents of the state moved in and arrested him, inciting the crowd and silencing him from speaking.

Take a look.

Whether I agree with his interpretation here or not doesn’t matter in the sense of him having the freedom of speech to at the very least, read the Scriptures to the people. It is wrong and downright evil of the agents of the state to arrest him for what he was presenting.

Additionally, this is not Fanos’ first go round with the agents of the state.

We have had him on The Sons of Liberty on several occasions to speak about what is going on in the land down under while the entire CONvid-1984 has been going on and Fanos has faced the brunt of things there.

You can listen to those interviews below.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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