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Minneapolis Police Chief Resigns over Muslim Killer Cop’s Murder of Justine Damond

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The Minneapolis Police Chief resigned on Friday following the fatal shooting of Justine Damond by Somali Muslim cop Mohamed Noor.

It appears that Minneapolis Police Chief Janee Harteau resigned a day after making her initial remarks on the death of 40-year-old Justine Damond.

The treasonous Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges issue a statement on the resignation via Twitter.

Lost confidence to lead?  When are you stepping down Ms. Hodges?

There’s no doubt Chief Harteau’s leadership is questionable after she said that Noor was “well-suited to be on the street” and defended the switching off of the officer’s body cameras.

Yet Noor’s neighbor says otherwise.  Chris Miller told the Daily Telegraph he was not surprised by the shooting.

“He is extremely nervous … he is a little jumpy … he doesn’t really respect women, the least thing you say to him can set him off,” Miller said.

“When they say a policeman shot an Australian lady I thought uh, oh but then when they said who it was I was like, ‘okay’.”

Miller recalled a time when Noor started yelling at local children playing at a park next to his apartment block.

“He has little respect for women he has little respect for blacks and kids,” he said.

“He has an air like you just couldn’t really be around him.”…

To make matters worse, Hodges called on the Muslim community to feel free to call in and file “hate crimes” claims, most of which we know are faked by Muslims themselves.

All Hodges is doing is leading the people down the road to hell by covering for the religion of pieces and standing with those who hold to an anti-American, anti-Christ ideology.  She supports putting more of these Somali Muslims on the police force and lashing out at real Americans who point out her treasonous actions against your own people.

The New York Times reported:

The Minneapolis police chief, Janee Harteau, resigned on Friday at the mayor’s request, less than a week after one of the city’s officers fatally shot an unarmed Australian woman who had called 911 for help.

Mayor Betsy Hodges said in a statement that “I’ve lost confidence in the chief’s ability to lead us further” and that “it is clear that she has lost the confidence of the people of Minneapolis as well.”

The fatal shooting of the Australian, Justine Damond, last weekend by Officer Mohamed Noor led to outpourings of grief in Minnesota and outrage in Ms. Damond’s home country, where the prime minister has condemned the shooting and Ms. Damond’s family members have expressed frustration with how little they have been told about what happened.

Last Saturday, Ms. Damond, 40, called 911 twice to report a possible sexual assault near her home. Officer Noor and his partner, Officer Matthew Harrity, arrived at the scene in a dark alley several minutes later. Officer Harrity told state investigators that he had been startled by a loud noise just before Ms. Damond approached their cruiser. Officer Noor then shot her through the open window.

Officer Noor has declined to speak with investigators, and the authorities have provided no explanation for why he shot Ms. Damond. Neither Officer Noor nor his partner had turned on their body cameras.

Well, right there should be grounds for dismissal and for formal charges to be brought.  Cops should never be allowed to turn off their body cameras.  It defeats the entire purpose of having the on in the first place.
Chief Harteau said in a statement, “The recent incidents do not reflect the training and procedures we’ve developed as a department.”

“I’ve decided I am willing to step aside to let a fresh set of leadership eyes see what more can be done for the M.P.D. to be the very best it can be,” Chief Harteau said. “The city of Minneapolis deserves the very best.”

It does, but is it possible we’re going to see a Muslim or Muslim sympathizer fill that position now with the mayor’s approval?  More than likely that may be a real possibility.

So far, there has been no word on firing Noor nor calling for Hodges resignation for pushing him in and opening the door for more Muslims to be cops in the city.

Of course, Hodges is not the only one defending the killer cop and blasting Chief Harteau.

Nekima Levy-Pounds, a civil rights lawyer and activist running for mayor of Minneapolis, said Chief Harteau “needed to be fired.” Ms. Levy-Pounds said it had been “a slap in the face to people of color” that the chief spoke out about the death of Ms. Damond, who was white, after defending officers involved in past shootings of black people.

“She is attempting to paint this as an isolated case based on one officer’s poor judgment as opposed to a systemic pattern,” Ms. Levy-Pounds said.

This has nothing to do with skin color.  It has everything to do with ideology, and it has everything to do with putting people from an entirely different culture, who have no assimilated into our culture in a position of law enforcement.  It’s called stupidity, or suicide.

Tim Brown

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