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Medical Board Suspends License Of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Because Of Her Criticism Of COVID Shots

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While I was at the Red Pill Expo earlier this month, I finally got to meet in person many people that I’ve had on The Sons of Liberty radio.  One of those people was Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, who I wanted to interview, but the times never seemed to match for doing so (You can see all my interviews from Red Pill Expo here).  At the Expo, Tenpenny conveyed that her license to practice as a doctor had been suspended by the medical board due to her criticism of the fraudulent COVID shots before state representatives.

The truth is damned in the world of fascist America that is now controlled by Big Pharma and their pimps in the Mockingbird media and government.

Zachary Stieber has the story at Epoch Times.

The State Medical Board of Ohio has suspended the license of a doctor who has offered criticism of COVID-19 vaccines.

The board suspended Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s license and fined her $3,000 because she allegedly refused to respond properly to complaints that poured in after she testified to state lawmakers.

The suspension is for an indefinite period.

“In short, Dr. Tenpenny did not simply fail to cooperate with a Board investigation, she refused to cooperate. And that refusal was based on her unsupported and subjective belief regarding the Board’s motive for the investigation,” Kimberly Lee, a state official, said in the suspension order.

“Licensees of the Board cannot simply refuse to cooperate in investigations because they decide they do not like what they assume is the reason for the investigation,” Ms. Lee said.

State law enables the board to discipline medical professionals for “failure to cooperate in an investigation conducted by the board.”

Dr. Tenpenny said in a video after the suspension that she had cooperated with the board.

“We cooperated at every level. We looked at the letters; we responded appropriately and legally,” Dr. Tenpenny said.

“My lawyers … drafted responses appropriately and sent it back, and they go, ‘nope, you didn’t cooperate with us.’ Well, I guess that just simply means that they didn’t like the answers. But it didn’t mean that I failed to cooperate.”

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Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

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