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Nancy Pelosi Has Done Her Best To Evaporate Unborn Babies, Eradicate Firearms, Expand Government And Enact Tyranny—Why Not Go Out With A Bang & Launch World War III?

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From BeforeItsNews.com:

Pelosi is an idiot, but she’s not stupid. She knows there are consequences. The Chinese have made it very clear that they do not want Pelosi going to Taiwan. Tensions are already high between the US and China, and this trip certainly won’t help.

Now, obviously it’s not up to China to dictate US policy or actions. But like Alcibiades’ trip to the Peloponnese in 418 BC, there is absolutely zero benefit in Pelosi going to Taiwan.

The US economy is in a tailspin. Parents can’t find baby formula for their infants. Inflation is raging. People are suffering.

What exactly does this woman hope to achieve? Will her visit to Taiwan somehow make inflation miraculously retreat? Will baby formula suddenly appear on the shelves?

Of course not. So if there’s no benefit for Americans, then why go at all?

On the flip side, the trip does present a number of risks. China doesn’t want to look weak, and whatever retaliatory action they take probably won’t be positive for the US.

China’s initial response has been predictably swift. They’ve already kicked off live-fire military exercises, i.e. real weapons and munitions, and have essentially encircled Taiwan by sea. Apparently these military exercises will include missile tests off Taiwan’s east coast.

The US, meanwhile, has positioned at least two naval vessels and several fighter jets close to Taiwan’s east coast, increasing the potential for conflict, or even just an accident.

Hopefully nothing catastrophic happens. But, again, what exactly is the point of this trip? It’s all risk and no reward… just so that Pelosi can showboat in front of the cameras before her retirement next year.

You’d think that someone with decades of political experience– an ‘expert’ in international diplomacy– would understand such a simple reality, and then rationally choose the course of action which will benefit her country the most. But that’s a laughable proposition.

Pelosi has a multi-decade track record of deceit, disloyalty, cowardice, and arrogance. She’s even despised by prominent members of her own party.

Pelosi is just one of countless examples– a #mefirst, self-centered hypocrite who has become the modern day Alcibiades. And she’ll most likely go down in history with a similar reputation as he did.

Please read the entire article from which the above is quoted, and you will understand the historical references.

As I have said from the beginning of the war in Ukraine—which was the catalyst for all of the current East/West turmoil: The war in Ukraine was not started by Russia in 2022. It was started by the United States in 2014. Russia was more than patient to wait 8 years while the Donbass was turned into a giant incinerator by Zelensky and his mob of Nazi gangsters and animalistic monsters.

And all of the economic sanctions and transfer of billions of taxpayer dollars—not to mention billions of dollars worth of military arms and munitions—by the U.S. and NATO have not only exacerbated, extended and expanded the Ukrainian conflict but they have had SERIOUS negative ramifications upon the sanctioning countries—including the United States.

Joe Biden can try to blame Putin for America’s recession all he wants to: The American people know Washington, D.C., not Moscow, is responsible for our economic malaise. Americans probably don’t believe much that Putin says, but they don’t believe ANYTHING that Biden says.

But the other serious negative ramification (for the U.S.) is that the conflict in Ukraine has created a great divide between East and West unlike anything we have seen since the Cold War. And at this point, the East is expanding exponentially, and the West is shrinking at the same rate.

So, right in the middle of all of this mess, Pelosi chooses to incite more than half of the planet and inject herself smack-dab in the middle of an international minefield.

This only reinforces what I have said previously: All of the signs indicate that the U.S. government in Washington, D.C., is doing everything it can to incite World War III. Virtually everything Washington does spells W-E W-A-N-T W-A-R.

But do the American people really want World War III? No doubt Republican war hawks such as Lindsey Graham do. And warmongering Christian Zionists such as John Hagee do. But do the American people as a whole want open war with Russia and China? No way!

But since when has what the people want affected anything that the power elite in Washington, D.C., do?

And there is absolutely no better way for the beasts of prey inside the Beltway to climb their way out of the domestic morass that they have created than to start a war. War not only enriches the war profiteers; it entrenches the corrupt political elite. When there is a war going on, people forget all about how they have been raped and plundered by the smelly, soulless serpents in Washington, D.C.

War assures the scaly creatures on the banks of the Potomac that they are able to commit virtually any crime—no matter how evil and murderous—with complete impunity.

As the column above says, “Hopefully nothing catastrophic happens.”

But if nothing catastrophic happens, it’s not because Pelosi, Biden and the rest of the miscreants in Washington, D.C., haven’t done everything they can to create a catastrophe. That’s for sure.

P.S. As you doubtless know, the U.S. House of Representatives has passed HR 1808, which is the “Assault Weapons” ban. It is now in the U.S. Senate.

Please let me remind you that there is NO SUNSET PROVISION in this bill. If this ban on our semi-automatic rifles (they are NOT “assault weapons”) passes the Senate and becomes law, it will be FOREVER!!

Most conservatives assume that the Republicans in the Senate will stop this monstrously tyrannical bill. They assumed the same thing when the national Red Flag gun confiscation bill was sitting in the Senate, and guess what: Fifteen GOP senators helped Democrats pass the gun confiscation bill, and it’s now LAW.

I produced a 9-minute video urging people—especially Christians—to take immediate action by contacting their senators en masse. Senators need to hear from tens of thousands of their constituents across their respective states in defiance of this monstrous attack on our Second Amendment.

Here is that 9-minute video.

Please watch it and share it with as many people as you can.

What I’m about to say next, I’ve said many times:

When my AR-15 is outlawed, I will be an outlaw! I will NOT surrender my guns! And I make this decision based on conscience and the Holy Scriptures, not merely on the Second Amendment. This is a hill I am more than willing to die on. 

My attorney son and I wrote a book on this subject from a Biblical perspective regarding the God-ordained responsibility of free men to maintain their right of self-defense.

The book is entitled To Keep Or Not To Keep: Why Christians Should Not Give Up Their Guns.

And once again, here is my 9-minute video pleading with Christians to urge their senators to STOP the “Assault Weapons” ban.

Article posted with permission from Chuck Baldwin

The Washington Standard

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