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#MeToo Is a Little Tardy On This One…

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“New evidence supporting credibility of Tara Reade’s allegation against Joe Biden emerges.”Susan Sarandon, has-been actress, and wife of cuckold Timothy Robbins

After weeks of stories in conservative outlets about Tara Reade’s sexual assault claim against presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden – and after weeks of deafening silence from the Progressive Left and specifically the #MeToo movement, now, only after the story’s become a thundering echo in the canyons of social media, are we starting to hear Uber-Liberal voices address the issue.

Reade filed a lawsuit earlier this month claiming Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993. As reported at NPR.org (hardly a conservative outlet:

“When Reade met up with the senator, she said, he pinned her up against a wall and penetrated her vagina with his fingers…‘His hands went underneath my clothing and he was touching me in my private areas and without my consent,’ Reade told NPR. She said Biden asked her whether she wanted to go somewhere else…Reade said that she pulled away and that Biden pointed his finger at her and said, ‘You’re nothing to me, nothing.’”

Reade’s lawsuit comes after years of blowing the whistle on Biden. Reade quite publicly accused Biden of inappropriate touching over a year ago and just recently a 1993 clip from Larry King Live surfaced that document’s Reade’s Mother exposing Mr. Biden for his actions.

But Reade isn’t the only person to call Biden out on his inappropriate behavior. As The Washington Times reported on April 12, 2020:

“Biden’s conduct towards women first came under scrutiny just before he announced his presidential campaign last spring. Eight women, including Reade, came forward with allegations that the former Vice President made them feel uncomfortable with inappropriate physical displays of affection…Biden acknowledged the complaints and promised to ‘be more mindful about respecting personal space in the future.’”

This presents a question.

Aside from the overriding fact that in the United States everyone – everyone – is innocent until proven guilty, it is reasonable to be cautious when a single complaint is leveled against someone. That it is a singular complaint doesn’t exonerate us from examining the allegation, but caution in determining truth is prudent. Someone’s guilt or innocence should never be determined because of media coverage (or non-coverage); the court of public opinion, though lethal, has never been a legitimate venue for determining guilt or innocence.

But when eight people have been brave enough to come forward – especially in the American political sphere – to call out inappropriate behavior by an established heavy-hitter, our degree of caution must start to wane. Both legal and public examination of misconduct of public (read: elected and/or appointed) officials should be the order of the day, not adjudication, examination.

Yet, the glitterati who gratuitously take to the spotlight under the banner of the #MeToo movement have, for the most part, remained in their guarded mansions silent on the issue even though they bastardized the spirit of the moment for their own personal gain:

  • “I want people to know that this movement isn’t stopping. We’re going to move forward until we have an equitable and safe space for women.” – Mira Sorvino
  • Ashley Judd professed that she chose to come forward about being sexually harassed by Harvey Weinstein to “shame back on the perpetrator” instead of on the victim.
  • “I don’t know how many times I can say it. I don’t know how many different people need to tell their stories before we realize these aren’t isolated incidents; there’s a culture that supports this.” – Gabrielle Union
  • “I want the conversation [with men] to be like the conversations I have with my kids: You did something wrong and here is how you rectify your behavior. I will be watching while you rectify your behavior…” – Kristen Bell
  • “If #MeToo has made men feel vulnerable, panicked, unsure, and fearful as a result of women finally, collectively, saying ‘Enough!’ so be it.” – Soraya Chemaly

And after eight women came forward to complain about the misogynistic behavior of Joe Biden, the petulant child Alyssa Milano had the unmitigated gall to defend Joe Biden:

“I had not publicly said anything about this- if you remember, it kind of took me a long time to say anything about Harvey [Weinstein] as well – because I believe that even though we should believe women… but that does not mean at the expense of giving men their due process and investigating situations…It’s got to be fair in both directions.”

This is not to say that all people associated with the #MeToo movement are hypocrites and spotlight seekers. Rose McGowan has been calling for an investigation into Biden’s sexually predatory behavior for quite a while. Today she existed unabashedly in Reade’s corner, labeling Milano a “fraud” and castigating the mainstream media as well:

“This is about holding the media accountable. You go after Trump & Kavanaugh saying Believe Victims, you are a lie. You have always been a lie. The corrupt DNC is in on the smear job of Tara Reade, so are you. SHAME…”

The abusers of the #MeToo movement – and I call them abusers because the spotlight whores are doing great harm to the many women (and children) who have been sexually abused – are threatening the de-legitimization of the movement’s voice. Their silence on Joe Biden’s misogynistic and wholly inappropriate behavior towards women and young females serves as a betrayal to the movement; a tacit and politically motivated defense of the man.

Imagine their outrage and ire if the perpetrator was fishing on the opposite side of the pond ideologically and politically from where they stand. They would be foaming at the mouth.

To sum up, I will apply some lyrics from an old Bonnie Raitt song, whose music I love but whose silence on this issue saddens me to no end:

“Hey! Shut up. Don’t lie to me, You say I’m blind, but I’ve got eyes to see,

Hey, mister, how do you do? Oh, pardon me, I thought I knew you,

Would you stand back, baby, ‘cause I want to get a better look,
The big man who couldn’t handle the little bit of love you took…”

Frank Salvato

Frank Salvato is a partner at TRR Consulting Group, LLC, a reputation management and organizational strategies group. He serves as managing editor of The New Media Journal. His writing has been recognized by the US House International Relations Committee and the Japan Center for Conflict Prevention. His analysis has been published by The American Enterprise Institute, The Washington Times, and Accuracy in Media, and is syndicated nationally. Mr. Salvato has appeared on The O'Reilly Factor on FOX News Channel and is the author of six books examining internal and external threats facing our country. He can be heard twice weekly on “The Captain’s America: Third Watch” radio program syndicated nationally on the Salem Broadcasting Network and is a host on The Underground Podcast Network.
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