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Mentally Ill “Transgender” Man Angry That Gynecologist Refused Him As Patient

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Gynecology: a branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and routine physical care of the reproductive system of women – Miriam Webster’s Dictionary

This is not a hard thing to understand.  Gynecology simply deals with the reproductive system and breasts of women, not men who think they are women.  Yet, Jonathan Yaniv, who wants everyone to refer to him as Jessica, continues to be an angry man over the fact that people will not kowtow to his mental insanity concerning himself.  In the latest rant from Canadian Yaniv, who first gained notoriety for bullying female solon workers into waxing his genitals which are obviously male, he took to Twitter to blame “discrimination” for a gynecologist refusing to accept him as a patient.

On Twitter, he blasted Fraser Health because they didn’t accept “transgender” patients.

Ok so @Fraserhealth needs to stop hiring employees who are discriminatory towards the #LGBTQ and use their bullshit excuses on why they can’t see you even though you have a referral from the emergency department and live in the Fraser Health area!! I want help and can’t get it!!

— Jessica Yaniv (@trustednerd) December 2, 2019

Then, he continued his Monday evening rant.

So a gynaecologist office that I got referred to literally told me today that “we don’t serve transgender patients.”

And me, being me, I’m shocked.. and confused… and hurt.

Are they allowed to do that, legally? Isn’t that against the college practices? @cpsbc_ca

— Jessica Yaniv (@trustednerd) December 3, 2019

He then said that they were to take care of people outside the female status.

Gynaecologists form a part of the multidisciplinary team who engage with transgender and non‐binary patients, either as part of the transition stage performing surgery or managing pre‐ or post‐transition gynaecological problems.

— Jessica Yaniv (@trustednerd) December 3, 2019

So, what’s he going to do?  That’s right, file a complaint and bully his way into the gynecologist’s office.

So @cpsbc_ca I’ll file a complaint with you today about that clinic. Trans people need to be included, not excluded from society. Pre and post gender affirming surgery care is super important!

— Jessica Yaniv (@trustednerd) December 3, 2019

This is what he did previously in his battle to get his hairy genitalia waxed.

The Daily Wire reported:

Yaniv made headlines earlier this year when the activist filed at least 15 human rights complaints against female estheticians in Canada for refusing to wax his male genitals, as noted by The Daily Wire.

However, in October, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, a group that represented five of the women being targeted by Yaniv, announced that the activist’s cases against their clients had been tossed by the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. Moreover, Yaniv was instructed to pay $2,000 each to at least three of the women.

And how did that go?

According to the [Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms], the [BC Human Rights Tribunal’s] decision said that “human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax.” Moreover, it was noted that Yaniv “engaged in improper conduct” and “filed complaints for improper purposes.” The activist’s testimony, according to the ruling, was “disingenuous and self-serving,” and Yaniv was “evasive and argumentative and contradicted herself.”

This is how these people work.  They play the victim when they don’t get what they want after they have slapped you in the face and trampled on your rights.

Yes, I said “your rights” because the First Amendment actually protects discrimination.  You choose who you assemble with and who you don’t and forcing people to perform work, provide a service or bunch up together in a school building is a clear violation of that.

I wish someone would stand up for the law once in a while, don’t you?

Furthermore, even if people have surgeries, which are basically mutilations of their bodies to make it appear they are a woman or man, they never actually become a woman or a man and are incapable of reproduction as the opposite sex.  So, while it’s unclear whether Jonathon has actually had such surgery or not, it would leave him with little more than an ax wound where his penis was previously, not a real working vagina, which would be something gynecologists actually dealt with.

Do you see the absolute ridiculousness of allowing the nuts to run the nuthouse?

This too is a part of the judgment of God upon a disobedient people (Romans 1:18ff; cf Deut. 28; Lev. 26)

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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